Meet Information

ion is $6 and children under 6 are free. CASH ONLY. Athletes & Coaches are to enter
through the rear of the facility. No one will be permitted inside the facility without an armband. Doors will
open at 8AM
JDL Fast Track will be providing a certified athletic trainer on-site during the competition. Teams not
traveling with a trainer should send supplies, such as tape and pre-wrap, as the on-site athletic trainer will
have limited quantities of those supplies.
On-Site Food
Chick-Fil-A will be on-site during the meet to provide food services to teams, officials and spectators for this
meet. Teams interested in purchasing catering from Chick-Fil-A may contact Julie Belnap at 336-926-3850 or
Timing &
FAT Timing by Rhodes Race Timing. Live Results will be available at
Medals will be given to the TOP 3 Individuals and Relay Teams Per Age Group Per Event.
Girls and Boys NC United Indoor Meet Records are below on page 3 of flyer
Eligibility: NC United Youth Indoor T&F Classic is open to all athletes Ages 6 through 18. Age divisions will be
determined by year of birth. All athletes must compete Unattached or with a Club Team.
Entry Info: All Entries have to be entered online via and will open on 12/01/2018 and close on 12/26/2018
at 11:59pm.
Entry Fees: $12 per athlete per event and $30 per relay. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of meet
management. There will be no refunds for scratches after the entry deadline. All athletes and teams must
pay all fees online through Coacho before entry closing or your entries will be removed. Additional fees may apply. No walk up entries or paying at the event
Entry Limits: Athletes 12 and under may compete in a maximum of 3 events. Athletes 13 and up may compete in a
maximum of 4 events.
This meet will use a First Call-Final Call Procedure. All athletes must check-in at the clerks table when their
Age-Group-Event is called. Any athletes failing to Check-In within that time frame will be scratched from
that event. NO EXCEPTIONS!! After checking in athletes will receive their hip numbers, heat and lane
assignments. Athletes will be walked to the start of the race. All athlete track spikes have to be checked
and verified at the clerking table before competition. inch pyramid spikes only. Early spike check highly
Performance lists-Heat Sheets will be distributed via email to coaches on Friday 12/28/2018, and will also
be posted on the JDL Fast Track website under their Schedule tab.
Trials/Finals in
In the 60m Dash and 60m Hurdles, separate trials and finals will ONLY be conducted if there are 9 or more
athletes in the heats. If 8 or less athletes report to the start line, there will only be one round of
competition. If only one round is contested, it will occur in the time slot allocated for FINALS.
Field event athletes must check-in to their field event sites no later than 30 minutes prior to their
competition. Any athletes failing to check-in within that time frame will be scratched from the event. NO
Implements: Athletes will be responsible for providing their own implements.
Field Event
No Finals in the Shot Put, Triple Jump, and Long Jump. Each participant will get Four Attempts.
December 29, 2018 NC United Youth Indoor T&F Classic Updated: 10/12/18
Schedule: In all running events, the girls will go first followed by boys. Additionally, younger age divisions will precede
the older divisions. The meet will be run on a Rolling Schedule.
8:00 AM
Track Opens
8:30 AM
Officials Meeting
9:15 AM
Coaches Meeting
Time Event Time Event Area
10 AM 60H semi 10 AM High Jump girls first HJ Apron
60m semi
400m 10 AM Shot Put boys first Throws Cage
60H Finals 10 AM Boys Long Jump LJ Runway A
60m Finals
200m 10 AM Girls Long Jump LJ Runway B
4x200m Relay 12 PM Boys Triple Jump LJ Runway A
12 PM Girls Triple Jump LJ Runway B
There will be a 30-minute break between each field event contested in the same event area
to allow for a break for officials.
Meet Contact
William Bullard (Meet Director)
Tyrone Hilliard
Melinda Foster
Hotel Sponsors: Courtyard by Marriott
1600 Westbrook Plaza Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Microtel Inn & Suites
100 Capitol Lodging Court
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
La Quinta Inn & Suites
2020 Griffin Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Hampton Inn
1990 Hampton Inn Court
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Fairfield Inn & Suites
1680 Westbrook Plaza Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
For additional information about the facility, rules or procedures, please visit the FAQ page on our website. A link to the FAQ page
can be found at the top right-hand side of
December 29, 2018 NC United Youth Indoor T&F Classic Updated: 10/12/18


60m Athlete-Team Record Year 60m Athlete-Team Record Year
8-under Londyn Atkinson-Track Xplosion 9.28 2016 8-under Jarden Miller-The Lion's & Cheetahs 8.94 2018
9-10 Elizabeth Deen-Unattached 8.32 2018 9-10 Barry Alston-Evolution Track 8.24 2018
11-12 Maya Love-Charlotte Heat TC 8.16 2018 11-12
Jaekwon Howard-My Brothers
Keepers 7.97 2018
13-14 Zariyah Black-Platinum Sports 7.66 2016 13-14 Terrell Robinson Jr-Next Level TC 7.43 2018
High School Charminique Hackney Bulldog Elite 7.63 2016 High School Jawan Miller-Unattached 6.85 2016
Hurdles Athlete-Team Record
Hurdles Athlete-Team Record
11-12 Akala Garrett-Purpose Driven 9.66 2018 11-12 Timothy McCray-Unattached 9.97 2018
13-14 Taylor McKinnon-Run U Xpress 9.17 2018 13-14 Alex Numley-Run U Xpress 8.57 2016
High School Nicole Barnes-Panthers Elite 8.88 2018 High School William Gray-Unattached 8.34 2018
400m Athlete-Team Record 400m Athlete-Team Record
8-under Shari Jackson-Run U Xpress 1:14.47 2018 8-under Aidyn Wiggins-Titans Track 1:09.31 2018
9-10 Mia Lipscomb-Track Xplosion 1:09.75 2016 9-10 Halim Hardnett-Virginia Seminoles 1:05.86 2018
11-12 Akala Garrett-Purpose Driven 59.21 2018 11-12 Devin Stevens Jr-My Brothers Keeper 1:01.17 2018
13-14 Ariana Richardson-Run U Express 1:01.85 2018 13-14 Jasai Taylor-Coastal Georgia 56.18 2018
High School Asya Macon-Bulldog Elite 58.75 2016 High School Chantz Sawyers-Panthers Elite 49.52 2016
800m Athlete-Team Record 800m Athlete-Team Record
8-under Londyn Atkinson-Track Xplosion 3:01.88 2016 8-under Camir Croom-Virginia Seminoles 2:48.81 2018
9-10 Teri Pridgen-Panthers Elite 2:53.95 2016 9-10 Aiden Gaddy-Next Level Track 2:43.94 2016
11-12 Shawnti Jackson-Run U Xpress 2:29.50 2018 11-12 Maxwell Liel-Run U Xpress 2:31.10 2016
13-14 Kayla Davis-Run U Xpress 2:24.99 2016 13-14 Giovanni Rodriguez-Franklin Elite 2:06.89 2018
High School G'Jasmyne Butler-CTC Track Club 2:18.18 2016 High School Christian Pigues-Unattached 1:58.10 2016
200m Athlete-Team Record 200m Athlete-Team Record
8-under Londyn Atkinson-Track Xplosion 32.47 2016 8-under Camir Croom-Virginia Seminoles 30.01 2018
9-10 Elizabeth Deen-Unattached 27.88 2018 9-10 Halim Hardnett-Virginia Seminoles 28.22 2018
11-12 Akala Garrett-Purpose Driven 26.64 2018 11-12
Jaekwon Howard-My Brothers
Keeper 26.48 2018
13-14 Kayla Davis-Run U Xpress 25.03 2016 13-14 Alex Nunley Run U Xpress 24.37 2016
High School
Cambrea Sturgis-Salisbury
Speedsters 25.32 2018 High School Michael Davenport-Platinum Sports 21.93 2016
Mile Athlete-Team Record Mile Athlete-Team Record
9-10 Lily Alder-Sandhills Track 5:52.80 2018 9-10 George Lawson-Unattached 6:08.30 2018
December 29, 2018 NC United Youth Indoor T&F Classic Updated: 10/12/18
11-12 Vanessa Alder-Franklin Elite 5:36.48 2018 11-12 Zackary Gilbertson-Sandhills Track 5:02.71 2018
13-14 Carmen Alder-Franklin Elite 5:12.11 2018 13-14 Adrian Archer-Franklin Elite 4:53.74 2018
High School G'Jasmyne Butler-CTC Track Club 5:24.69 2016 High School Deonte Lee-Unattached 4:34.31 2016
Relay Team Record
Relay Team Record
8-under Run U Xpress 2:35.70 2016 8-under Next Level TC 2:09.85 2018
9-10 Port City Track 2:17.83 2018 9-10 Evolution Track 2:07.76 2018
11-12 Tri-City Relays 2:08.34 2016 11-12 My Brothers Keeper 1:49.99 2018
13-14 Panthers Elite 1:55.69 2016 13-14 Next Level TC 1:46.93 2018
High School Bulldog Elite 1:44.10 2016 High School Tri-City Relays 1:35.06 2018
Shot Put Athlete-Team Shot Put Athlete-Team
8-under Laila Jones-Tri-City Relays 6.80m 2018 8-under Tai Phillips-Unattached 6.90m 2018
9-10 Mariah Ogden-Savannah Chatham 7.31m 2018 9-10 Jared Lockhart-Unattached 9.14m 2018
11-12 Camryn Massey-GJTC 9.37m 2018 11-12 Zyon Black-Tri-City Relays 11.32m 2018
13-14 Faison Destiny-Unattached 10.90m 2018 13-14 David Frasier-Unattached 12.11m 2018
High School Candice Whitley-Bulldog Elite 11.02 2016 High School Magnus Herweyer-Unattached 16.51 2016
High Jump Athlete-Team High Jump Athlete-Team
9-10 Jordan Frasier-Unattached 1.06m 2018 9-10 Le'Ezra Brown-Unattached 1.37m 2018
Santana Spearman-Charlotte Heat
TC 1.52m 2016 11-12 Nikyan Hodge-Charlotte Heat TC 1.42m 2018
13-14 Kayla Smith-Run U Xpress 1.62m 2016 13-14 David Frasier-Unattached 1.77m 2018
High School Saidah Hardwick-Bulldog Elite 1.57m 2016 High School Noah Durant-Myrtle Beach Track 1.82m 2018
Long Jump Athlete-Team Long Jump Athlete-Team
8-under Jenna Powe-Port City Track 3.39m 2018 8-under Julian Whitfield-East Coast Track 3.88 2016
9-10 Elizabeth Deen-Unattached 5.35m 2018 9-10 Caman Chaplin-Tri-City Relays 4.16 2016
11-12 Ija Mumford-Tri-City Relays 4.72 2016 11-12 Justice Crawford-Charlotte Heat TC 4.69 2016
13-14 Ija Mumford-Tri-City Relays 4.99m 2018 13-14 Ronnie Baker-High Point Panthers 5.62m 2018
High School Samantha Davis-Bulldog Elite 5.23 2016 High School Darius Scott-Unattached 6.64m 2018
Triple Jump Athlete-Team Triple Jump Athlete-Team
13-14 Amy Warren-Unattached 10.41 2016 13-14 Connor Powe-Port City Track 12.00m 2018
High School Nicole Barnes-Panthers Elite 11.02 2016 High School Da