Meet Information

**Tentative - TIME SCHEDULE**

Field Event Schedule In the LJ/TJ & Throws each competitor will receive 4

attempts, No Finals, Winner will be best mark

3:00pm ....................Long Jump Boys and Girls

Discus Girls

Shot Put Boys

Pole Vault Girls

3:45pm .High Jump Boys & Girls

4:30pm ..Pole Vault - Boys

5:00pm. Discus Boys

Shot Put Girls

5:00pm...Triple Jump Boys and Girls

**Girls will LJ/TJ on pit #1 (closest to track)

**Boys will LJ/TJ on pit #2 (between pit #1 and pole vault Runway)

Running Event Schedule (we will stick to this schedule as close as possible will go to

a roll if we get behind or if we can move ahead we will make an announcement)

3:00pm 4 x 800m Relay Girls

3:15pm 4 x 800m Relay Boys

3:30pm 100m Hurdles Girls

3:45pm 110m Hurdles Boys

4:00pm 100m Dash Girls

4:15pm 100m Dash Boys

4:30pm 4 x 200m Relay Girls

4:40pm 4 x 200m Relay Boys

4:55pm 1600m Run Girls

5:15pm 1600m Run Boys

5:35pm 4 x 100m Relay Girls

5:45pm 4 x 100m Relay Boys

5:55pm 400m Dash Girls

6:10pm 400m Dash Boys

6:25pm 300m Hurdles Girls

6:35pm 300m Hurdles Boys

6:50pm 800m Run Girls

7:05pm 800m Run Boys

7:20pm 200m Run Girls

7:40pm 200m Run Boys

7:50pm 3200m Run Girls

8:05pm 3200m Run Boys

8:20pm 4 x 400m Relay Girls

8:30pm 4 x 400m Relay Boys

*Awards Ceremony for team awards approx. 5 min. after the last event.

General Info The meet will be an Invitational scored meet between High School


Facility The Western Carolina University facility is an 8-lane, 400m Beynon 1000

System. There are two PV, LJ/TJ runways with pits on either end. The facility also

includes a 66 X 108 HJ apron with two HJ pits, one shot put and discus area inside the

Track and one discus area located outside of the track. The facility has seating for

approx. 1500 spectators.

Spikes Athletes may not use a spike any longer than .

Entries Each school will be allowed 4 entries per individual event and 1 relay for each

relay event for both boys and girls. Please take into consideration possible starting

heights in the pole vault and high jump, along with the board location in the long and

triple jump when entering your athletes. All entries will be done on-line at Please be honest and fair when entering your athletes so that

we may have the best competitive situation for all athletes involved, and no one is in an

embarrassing situation. When entering athletes please take into account the time

schedule, as we will not wait on athletes to leave one event to get to another event.

Entry Deadline Entries must be in by 6:00pm on Sunday April 24, 2016. No

entries will be accepted after this date and time. Please print off a copy of your entries

once you have submitted them online. This will be your verification in case of a mistake.

We will not make any additions on Saturday morning, unless it is a mistake of ours.

Entry Fee High School - $10.00 per athlete up to 8 athletes, after 8 athletes the fee

is $80.00 for a team. Boys and girls are considered separate teams. (Example: WCU

boys-$80.00 and WCU girls-$80.00 for a school total of $160.00).

Make checks payable to Western Carolina Track and Field. Cash will also be

accepted. Entry fees can be paid at packet pick-up, but be aware that athletes will not

be allowed to compete unless entry fee is paid before the start of the meet. The fee is

based on the number of athletes that you enter in the meet, not the number that you

bring to the meet.

Scratches or Corrections(no additions) emailed to Coach Danny Williamson at by Tuesday April 26th by 12:00noon. Please be diligent in

reporting scratches to avoid small flights or empty lanes.

Packet Pick-Up Will begin at 1:30pm on Wednesday April 27, 2016. Packet Pick-Up

will be located at the entrance to the WCU Track and Field facility in front of the black


Parking Will be located in the lot directly across from the track and the lots above the

Track. Drop offs can be made at the entrance to the track, but buses must move

immediately after the drop.

Timing Timing for all running events will be FAT. Rhodes Race Timing

Athlete Check-In All athletes must check in before the start of their event or they will

be scratched from the event.

Running Events will check in at the tent located behind the track buildingenter

through the black gate at the entrance to the track30 min. prior to the start of the


Field Events will check in at the site of the event 30 min. prior to the start of the


Relay Teams All four runners must report to the starting line and then be escorted

to the relay zones.

Field Events In the LJ, TJ, Shot Put and Discus each athlete will receive 4 attempts

with all being measured. The best entries will be seeded with each other and be in the

first flights.

Starting Heights and Board Placements Will be determined at close of entries.

Awards 1st thru 3rd will receive awards for each event, this also includes relays. The top

two teams with the highest team scores will also receive a team award. The score will be

computed on a 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 scoring system. Awards will be handed out as soon as

the final results of each event are completed. Athletes will be called to the infield, please

have athletes there to receive their awards. A coach may pick up an award for an athlete

that is involved in another event at the time of the award presentation.

**Western Carolina Track and Field T-Shirts will be on sale**

Western Carolina High School Track and Field Invitational

Additional and Very Important Information

(Coaches Please read and understand all of this information so that there will be no

confusion on meet day)

*There will be a coaches meeting prior to the start of the meet. All information that

you will need is listed with-in this meet information form. Any additional info will

be discussed at coaches meeting prior to start of meet.

*Heat sheets will not be placed in your packet. They will be posted on the walls at

the top of the stadium.

*Results will be posted on the wall also. Results will be able to be obtained at or at .

*No athletes or coaches are allowed to hang out or sit in the infield of the track.

*Warm up area for the running events is the practice soccer field located to the

right of the grandstand. No warm-ups will be allowed on the track except for the

athletes in the hurdle events. Hurdlers will be allowed on the track in the outside

lanes for hurdle warm-ups. Also a grass section of the infield will be used for hurdle


*If an athlete checks out of a field event to go to another event and does not return

before his or her flight is over, then they will lose any remaining attempts in that

event. In the HJ or PV, if an athlete checks out to go to another event, upon return

they must compete at whatever height the competition is now at with however many

attempts that they may have remaining.

*All running events will be sections vs. times with the fastest sections always

running first. The top 8 performances overall will compose the scoring places. All

field events will be in flights, and will follow this same format.

*Please remember that the officials are volunteers. They are attempting to do the

best possible job for each and every athlete involved in the meet. It is not the

intention of any official to make a bad call. Please be respectful of our officials, let

them do their job and you stick to the coaching. This will allow everything to move

along smoothly. If there is a problem, come directly to Coach Williamson, Coach

McDaniel or Coach Harlfinger, not the event official.

*Coaches will be allowed in the assigned coaching areas at the field events. Athletes

can come to you.

*Non competing athletes will not be allowed to gather at the field event sites. They

must watch the events from the stands or from behind the fences.

*Coaches You are responsible for the conduct of your athletes and coaches. We

do not wish to be involved with any problems that could arise. If you cant control

your athletes then dont bring them to this meet. This meet is for team and athletes

that want to achieve outstanding performance in an ideal situation.