All-Classes Rankings: All Jumps

As a top performer in three field events, Jonathan Addison (Enloe) easily rises to the top of the boys' list.


As we move closer to ranking all the athletes in the state, regardless of event (at least by this semi-scientific process), let's combine some small groups together.  Today, 4 fields events: high jump, pole vault, long jump, and triple jump.  Later in the series, we will add in the throws to get a ranking of all field events, from which we will draw the NCRunners field event athletes of the year.  These ranking were taken by adding up the points accrued by athletes in both the vertical jump rankings and the horizontal jump rankings.  All points are awarded on the basis of being in the top 10 of the rankings for each event.


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Girls Top 10 All-Around Jumpers


1. Alexis Perry (Jordan) 38 points: 3rd ind LJ, 1st out LJ, tie 1st Indoor HJ, 1st Outdoor HJ

2. Shemiah Brooks (Southwest Guilford): 34 points: 1st ind TJ, 4th ind LJ, 2nd out TJ, 3rd out LJ

3. Sydney White (East Forsyth) 20 points: 1st Indoor PV, 1st Outdoor PV

4. Francesca Evans (Cummings) 19 points: 2nd ind TJ, 1st out TJ

4. Darlene Girardeau (South View) 19 points: 2nd ind LJ, 10th ind TJ, 2nd out LJ

6. Sage Proffitt (North Buncombe) 18 points: 2nd Indoor PV, tie 2nd Outdoor PV

7. Kristen Lee (Wakefield) 17 points: 3rd Outdoor PV, tie 2nd Indoor PV

7. Makayla Roten (West Wilkes) 17 points: tie 1st Indoor HJ, 4th Outdoor HJ

9. Achsah Brice (Dudley) 16 points: 3rd ind TJ, 3rd out TJ

10. Elizabeth Olesen (Hickory Ridge) 15 points: 5th Indoor HJ, tie 2nd Outdoor HJ



Girls Vertical Jump Rankings (HJ/PV)


Girls Horizontal Jump Rankings (LJ/TJ)



Boys Top 10 All-Around Jumpers


1. Jonathan Addison (Enloe) 40 points: 3rd ind LJ, 2nd out LJ, 6th out TJ, 1st Indoor HJ, 3rd Outdoor HJ

2. Jaylon Holt (Southeast Raleigh) 27 points: 2nd in TJ, 4th out TJ, tie 2nd Indoor HJ, tie 9th Outdoor HJ

3. Austin Vegas (East Forsyth) 20 points: 1st Indoor PV, 1st Outdoor PV

4. William Brown (Salisbury) 19 points: tie 2nd Indoor HJ, 1st Outdoor HJ

4. George Freiberger (Westchester) 19 points: 1st ind TJ, 2nd out TJ

6. Ethan Smith (Cedar Ridge) 18 points: 2nd Indoor PV, 2nd Outdoor PV

6. Spencer Walden (Union Pines) 18 points: tie 2nd Indoor HJ, 2nd Outdoor HJ

6. Josh King (Fike) 18 points: 1st out TJ, 3rd out HJ

9. Cameron Hudson (Berry Academy) 17 points: 2nd ind LJ, 3rd out LJ

10. Reid Harris (Watauga) 16 points: 3rd Indoor PV, 3rd Outdoor PV



Boys Vertical Jump Rankings (HJ/PV)


Boys Horizontal Jump Rankings (LJ/TJ)