Henderson County Championships 2018

Hendersonville, NC

Meet Information

We have set entries for basically open for runs and 2 relays. If for some reason someone needs more, let me know. Won't go above 2 relays but can make change if pressing need in other events.

We will be honoring all Senior athletes during the meet as tradition.

Due to our afternoon traffic issues I've been asked by administration to push back the start of meet. Please aim to not be on our campus before 3:20 at the earliest. Any earlier and you will be sitting in our parent pick up line and not have a space to park. When coming on campus go to top of hill and go to right along the stadium. Buses will need to park in the upper lot at end of stadium.

Field events set to begin at 4:15. We will run open pits on horizontal jumps and throws until 5:45. 4x800 meter relay will begin at 4:30.

Registration help: