NCHSAA 3A West Regional 2015

Asheville, NC
Hosted by A.C. Reynolds

Meet Information

Coaches' meeting at 10:00.
Field events and 4x800 start at 10:30.
Prelims start at 11:30.
Finals start at 12:30.

Here is the Coaches letter for you to read concerning jobs.Welcome to the 2015 NCHSAA 3A Western Regional Track and Field Championships
The Officials for todays meet are as Follows:
Announcer: David Honea
Referee: Chris Sherrill
Marshall: Dean Duncan
Head Finish Line Judge:Heang Uy
Head Field Events Judge: Lee Harwell
Starter: Chris Stroupe
Head timer and Finish Lynx: Slipstream Timing
Clerk of the Course: William Abromitis, Buck Buchanan
Custodian of Awards: Mrs. Fentzlaff
Hurdle Crew: Lee Pantas
Long Jump: Erwin
Triple Jump: Asheville
Pole Vault: East Henderson
Shot Put: A.C. Reynolds
Discus: Enka
High Jump: A.C. Reynolds
Curve Umpires: Big South Conference curve by Jumbotron, South Mountain Athletic North end Curve in jumps area.
Exchange Zone Umpires: Western NC Athletic Exchange zone1 and zone 2 Northwestern zone 3, .
Games Committee: Conference meet directors.

Relay Zones: 4x800 Green triangles to Green Triangles, 4x100 Gold to Gold, 4x200 1st exchange, 2nd exchange red to red, 3rd exchange gold to gold, 4x400 Blue arrow 1st exchange. Green arrows to green arrows

I hope all of your teams are successful today. Please read the following details prior to the meet. Coaches, be aware of the following rules:

No Athletes on the infield unless they are at the awards stand, or at the clerks tent. Tents only on the Visitors Side of the Field.

1. Coaches familiarize your athletes with the uniform, and electronic device rules they will be strictly enforced.
2. Athletes are to check-in ON FIRST CALL. Field event participants are to check-in at their event site. Running event participants are to check-in at the Clerks Table located at the north end of the field under the goal post on the 20 yard line. Please make sure your athletes are aware of the timely check-in and check-out rules. The high jump will have precedent.

3. All protest should be filed with the Referee, on the proper Appeal Form. Please bring your rule book. This will assist you in filling out the Appeal Form . Any protest of the referees decision is to be taken to the Meet Director who will then present it to the Games committee.

4. Top 3 finishers will report directly to the award stand to receive their medals. The awards will be given following the event that they placed in.

Best of luck to you all,
Doris Sellars: Principal, Steve McCurry Athletic Director, Bill Abromitis, Buck Buchanan and the track coaching staff.