Which Region Produced The Most State Champions In Each Class

We listed all the winners from the NCHSAA State Championship, and which region they qualified out of. In 1A, the West Regional was dominate on both the boys' and girls' side, taking home 10 victories each.

It was a similar story in the 2A Classification, with the boys of the West winning six events and girls of the West winning seven events, each the most in 2A.The 2A Classification was very close however, with the Mideast boys and Midwest girls only falling one win short respectively.

Over in the 3A Classification, the boys of the Midwest and the girls of the West took home the most wins at the state meet, with the Midwest boys claiming eight and the West girls won nine. 

For the 4A classification, the 4A Midwest boys took home a state-leading 12 wins across the board, while the girls of Midwest took 7 of their own. 

Overall, it was the West Region that produced the most victories over the four classifications, totaling 52 wins. The Midwest was not far behind with 49 wins to their name. The East Regional was 3rd with 25 wins and the Mideast Regional took 18 wins of their own.

Take a look at which region yielded each state champion!

1A Boys
100mTrevin MoyerMountain Island1A West
200mTrevin MoyerMountain Island1A West
400mTrevin MoyerMountain Island1A West
800mWill LyonsSouth Davidson1A Midwest
1600mJacob FiorilloCorvian Community1A Midwest
3200mJacob FiorilloCorvian Community1A Midwest
100/110HBrock AdamsRobinsville1A West
300HBrock AdamsRobinsville1A West
4x100mMountain Island1A West
4x200mMountain Island1A West
4x400mCherryville1A West
4x800mUnion Academy1A Midwest
HJJerome BridgersTarboro1A East
LJEzra MartinUnion Academy1A Midwest
TJAli CurrieAlbemarle1A Midwest
PVMatthew GraySwain County1A West
DDaShawn GrantLejeune1A East
SJesse SheltonMountain Heritage1A West

1A West10 Wins
1A Midwest6 Wins
1A East2 Wins

1A Girls
100mLauren TolbertHighland Tech1A West
200mLauren TolbertHighland Tech1A West
400mDamyja OrtizWinston-Salem Prep1A Midwest
800mLauren TolbertHighland Tech1A West
1600mBriley BickerstaffRiverside1A East
3200mBriley BickerstaffRiverside1A East
100/110HTai'lah WardNorth Rowan1A Midwest
300HTai'lah WardNorth Rowan1A Midwest
4x100mPamlico County1A East
4x200mMountain Island1A West
4x400mElkin1A West
4x800mSwain County1A West
HJLilly AdamsEast Wilkes1A West
LJZoie ShulerRobbinsville1A West
TJZoie ShulerRobbinsville1A West
PVAmelia RogersSwain County1A West
DBrittany EllisNorth Rowan1A Midwest
SBrittany EllisNorth Rowan1A Midwest

1A West10 Wins
1A Midwest5 Wins
1A East3 Wins

2A Boys
100mJonathan PaylorCummings2A Mideast
200mJonathan PaylorCummings2A Mideast
400mJonathan PaylorCummings2A Mideast
800mVance JonesPatton2A West
1600mKnox WitherspoonBrevard2A West
3200mAndrew ParkerNCSSM2A Mideast
100/110HAvery GubyEast Duplin2A East
300HChristian GoreCummings2A Mideast
4x100mT.W. Andrews2A Midwest
4x200mKinston2A East
4x400mPolk County2A West
4x800mPatton2A West
HJTyrese MillerR-S Central2A West
LJJared HiattNorth Surry2A Midwest
TJAndrew PenderJames Kenan2A East
PVKenneth ByrdEast Burke2A West
DIsaac VadenEast Surry2A Midwest
SDemontae RobinsonEastern Wayne2A East

2A West6 Wins
2A Mideast5 Wins
2A East4 Wins
2A Midwest3 Wins

2A Girls
100mJoyasia SmithR-S Central2A West
200mJoyasia SmithR-S Central2A West
400mRylee HegedusPine Lake Prep2A West
800mOlivia OverholtPolk County2A West
1600mNatalie AlmondWest Stanly2A Midwest
3200mMadison ClayPatton2A West
100/110HTamesia PinnixCummings2A Mideast
300HMia McMillenSurry Central2A Midwest
4x100mAnson2A Midwest
4x200mFarmville Central2A East
4x400mPine Lake Prep2A West
4x800mPolk County2A West
HJKatrina KepleyWest Davidson2A Midwest
LJTamesia PinnixCummings2A Mideast
TJLatecyia JohnsonEast Carteret2A East
PVAbigail TullyWilkes Central2A Midwest
DClara WillardEast Surry2A Midwest
STa'Honny ExumEastern Wayne2A East

2A West7 Wins
2A Midwest6 Wins
2A East3 Wins
2A Mideast2 Wins

3A Boys
100mIsaiah MonroeDudley3A Midwest
200mIsaiah MonroeDudley3A Midwest
400mIsaiah MonroeDudley3A Midwest
800mRyan Motondo Walter Williams3A Mideast
1600mZach WillerStuart Cramer3A West
3200mAustin BrotemarkleForestview3A West
100/110HBlaise AtkinsonLake Norman Charter3A Midwest
300HBlaise AtkinsonLake Norman Charter3A Midwest
4x100mNorth Lincoln3A West
4x200mCape Fear3A Mideast
4x400mDudley3A Midwest
4x800mSouth Central3A East
HJSteven Davis II3A Midwest
LJCameron SneadWest Johnston3A East
TJCameron SneadWest Johnston3A East
PVJacob MurphyOak Grove3A Midwest
DDamian JuddSouthern Lee3A Mideast
SAJ MatasCroatan3A East

3A Midwest8 Wins
3A East4 Wins
3A West3 Wins
3A Mideast3 Wins

3A Girls
100mAlaya GillespieWest Iredell3A West
200mSanu JallowWest Mecklenburg3A West
400mSanu JallowWest Mecklenburg3A West
800mLily YampolskyLake Norman Charter3A Midwest
1600mCaroline MurrellNorthwood3A Mideast
3200mCaroline MurrellNorthwood3A Mideast
100/110HEmma HallWest Henderson3A West
300HEmma HallWest Henderson3A West
4x100mJ.H. Rose3A East
4x200mSouth Central3A East
4x400mE.E. Smith3A Mideast
4x800mWest Henderson3A West
HJTyler Collins West Carteret3A East
LJChaunesse BarringerNorthwest Cabarrus3A Midwest
TJAlexis WillisStuart Cramer3A West
PVCaroline FowlkesCedar Ridge3A Mideast
DEmily HartsoeAshe County3A West
SEmily HartsoeAshe County3A West

3A West9 Wins
3A Mideast4 Wins
3A East3 Wins
3A Midwest2 Wins

4A Boys
100mTerrell Robinson Jr.Mount Tabor4A Midwest
200mTerrell Robinson Jr.Mount Tabor4A Midwest
400mKillian FahyCuthbertson4A Midwest
800mAndrew MalloWake Forest4A East
1600mCaden TownshendWeddington4A Midwest
3200mJacob LaneyPorter Ridge4A Midwest
100/110HXavier BrankerArdrey Kell4A West
300HXavier BrankerArdrey Kell4A West
4x100mCuthbertson4A Midwest
4x200mCuthbertson4A Midwest
4x400mJordan4A Mideast
4x800mMount Tabor4A Midwest
HJSheldon UlmerNorthwest Guilford4A Midwest
LJTyson AdamsWest Forsyth4A Midwest
TJJared HarrellPanther Creek4A Mideast
PVGraham GutknechtSouth Mecklenburg4A West
DSpencer WilliamsDavie County4A Midwest
SSpencer WilliamsDavie County4A Midwest

4A Girls
100mShawnti JacksonWakefield4A East
200mShawnti JacksonWakefield4A East
400mShawnti JacksonWakefield4A East
800mCharlotte BellCuthbertson4A Midwest
1600mAmelia MaughanChapel Hill4A Mideast
3200mHannah Rae ShafferCardinal Gibbons4A East
100/110HAkala GarrettHarding4A West
300HAkala GarrettHarding4A West
4x100mHickory Ridge4A Midwest
4x200mHickory Ridge4A Midwest
4x400mWakefield4A East
4x800mCuthbertson4A Midwest
HJCheyla ScottButler4A West
LJIja MumfordParkland Magnet IB4A Midwest
TJIja MumfordParkland Magnet IB4A Midwest
PVBailey TartNorthern Durham4A Mideast
DSady MoodySouthwest Guilford4A Midwest
STyler GloverArdrey Kell4A West

4A Midwest7 Wins
4A East5 Wins
4A West4 Wins
4A Mideast2 Wins


1A-4A East11 Wins14 Wins25 Wins
1A-4A Mideast10 Wins8 Wins18 Wins
1A-4A Midwest29 Wins20 Wins49 Wins
1A-4A West22 Wins30 Wins52 Wins