MileSplit NBN Coverage: A User's Guide

With over 13,000 photos and 270 videos posted, here are a few tips for finding the coverage you want from New Balance Nationals.


With all of the coverage MileSplit was able to get from the New Balance Nationals, it could be a little difficult to find the specific things you're looking for.  

Below you will find links to guide you to the right places.


Photo Albums

Highlight photos (used in recap and preview articles) are in the album by MileSplitTeam


Nearly all track events are in the album by DigitalPixel


Field events are divided into three albums:

Boys and girls long jump and triple jump are in the album by KBraz2K

Boys and girls pole vault, boys and girls discus, and boys javelin are in the album by Aperture1

Boys and girls hammer, boys and girls high jump, and multi-events are in the album by CoachGeorgeRJR


Many emerging elite events are found in the album by DigitalPixel and a few more are in the album by CoachGeorgeRJR


Also, check out the albums by two friends of MileSplit: Maroon News (track events) and CoachSides (varied events).





NBN Main Video Page


Videos are being sorted into subalbums for easier access.  Races are separated into categories by event.  Here are a few tags that can take you to favorite groups of videos:




All Race Footage