Meet Information

2018 Live Results

Date: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 22-25
Site: NC A&T State University
Greensboro, NC 27411
Eligibility: Competitors must be 2017 USATF AGE VERIFIED members. The top eight (8) Individuals and
Relays will qualify for the USATF Region 3 JO Championships at NC A&T State University.
Age Div.: Age divisions are determined by year of birth, i.e., their age on Dec. 31, 2017.
Age Division Year of Birth
8 & Under 2009 and after *
9 10 2007 2008
11 12 2005 2006
13 14 2003 2004
15 16 2001 2002
17 18 1999 2000 and 1998 if date of birth is after
July 31, 2017
An athlete must compete in his/her age division only.
*In order for an 8 & Under athlete to advance to the National Junior Olympics, he/she must turn
seven by December 31, 2014
Entry Fees: Athletes participating in individual and Combined-Events must pay both entry
Individual $5.00 per each individual event
Relays $16.00 per relay
Triathlon/Pentathlon $8.00 per individual
Heptathlon/Decathlon $10.00 per individual
Entry Process: Online Entry Registration:
Entries can only be made on-line at will be used for the Junior
Olympic Series beginning with the NC Association JO Championships. The entry deadline is
Monday, June 19. Per the NC USATF Membership Chair, birth certificates must be
submitted by Wednesday, June 14, for age verification.
Waivers Participants:
ALL athletes who participate in the USATF Junior Olympic Program must complete the
Participant Waiver & Release Form. This form is already integrated in the online entry
system and can be completed electronically if athletes enter individually. For team
entries, the form must be downloaded and completed manually.
Relays: Relays managed per Rule 302 (3).
Protest: All protests must be filed at the protest table, within 30 minutes of the posting of the
results of the event. A cash fee of $50 must be submitted when a filing protest. The
money will be returned if the protest is upheld. All coaches must abide by the USATF
rules and any supplemental polices or risk disqualification of an athlete or their team.
Awards: First through six place finishers will receive USATF medals.
Intent to Advance to Region 3 Championships:
Region 3 qualifiers must declare on by midnight, Wednesday, June 28
Facilities: Eight (8) lane, all weather track. Finish Lynx timing will be used. Concession stands open
during meet. No tape decks, radios or glass containers allowed in the stadium. Tents may
be placed in stands in designated areas only. Only , pyramid spikes or running flats
will be allowed on the A&T track. No street shoes allowed on the track.
Packet Pick-up: Clubs and individual athletes will be able to obtain their race related information at Packet
Pick-up on Thursday, June 19, beginning at 7:30 AM and Friday thru Sunday, from
7:00AM to 6PM
Gate Fees: Spectators:
$5.00 per day: 4 Day Pass $15.00
Senior Citizens (55 & older) $4.00 per day; 4 Day Pass $12.00
Free USATF Member coaches who have completed 2017 USATF background
screening, participating athletes, children (under 10).
Warm up Area: Athletes may warm up on the designated field outside the track.
Call of Events: Each competitor should report to the Clerk of Course on first call. In the case of field events, the
competitor must report to the Field Judge in charge of the event. Track events take precedence
over field events. Athletes must report to the Field Judge first and request permission to be
excused to compete in a running events: If an athlete is not checked in and ready to move to the
track by the final call, they will be scratched.
Rules: 2017 USATF Youth Athletics Rules and any supplementary rules stated in this event
announcement will be adhered to strictly.
Rule 303 will be used to form heats and determine finalist for events requiring preliminaries. As
determined by the Games Committee, in events where preliminaries are run and more than 48
athletes are entered, the top 8 times will advancement to the finals.
Uniforms for the purpose of relays (Rule 302- 3d) All participant shall wear tops of the same
color as well as shorts of a same color.
No coaches allowed on the track or field event area except for injuries.