NAC VI Championships

Rolesville, NC

Meet Information

Rolesville HIgh School Stadium - 1099 East Young Street, Rolesville NC

Wristbands & Bibs:  Each athlete and coach will need a wristband. Only those with bands will be allowed inside the black gate surrounding the track. Pins are provided for the bibs. Please make sure all four holes are pinned to the uniform.

Registration: Enter 4 athletes per event maximum. The deadline is Wednesday April 25th 2018 at 11:59pm. Register online at

Time Schedule
9:00am - Coaches Meeting
9:30am - Field Events (4 attempts no finals) *Starting heights will be determined on Thursday 4/26  
Discus (Boys followed by Girls)
Shot (Girls followed by Boys)
Triple Jump (Boys followed by Girls)
Long Jump (Boys followed by Girls)
High Jump (Girls followed by Boys)
Pole Vault (Girls followed by Boys)
10:15am - 4x800m Relay (3200m Relay) Finals
10:45am - Prelims (1st place in each heat + next 5 fastest times if 3 heats. 1st place + next 6 fastest times if 2 heats)
100m/110m Hurdles Prelims
100m Dash Finals

11:30am Finals (Girls run first followed by Boys) - Rolling Schedule
100m/110m Hurdles Finals
100m Dash Finals
4x200m Relay (800m Relay)
1600m Run (1 Heat)
4x100m Relay (400m Relay)
400m Dash (timed finals)
300m Hurdles (timed finals)
800m Dash (timed finals)
200m Dash (timed finals)
3200m Run (1 Heat)
4x400m Relay (1600m Relay)

Entries: The maximum number of entries per athlete is 4. Any athlete that is registered for that event must participate in that event (except relays), unless scratched at the coaches meeting. If an athlete does not participate in a registered event he/she will be scratched from ALL remaining events.

Scoring: Individual Events are scored 10-8-6-4-2-1 and relays are scored 10-8-6-4-2

Check-In: ALL Athletes must check in for every event. The check-in tent will be in the north endzone.

Field Events: When checking out from a field event to run, athletes will be given 10 minutes from the time the race is complete to return to the field event location. The triple jump boards are 24,32,36 and 40. The starting height for high jump and pole vault will be determined based on entries.


NCHSAA & NFHS uniform rules will be enforced.
Sportsmanship (this includes in appropriate language and approaching the timing tent.
No electronic devices on the track or infield by Athletes. First offense will result in a warning.

Coaches Boxes: Painted black near each field event location. Please use them and limit to 1 coach per team at a time. Coaches may video and from the coaches box only when located inside the black gate.

GAMES COMMITTEE: 1 coach from each school. In the event of a protest, the school(s) protesting will be excluded from the meeting.

MEET DIRECTOR: Michael Booth (919) 627-7498 or

Performance List: The performance list will be emailed to the coaches and athletic directors by Thursday April 26th. Coaches are asked to review and print a copy of the performance list upon receipt for corrections and/or errors. Coaches should then bring their copy of the performance list to the coaches meeting so that the scratch meeting can be conducted quickly and efficiently (scratches may be made via email up until Friday April 27th at 11:59pm).

T-Shirts: On site custom t-shirts will be available.
Bus Parking: Team personal and bus parking will be located behind the scoreboard near the Track.
Concessions:  Concessions will be ran by RHS Boosters.
Hospitality: Hospitality will be available for coaches and meet volunteers. Lunch Only.
Admission: $6.00