Meet Information


Meet is rescheduled to Wednesday 3/7/2018

This meet will be hand timed. There will be no entry fee.

Entries will now be limited to 5 per event.

Concessions will be open.

Start Time Field Events: 4:00 PM

Boys Shot - Girls Shot

Girls Discus - Boys Discus

Girls High Jump - Boys High Jump

Girls Long Jump - Girls Triple

Boys Long Jump - Boys Triple

Running Events: 5:00 PM

(Girls followed by Boys)

4x800 Relay

100 Meter High Hurdles (Girls)

110 Meter High Hurdles (Boys)

100 Meter Dash

4 x 200 Relay

1600 Meter Run

4 x 100 Relay

400 Meter Dash

300 Meter Int. Hurdles

800 Meter Run

200 Meter Dash

3200 Meter Run

4 x 400 Relay