Meet Information



Read carefully

Facility will open at 12:30

***Parking is going to be an issue before 3:45, due to North Davie Middle School and Davie High still being in session.  We have been working closely with Administration and our local police to make this parking issue work.  Coaches please pass information to bus drivers,parents and spectators.

Bus Parking- Buses will park behind the stadium in the grass area near the Disc and Shot (please see map). 

Buses will enter at the North Davie Middle School entrance near the tennis courts.

***Spectator Parking Between 12:30-3:00 All spectators arriving between 12:30 and 3:00 will park behind the stadium in the grass area along with the buses.  Vehicles will use North Davie Middle School entrance by the tennis courts, follow bus parking. (please see map)


***PLEASE we are asking that NO Spectators arrive between 3:00-3:45, as the Middle and High Schools will be dismissing for the day.

***Spectator Parking After 4:00- All spectators arriving after 4:00 are to park in the main parking lot at Davie County High, as indicated on the map.

***Coach/Athlete entrance is located near the Shot and Disc area and will lock at 4:00pm and all others will enter through the spectator gates. ****

Admission: Cost is $7 for adults and school-aged children.

Concessions: Davie County will have concessions available throughout the day, including Arby's, Subway, pizza, chips, candy, various drinks, and healthy options. Concessions will be CASH ONLY.

T-shirts: NCHSAA Regional t-shirts will be for sale for $16 (short-sleeve). Cash (exact amount preferred) or check (made payable to Marketing Special Promotions LLC) is acceptable.

Restrooms: Restrooms are located at both ends of the Track.


12:30 Gates Open --Packet Pickup Available

12:30-1:30 Pole Vaulter Weigh-ins and Implement inspections open. --Field House

1:00 Officials Meeting -- At the Field House

1:15 Coaches Meeting - At the Field House

Field Events

1:30     * Warm-ups

2:00     * Competition begins

            Women's Pole Vault (men's to follow)

            Women's & Men's Long Jump (2 pits- men pit 1, women pit 2)  -- * Triple Jump to follow long

            Men's Discus (women to follow)

            Women's Shot Put (men to follow)

3:00- Men's & Women's High Jump (2 pits- men pit 1, women pit 2)

Wheelchair Shot and Disc follows Men's and Women's


4:00 W & M100/110m Hurdles (2 heats each)

4:15 W & M100m Dash (2 heats each)

4:30 Women's & Men's 4x800m Relay (1 heat each)


5:00 Women's 100m Hurdles

5:05 Men's 110m Hurdles

5:10 Women's 100m Dash

5:15 Men's 100m Dash

5:20 100m Wheelchair (1 heat)

5:25 Women's 4x200m Relay (2 heats)

5:35 Men's 4x200m Relay (2 heats)

5:45 Women's 1600 (1 heat)

5:55 Men's 1600 (1 heat)

6:05 Women's 4x100 (2 heats)

6:10 Men's 4x100 (2 heats)

6:15 Women's 400 (2 heats)

6:20 Men's 400 (2 heats)

6:30 Women's 300 Hurdles (2 heats)

6:35 Men's 300 Hurdles (2 heats)

6:45 Women's 800 Run (1 heat)

6:55 Men's 800 Run (1 heat)  

7:05 Women's 200 m Dash (2 heats)

7:10 Men's 200 m Dash (2 heat)

7:15 200 m Dash Wheelchair (1 heat)

7:20 Women's 3200 m Run (1 heat)

7:40 Men's 3200 m Run (1 heat)

8:00 Women's 4x400 m Relay (2 heats)

8:15 Men's 4x400 m Relay (2 heats)

8:30 Awards