USATF Junior Olympics Highlights

The 2011 National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships have proceeded through the scorching heat in Wichita.  Look below for North Carolina results, including some great performances by up-and-coming athletes in the Youth (13-14) division.


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High School Highlights


T'Sheila Mungo, Independence: Young Women 400 53.92 (2nd place)

NC#1/US #13 this season, NC #3 all-time!

Also, Young Women 800 2:15.09 (5th place)


Gabrielle Gray, High Point Central: Young Women 100 11.63 (3rd place)

NC #1/US #24 this season, NC #7 all-time!


Marissa Bellamy, Bunn: Young Women 200 23.90w (3rd place)

NC #1/US #21 this season, NC #8 all-time!

Also, Young Women 400 54.63 (4th place)


Carolina Elite: Young Women 4x100 45.52

USATF JO National Champion


Isaiah Moore, Williams: Intermediate 110 Hurdles 14.28

USATF JO National Champion


Xavier Jones, Ragsdale: Intermediate 400 48.22 (Advances 2nd to final)

USATF JO National Champion

Also, Intermediate 200 21.70w (4th place)


Kevin Bennert, Track Eastern (Woodberry Forest, VA):

Young Men 1500 4:00.69

USATF JO National Champion


James Rowland, Jacksonville Northside: Intermediate

 Hammer Throw 171' 2" (3rd place)

Shot Put 48' 8.75" (5th place)

Javelin 157' 3" (9th place)

Discus 145' 5" (6th place)


Middle School Highlights


Marcus Krah, Durham Striders:

Youth Triple Jump 44-5.25w USATF JO National Champion

Youth Long Jump 21' 4" USATF JO National Champion

Youth 100 Hurdles (36") 13.29w USATF JO National Champion


Philip Hall, Fayetteville Flyers:

Youth 800 2:00.91 USATF JO National Champion

Youth 1500 4:14.96 USATF JO National Champion


Bryce Love, Carolina Elite: Youth 200 21.92w

USATF JO National Champion

Also, Youth 100 10.98, Youth 400 50.26

(Did not compete in finals in either race)


Jeremy Griffis, Durham Striders: Youth 400 50.98

USATF JO National Champion

Also, Youth 200 Hurdles 25.19 (2nd place)


Carolina Elite: Youth Boys 4x100 44.56

USATF JO National Champion


Fayetteville Flyers: Youth Boys 4x800 8:54.85

USATF JO National Champion


High School Participants and Results


Sarah Graham, Wake Forest-Rolesville:

Young Women Heptathlon 4397 (6th place)

Young Women High Jump 5' 5" (3rd place)


Tevin Hester, Granville Central:

Young Men 100 10.68 (Advances 10th to semi, did not run)

Young Men 200 21.17w (5th place)


Jamaree Murray, Fuquay-Varina:

Intermediate 400 49.17 (3rd place)

Intermediate 200 22.87 (25th place)


Da'Quan Smalls, Knightdale:

Young Men 200 21.95 (16th place, 21.67p)

Young Men 100 11.06 (22nd place, 10.87p)


Courtland Clavette, AC Reynolds:

Young Men Shot Put 50' 2.75" (17th place)

Young Men Discus 175' 11" (7th place)

Young Men Javelin 155' 0" (21st place)


Alexis Murphy, Apex:

Young Women 100 11.90w (5th place, 11.89p)

Young Women 200 24.38w (8th place)


Sabrina Moore, Charlotte Flight:

Intermediate 100 12.11 (7th place, 12.00p)

Intermediate 200 24.60w (4th place)


Tiana Patillo, Wakefield:

Intermediate 200 24.80w (6th place)

Intermediate 400 56.18 (5th place)


Nyheim Hines, Carolina Elite:

Intermediate 100 11.10 (8th place, 10.96p)

Intermediate 110 Hurdles 14.97  (4th place, 14.80wp)


Brien Berry, Triangle Champions:

Young Men High Jump 6' 2.25" (16th place)

Young Men 200 21.44 (8th place, 21.33wp, 21.38 semi)

Young Men 100 11.02 (19th place, 10.91p)


Gabriela Wilberding, North Wake:

Young Women 1500 5:10.96 (17th place)

Young Women 3000 11:36.22 (9th place)


Chris Cubra, AC Reynolds:

Intermediate Discus 138' 4" (14th place)

Intermediate Javelin 156' 2" (10th place)


Chase Helton, Douglas Byrd:

Young Men 800 2:01.52 (21st place)

Young Men 1500 4:24.19 (24th place)


Alexis Perry, Jordan:

Young Women High Jump 4' 11" (23rd place)

Young Women Long Jump 17' 1.25" (31st place)


Alyssa Dunn, Enloe:

Young Women Discus 107' 0" (29th place)

Young Women Javelin 108' 11" (25th place)


Clayton Wilson, Greensboro Day:

Young Men 2000 Steeplechase 7:09.07 (24th place)

Young Men 1500 4:26.80 (29th place)


Markia Franklin, Southern Durham: Young Women 100 11.94  (6th place, 11.93p)

Keith Marshall, Millbrook: Young Men 100 10.44 (4th place)

Demonte Wilson, Crest: Young Men 110 Hurdles 14.61 (7th place, 14.22p)

Thomas Jones II, Cummings: Intermediate 110 Hurdles 14.39 (2nd place)

Tyler Chazotte, AC Reynolds: Intermediate Decathlon 4897 (17th place)

Jesse Freeman, Harnett Central: Young Men Decathlon 4761 (20th place)

William Holloway, Carolina All-Stars: Intermediate 2000 Steeplechase 7:25.93 (16th place)

Garrett Ruley, Asheville Lightning: Intermediate 2000 Steeplechase 7:35.96 (19th place)

Colin Minor, South Brunswick: Intermediate Hammer Throw 174' 3" (2nd place)

Logan Pressley, North Buncombe: Young Men Hammer Throw 169' 3" (3rd place)

Jacquelyn Chazotte, Asheville Lightning: Young Women 3000 Racewalk 19:23.84 (5th place)

Carter Owens, Carolina Elite: Intermediate 3000 10:08.89 (30th place)

Lakanya Legette, Olympic: Young Women Long Jump 16' 5.75" (37th place)

Darlene Girardeau, South View: Young Women Long Jump 17' 11.75" (15th place)

Tatyana Bryant, South View: Young Women Long Jump, 18' 7.25" (6th place)

Courtney Crawford, Western Guilford: Intermediate 200 25.15 (11th place)

Marquavious Johnson, Knightdale: Intermediate 200 22.98 (31st place)

Burkheart Ellis, Jr, Knightdale: Young Men 200 21.61 (11th place, 21.38wp)

Reneazia Collins, Monroe: Intermediate 400 Hurdles 1:06.80 (10th place)

Janeiyah Collins, Monroe: Young Women 400 Hurdles 1:04.36 (14th place)

Megan Stanley, Riverside: Young Women 400 Hurdles 1:05.61 (17th place)

Teshlyn Smith, South Granville: Intermediate Triple Jump 35' 3.75" (14th place)

John Leonard, Terry Sanford: Young Men Shot Put 51' 4.25" (16th place)

Eric Upchurch, Harnett Central: Young Men Shot Put 49' 8.25" (18th place)

Traevin Drayton-Ferguson, Berry Academy: Intermediate 800 2:00.56 (9th place)

Clay Jones, Fuquay-Varina: Young Men 800 2:01.80 (23rd place)

Emily Kimble, Owen: Young Women High Jump 5' 3" (13th place)

David Conner, Junior Striders: Intermediate 1500 4:32.30 (29th place)

Breanna Warren, Western Guilford: Intermediate Shot Put 34' 4.25" (15th place)

Regene Watson, Southern Durham: Young Women Discus 98' 7" (38th place)

Ro'Daijah Faucette, Cummings: Intermediate 400 56.99 (9th place)

Joshua Dunston, Knightdale: Young Men Long Jump 23' 7.25" (5th place)

Dyron Jones, Hillside: Young Men Long Jump 22' 11.25" (8th place)

Aaron Tindall, Olympic: Young Men Long Jump 21' 3.25" (28th place)

Frank Quarles, Douglas Byrd: Intermediate 400 51.44 (12th place)

Eric Ways, Durham Striders: Intermediate 400 51.48 (13th place)

Kristen Lee, Wakefield: Young Women Pole Vault 12' 1.5" (5th place)

Alexandria Council, Carolina Elite: Intermediate 100 12.39 (12th place, 12.12p)

Cameron Roane, Riverside: Intermediate 100 11.11 (12th place, 11.07p)

Dejah Hayes, Western Guilford: Intermediate Long Jump 18' 7" (3rd place)

Tamilia Wright-Bigelow, Durham Striders: Intermediate Long Jump 16' 5.25" (22nd place)

Francesca Evans, Cummings: Young Women Triple Jump 37' 10" (14th place)

Tatyana Bryant, South View: Young Women Triple Jump 37' 6" (15th place)

Najee Quimby, Hickory Ridge: Intermediate Shot Put 39' 7.25" (22nd place)

Calvin Brodie, Bunn: Young Men High Jump 5' 10.75" (23rd place)

Amara Bell, Southeast Raleigh: Intermediate High Jump 5' 5" (t4th place)

Jordyn Brown, Durham Striders: Intermediate High Jump 5' 3" (8th place)

Jalen Ware, Apex: Intermediate High Jump 6' 2.75" (t5th place)

Alfred Nobles, Track Eastern: Intermediate High Jump 6' 2.75" (7th place)

Tametris Morrison, Island Gliders: Young Women 400 Hurdles 1:01.58 (5th place)

Brian Davis, Fuquay-Varina: Young Men 400 48.43 (10th place)

Aalayah Faulcon, Southern Durham: Young Women 400 56.32 (9th place, 56.21p)

Dan Stringfellow, Lee County: Young Men Javelin 128' 4" (33rd place)


Charlotte Flight:

Young Women 4x400 3:52.44 (8th place)

Intermediate Girls 4x100 47.59(4th place)


Carolina Elite:

Young Men 4x100 40.06 (2nd place)

Intermediate Girls 4x100 48.20 (7th place, 48.05p)

Intermediate Boys 4x100 42.31 (4th place)


Track Eastern Carolina:

Intermediate Boys 4x400 3:27.88  (4th place, 3:26.23p)

 Intermediate Boys 4x100 44.68 (16th place)


Durham Striders:

Intermediate Girls 4x100 47.58 (3rd place)

Young Women 4x100 46.40 (5th place)


Track Xplosion: Intermediate Girls 4x400 4:08.22 (15th place)


Middle School Participants and Results


Dominick Patterson, Hurdles First:

Youth 100 Hurdles (36") 13.58w (2nd place, 13.50wp)

Youth 200 Hurdles (30") 25.41 (3rd place)


Joshua Mitchell, Triangle Champions:

Youth 3000 9:49.54 (5th place)

Youth 1500 4:27.33 (8th place)

Youth 800 2:12.83 (8th place, 2:08.20p)


Kelton Whitehead, Carolina Elite:

Youth 100 11.45 (5th place)

Youth 200 23.07 (5th place)


Atlanta Woodall, Durham Striders:

Youth 200 25.65 (9th place)

Youth 100 12.77 (18th place)


David Hamilton, Carolina All-Stars:

Youth 800 2:10.22 (10th place)

Youth 400 52.34 (5th place)


Tewodros Craig, Charlotte Flight:

Youth Discus 158' 7" (3rd place)

Youth Shot Put 47' 5.75" (4th place)


Eliza Dekker, Durham Academy:

Youth 3000 10:13.44 (3rd place)

Youth 1500 4:44.42 (3rd place)


William Wicks, Fayetteville Flyers:

Youth 800 2:07.96 (5th place, 2:06.94p)

Youth 1500 4:36.46 (16th place)


Samantha Layko, The Pride TC:

Youth Discus 97' 0" (18th place)

Youth Javelin 96' 8" (10th place)


Khayla Dawson, Charlotte Flight:

Youth Discus 92' 7" (21st place)

Youth Shot Put 41' 4.5" (7th place)


Olivia Walker, Charlotte Flight: Youth Triple Jump 31' 6.75" (22nd place)

Daniella Salas, Fayetteville Flyers: Youth 1500 5:14.68 (20th place)

Madison Daniel, Triangle Champions: Youth 3000 10:26.32 (19th place)

Tyerell Hughes, Asheville Lightning: Youth 3000 10:46.70 (31st place)

Breanne Bygrave, Junior Striders: Youth 100 Hurdles (30") 15.25 (10th place)

Lauren White, Carolina Elite: Youth Long Jump 15' 11.75" (19th place)

Jada Woods, Charlotte Flight: Youth Long Jump 15' 0.5" (35th place)

Taylor Blake, Durham Striders: Youth Shot Put 39' 6" (10th place)

Marcus Marshall, Carolina Elite: Youth Javelin 132' 8" (12th place)


Charlotte Flight:

Youth Girls 4x100 50.73 (6th place, 50.10p)

Youth Boys 4x100 47.51 (15th place)


Track Xplosion: Youth Girls 4x400 4:17.18 (14th place)