Reagan Two-Mile Tune-Up Recap



Boys' Race


When the gun fired, you just knew Thomas Graham would jump to the lead, and he didn't disappoint. 

The big question, then, was who would go out with him:

during the first lap, it was nearly the whole field, which remained in a fairly tight bunch.





Quickly, though, it became a two-man show up front as Craig Engels kept pace.

Trevor Sleight led the following group through the 800, with most of the field still in contact with him.

James McCallister made his move and left the chase pack behind on the third lap,

but his hesitation may have cost him a bit later on.






With 800 to go, Engels made a statement by surging to the lead, while Graham matched his pace.

McCallister was all alone in third and could not reconnect to the front two.

Steve Mulherin had moved to the front of the elongating main pack, with Sleight barely holding onto fourth.







Check out the race video below to see the finish, called over the PA live by Coach Catton.





Girls Race


There was never much doubt as to who would control this race, as Anna McBride went straight to the front.

The Davie junior looked very comfortable with the quick early pace she was setting, raising hopes for strong time.

Behind her a main group formed almost immediately, led by Aundrea Holmes and Kristen Henson.






As McBride pulled steadily away, the 5-girl chase pack shuffled positions regularly and became very entertaining to watch.

Hannah Barbour challenged Holmes and Henson on the outside, while Ashley Brubaker and Madison Harman tucked in behind.




Despite the smiles she showed earlier, McBride was clearly working hard and trying to run a fast time.

She crossed a little after 5:30, with the possibility of sub-12 still very much alive.

Barbour now led the battle for second place, with Harman on her shoulder and the others following closely.





McBride pushed herself hard to the finish while still obviously enjoying the race.

Check out the race video for the amazing race to the line between two runners in the chase group!