Which Region Was The True 'Region of Death'

NCHSAA State Meet Qualifiers

We went through and compared the 4th place finishers in every event of all 16 NCHSAA Regionals! We listed them out to see which region in each event was the hardest to qualify out of. There are other factors, such as weather, athletes doing multiple events, race strategy, but we thought it was fun to see how these numbers turned out. 

EventsRegion of Top 4th Place Finishing GirlAthleteTime
100m4A MidwestZiyah Etchison (Parkland)11.97
200m4A WestMaya Love (Independence)24.64
400m4A EastDaijon Lee (Wakefield)58.04
800m4A MidwestCaroline Echols (R.J. Reynolds)2:15.10
1600m4A MidwestStella Kermes (Cuthbertson)5:00.16
3200m4A MidwestLily Nasta (Cuthbertson)
100H4A MideastLena Richardson (Panther Creek)15.07
300H4A WestJessica Rodriquez (N. Mecklenburg)45.53
4x100m4A MidwestReagan48.65
4x200m4A MidwestReagan1:42.67
4x400m4A MidwestReagan4:05.33
4x800m4A MidwestWeddington9:33.67
S4A WestGracie Bolick (Asheville)36-6
D4A WestNyelah Hakin (Olympic)117-3
LJ4A MideastLena Richardson (Panther Creek)17-3
TJ4A WestLauren Grose (Charlotte Catholic)36-0.25
HJAll 4A + 3A EastTie5-2
PV4A MidwestAva Studney (Cuthbertson)11-0

Total From Girls:

4A Midwest: 10 events

4A West: 6 events

4A Mideast: 3 events

4A East: 2 events

3A East: 1 event

EventsRegion of Top 4th Place Finishing BoyAthleteTime
100m4A EastCason Douglas (Richmond)10.95
200m4A WestSterling Green (Olympic)22.15
400m4A MideastShawn Walls (Hillside48.84
800m2A WestDaniel Ahearn (CSD)1:55.90
1600m4A Midwest (Top 4 overall from weekend)Caden Townshend (Weddington)4:18.35
3200m4A EastLuke Ward (Hoggard)9:27.53
110H4A MidwestKaden Pigeon (Mooresville)14.79
300H4A MideastJaden Reece (Jordan)40.14
4x100m4A MidwestParkland Magnet IB42.86
4x200m4A WestJulius Chambers1:29.37
4x400m4A MidwestPage3:27.87
4x800m4A MidwestMooresville8:01.66
S4A MidwestWill Rizzi (Mooresville)51-3.75
D4A MidwestTrevor Tate (Cuthbertson)164-9
LJ4A MideastJordan Reece (Jordan)22-0
TJ4A MideastTravis Harrison (Gray's Creek)43-9
HJAll 4A + 2A WestTie6-2
PV4A Midwest2nd-5th Place Same Height13-6

Total From Boys:

4A Midwest: 9 events

4A Mideast: 5 events

4A East: 3 events

4A West: 3 events

2A West: 2 events

4A Midwest definitely had the most impressive regional, and it is shown by their regional having 19/44 of the top 4th place finishers on the boys' and girls' side. The relays in the 4A Midwest are extraordinarily tough, with 7 of the 8 top 4th place relays going to that regional. The sprints were more even, with the 4A Midwest only claiming only 1 of the 6 sprint events.


4A Midwest: 19 events

4A West: 9 events

4A Mideast: 8 events

4A East: 5 events

2A West: 2 events

3A East: 1 event