Tiger Relays 2018

Fayetteville, NC
Hosted by South View
Timing/Results Network Timing, LLC

Meet Information

South View Track and Field Friends of the Program present the

2018 Tiger Relays

Saturday,March 3rd, 2018, At Reid Ross Classical School, Fayetteville, NC, Hosted by South View High School


Spectator Parking: Spectator and coaches vehicles will be allowed to park in the back parking lot off Lynn Street.  If you are parking there, turn right onto Lynn Ave. off of Ramsey Street (if coming from the south). Lynn Ave. is on the same side of Ramsey Street that Reid Ross Classical School is on. Go about a quarter mile down.

Turn left when you see a small road entrance to the track and athletic fields of Tokay Park/Reid Ross Classical School.
  Overflow parking will be sent to the Tokay Recreation Center lot. The SVHS ROTC and/or Key Club will be helping with parking.

Overflow parking may be directed to the Tokay Recreation Center behind the soccer fields east of the stadium.

Buses will park in the bus parking lot beside Reid Ross.  SV ROTC and/or Key Club will help with parking.

Pay-To-Play:Please bring your meet payment with you. If you do not pay, you cannot compete. This is absolute. Please do not argue with the nice ladies at the table. Find me.

Scratches: We will have tables near the finish tent for you to come make your scratched by 9:00 AM. 

No Add-Ins: You may not add an athlete to an individual event. You are free to move athletes in the relays all you want, as long as you respect the athlete limit of four events.  FRIENDS DON'T ASK FRIENDS TO DO WRITE-INS.  JUST SAY NO TO WRITE-INS...  REALLY.  DON'T DO IT.

Throw  Relays: These events must be contested by athletes who THREW IN THIS MEET.  Please demonstrate

integrity in this.  The kids will know if their coach is lying and asking them to do the same.

Admission: Spectators will have to pay admission of $5 for adults and $3 for students with a current school ID. 

Children five and under are free.

Invitational T-Shirts: These will be available close to the restrooms for $15.

1600/3200 Meter Bib Numbers: We will assign all runners in the 1600 and 3200 bib numbers.  These are in your packet.  See the last page of this information about how to use these.  Only 1600/3200 runners need bib numbers.

Spikes: Quarter inch pyramid spikes only on track and jump areas.

Implement check for throwers: Implements will be provided and/or checked by the meet officials at each throw.

Results: Available online at ncrunners.com.

Concessions: We have an amazing concession stand available all day long.

Officials' Meeting: We will not have a coaches' meeting.  But if you are helping with the meet, we will meet with everyone running field events and helping at the track at 9:00 AM behind the finish tent.

Organizational Details:       

  • There are no preliminaries. All events are finals.
  • There will be THREE attempts in field events. The first attempt will be measured.  Then, a standard must be met for measurement. These marks are on the next page.
  • We will be scoring 8 places.
  • Every contestant can score, including relay B Teams, C-Teams, etc.
  • We ask that A-Team Relays have matching uniforms in the 4x1, 4x2, 4x4, 4x8. Not required for or C squadsthe thrower relays and medley relays.
  • Please remind your athletes about sportsmanship and bringing electronics on the infield and track.
  • DO NOT BOTHER THE TIMERS!!!  They have enough to do under the tent.  See Coach Autry if you have a question.
  • If you are helping with a field event, please bring your own measuring tapes, implements, etc.
  • Meet Officials from Other Schools: We have already waived your team's entry, but you will get a ticket to get a freesnack and drink at some point during the meet. We will discuss this and hand-out the tickets at The Meet Officials Meeting at 9:00 AM at the finish tent.  If you are assisting with the meet, please be on time for this meeting.

Athletic Trainer: We will have a trainer on-site (map included in packet on day of race day). The trainer is there for injuries. He and his staff will have ice, bags, first aid kit, etc. He is not there to tape athletes "prior" to events. All teams need to bring their own coolers to make sure we keep all the kids hydrated throughout the day.

Awards: Athletes will pick up their medals at a tent near the check-in tent.  It is the responsibility of the athlete to claim their award. We will not mail any that are not picked up. We have plaques for the top three men's and women's teams.  These will be presented at the conclusion of the meet.

Meet Administration Responsibilities: 

  • Director: Jesse L. Autry (SV) South View
  • Hurdle Crew: South View Track athletes not competing, SVHS Key Club
  • Starter: Robert Freeman (DB)
  • Check-In: South View Parents and Friends of the Program
  • MarshallsIan O'Shea (OH), Terry Wickham (PF)
  • Timing: NetworkTiming, Inc.
  • Head Finish Judge: John Buchholz (PC)
  • Finish Judges: Kim Sanborn (PC), Andre Hall (SV), Jesse Autry (SV)
  • Finish Recorders: Hailey Euler and Kayla Hatley (SV)
  • Exchange Zones: We will ask coaches to help with this.
  • P.A.: Jesse Autry, South View
  • Pole Vault:  Pinecrest Assistant Coach
  • High Jump:  Mike Noack and Angela Noack (PF)
  • Boys' LJ & TJ: Antwoine Ray and Angie Dvries (UP), Tony Capers (SV)
  • Girls' LJ & TJ: Lytonia Whitaker (EES), Sharon Huggar (PF)
  • Shot Put: Tyler Hood (JB) and Jack Britt Volunteers
  • Discus: Brian Montgomery(SV) and South View Volunteers
  • Awards: Joia Hervey and Ashley Damron (SV)  

All field events will begin at 9:30:

  • Girls Discus followed by boys.
  • Boys Shot followed by girls.
  • Long Jump will precede triple jump.
  • Girls High Jump will precede boys.
  • Boys Pole Vault will precede girls.  

Field Event Marks: 

The athlete's first measurable attempt will be marked.  Then they must reach these minimums.

  • Girls Long Jump - 14-00
  • Girls Triple Jump - 24-00
  • Girls Shot Put - 25-00
  • Girls Discus - 70-00
  • Girls High Jump Starts at 4-00
  • Girls Pole Vault TBA
  • Boys Long Jump - 17-00
  • Boys Triple Jump - 37-00
  • Boys Shot Put - 32-00
  • Boys Discus - 90-00
  • Boys High Jump Starts at 5-02
  • Boys Pole Vault TBA


Order of events is accurate, but we will be on a rolling schedule.

Estimated Time Schedule:

8:00 AM            Track Open for Warm-Ups

8:30                  Brief Officials' Meeting

9:30                  Field Events Begin

Track events begin on a rolling schedule (the following is an estimation-if we get ahead we will go with it):

9:30 AM            4x800 Relay (Girls - 1 heat, Boys - 2 heats)

10:10                Girls 100 Hurdles - 4 heats

10:20                Boys 110 Hurdles - 5 heats 

10:35                Girls 4x200 Relay - 4 heats

10:55                Boys 4x200 Relay - 4 heats

11:15                Girls Freshman 1600 Meters - 1 heat

11:25                Boys Freshman 1600 Meters - 2 heats

11:42                Girls Sophomore 1600 - 2 heats

12:05                Boys Sophomore 1600 - 2 heats 

12:25                Girls 300 Meter Hurdles - 5 heats

12:45                Boys 300 Meter Hurdles - 5 heats

1:10                  Girls Invitational 1600 - 2 heats

1:30                  Boys Invitational 1600 - 2 heats

1:50                  Girls 4x100 Meter All-Throwers Relays!!! - 2 heats

2:00                  Boys4x100 Meter All-Throwers Relays!!! - 2 heats

2:15                  Girls 4x100 Relay - 4 heats

2:35                  Boys 4x100 Relay - 6 heats

3:05                  Distance Medley Relay (1200 - 400 - 800 - 1600)

3:30                  Sprint Medley Relay (100 - 100 - 200 - 400)

3:55                  Girls 3200 Meter Run - 1 heat

4:10                  Boys 3200 Meter Run - 2 heats

4:40                  4x400 Relay (Girls 4-heats, Boys - 4 heats)

Individual/Relay medals can be picked up at the AWARDS TENT as the meet goes on.

Team Awards will follow the 4x400 Meter Relay.


Check in:                                                                                                                              

Check in for all track events will be at the at the north goal posts close to the pole vault area.

Check in for field events will be at the field event.

1600/3200 Meter bib number instructions:                                                           

Athletes will use the list of 1600 and 3200 athletes in your folder.  We will also have these displayed at the check-in table.

If an athlete's bib number is not in your packet, have them report to check in anyway.  We will easily remedy the situation at check in.

Using the markers provided, have someone write your BIB number neatly on your upper left arm.   See picture in race packet when you arrive.