North Carolina Entries For adidas Indoor Nationals

Below are individual entries from North Carolina athletes for this weekend's adidas Indoor National starting on Friday!  Athletes range from middle school to high school with a Rising Stars, Freshman, Open and Championship division.  We'll be live streaming the event with archived race video uploading throughout the event.  Heat sheets and additional meet information are posted on the meet page.

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EventLast NameFirst NameGradeCityState
Championship Boys High JumpWilliamsJosh12Morehead CityNC
Championship Boys 1 Mile RunDingmanJack12GreensboroNC
Championship Boys 1 Mile RunMuhammadMaddon12CharlotteNC
Championship Boys 2 MileKlecknerElliott11NewportNC
Championship Boys 2 MileHayesJustin12CaryNC
Championship Boys 200m DashRobinson JrTerrell11Winston-SalemNC
Championship Boys 200m DashLeacockDillon12RaleighNC
Championship Boys 200m DashMoyerTrevin11Mt HollyNC
Championship Boys 200m DashMonroeIsaiah11GreensboroNC
Championship Boys 200m DashSappKeshon12GreensboroNC
Championship Boys 400m DashDavisJesiah12Wake ForestNC
Championship Boys 400m DashZimmermanDalton12ThomasvilleNC
Championship Boys 400m DashLeacockDillon12RaleighNC
Championship Boys 400m DashAtkinsonBlaise11HuntersvilleNC
Championship Boys 400m DashDawesElijah10GreensboroNC
Championship Boys 400m DashParkerChristianGreensboroNC
Championship Boys 5000m RunSmithMurphy12CharlotteNC
Championship Boys 60 DashRobinson JrTerrell11Winston-SalemNC
Championship Boys 60 DashMillerMax12RaleighNC
Championship Boys 60 DashMoyerTrevin11Mt HollyNC
Championship Boys 60m HurdlesAtkinsonBlaise11HuntersvilleNC
Championship Boys 800m DashNicholsColter12CharlotteNC
Championship Boys 800m DashMathisEthan12Chapel HillNC
Championship Boys Long JumpSistruckWilliam12CharlotteNC
Championship Boys Shot PutWilliamsSpencer11MocksvilleNC
Championship Boys Triple JumpHopkinsArmond12MatthewsNC
Championship Girls 1 Mile RunAlderCarmen12Southern Pines,NC
Championship Girls 1 Mile RunAlderVanessa10Southern Pines,NC
Championship Girls 2 Mile RunAycockRyann10CaryNC
Championship Girls 200m DashDavisKayla11CharlotteNC
Championship Girls 400m DashTolbertLauren11GastoniaNC
Championship Girls 60 DashTaylorAmari12FayettevilleNC
Championship Girls 60m HurdlesKinlochAmanda12Wake ForestNC
Championship Girls 60m HurdlesNewkirkRiley11GreensboroNC
Championship Girls 60m HurdlesOutlawTia11GarnerNC
Championship Girls 60m HurdlesMckinnonTaylor11DurhamNC
Championship Girls 60m HurdlesGarrettAkala10CharlotteNC
Championship Girls 800m DashTolbertLauren11GastoniaNC
Championship Girls 800m DashJallowSanu11CharlotteNC
Championship Girls Long JumpGillespieAlaya10StatesvilleNC
Championship Girls Pole VaultStoneEmma12WaxhawNC
Freshman Boys 1 MileStampChristien9GreensboroNC
Freshman Boys 200mBrownJamel9GreensboroNC
Freshman Boys 200mBryantJustin9GreensboroNC
Freshman Boys 400m DashBrownJamel9GreensboroNC
Freshman Boys 400m DashBryantJustin9GreensboroNC
Freshman Girls 1 MileBoonshaftMorgan9CharlotteNC
Freshman Girls 200mRogersAmaya9Wake ForestNC
Freshman Girls 200mJenkinsAudrey9High PointNC
Freshman Girls 200mFreemanAugust9DurhamNC
Freshman Girls 400m DashFreemanAugust9DurhamNC
Freshman Girls Long JumpForteSanai9CharlotteNC
Girls High JumpMorganKara12McLeansvilleNC
Girls High JumpScottCheyla10MatthewsNC
Girls High JumpJenkinsAudrey9High PointNC
Open Boys 1 MileKlecknerCooper11NewportNC
Open Boys 1 MileKlecknerElliott11NewportNC
Open Boys 1 MileGeyerNathan11GreenvilleNC
Open Boys 1 MileDeakinsSam9GreensboroNC
Open Boys 1 MileDingmanLogan10GreensboroNC
Open Boys 1 MileEllisGeorge12GarnerNC
Open Boys 2 MileKlecknerCooper11NewportNC
Open Boys 2 MileGeyerNathan11GreenvilleNC
Open Boys 2 MileDingmanLogan10GreensboroNC
Open Boys 2 MileThanosLogan10GarnerNC
Open Boys 2 MileHendrenJosh11BensonNC
Open Boys 200m DashDavisJesiah12Wake ForestNC
Open Boys 200m DashPagePaul12Wake ForestNC
Open Boys 200m DashMillerMax12RaleighNC
Open Boys 400m DashBrownCody12Wake ForestNC
Open Boys 400m DashPagePaul12Wake ForestNC
Open Boys 400m DashDeakinsSam9GreensboroNC
Open Boys 400m DashMonroeIsaiah11GreensboroNC
Open Boys 400m DashStampCamren12GreensboroNC
Open Boys 60m DashParkerChristianGreensboroNC
Open Boys 60m DashSappKeshon12GreensboroNC
Open Boys 60m DashCrawfordJustice11CharlotteNC
Open Boys 60m HurdlesLeacockDillon12RaleighNC
Open Boys 800mWellsJesse12RaleighNC
Open Boys 800mZammittiMitchell11MooresvilleNC
Open Boys 800mBowlinMax12Kill Devil HillsNC
Open Boys 800mCampbellWarner11Kill Devil HillsNC
Open Boys 800mStampCamren12GreensboroNC
Open Boys 800mWillcoxRiley12GarnerNC
Open Boys 800mGrantJordan12CharlotteNC
Open Boys 800mTorrenceJuwan12CharlotteNC
Open Boys Long JumpHopkinsArmond12MatthewsNC
Open Boys Long JumpCrawfordJustice11CharlotteNC
Open Boys Pole VaultByrdKenneth9IcardNC
Open Boys Pole VaultLoyStephen12High PointNC
Open Boys Pole VaultStephenLoy12High PointNC
Open Boys Triple JumpCrawfordJustice11CharlotteNC
Open Girls 2 MileWimberlyLauren10Southern Pines,NC
Open Girls 2 MileKuzmaMolly12Southern Pines,NC
Open Girls 2 MileFlahertyAva10PinehurstNC
Open Girls 2 MileBoonshaftMorgan9CharlotteNC
Open Girls 2 MileWeberAbby11Chapel HillNC
Open Girls 200m DashDuboseOteria10Winston-SalemNC
Open Girls 200m DashBrownArianna12Wake ForestNC
Open Girls 200m DashJohnsonKendall10RolesvilleNC
Open Girls 200m DashPattersonJazmine11McLeansvilleNC
Open Girls 200m DashPattersonJazmine11Hbcu Bound ANC
Open Girls 200m DashTaylorAmari12FayettevilleNC
Open Girls 200m DashBurnettQueen11CharlotteNC
Open Girls 200m DashGoodeAnyha12CharlotteNC
Open Girls 200m DashDavisJessica12Chapel HillNC
Open Girls 200m DashBahSilvia12CaryNC
Open Girls 400m DashDuboseOteria10Winston-SalemNC
Open Girls 400m DashBrownArianna12Wake ForestNC
Open Girls 400m DashDeLucaSophia11Wake ForestNC
Open Girls 400m DashThomasGabrielle11Wake ForestNC
Open Girls 400m DashJohnsonKendall10RolesvilleNC
Open Girls 400m DashPattersonJazmine11McLeansvilleNC
Open Girls 400m DashPattersonJazmine11Hbcu Bound ANC
Open Girls 400m DashSmithTiarra12GreensboroNC
Open Girls 400m DashDeloatchImari11DurhamNC
Open Girls 400m DashPateJaylin11CharlotteNC
Open Girls 400m DashSmithJasmine11CharlotteNC
Open Girls 400m DashDavisJessica12Chapel HillNC
Open Girls 60m DashDuboseOteria10Winston-SalemNC
Open Girls 60m DashJohnsonKendall10RolesvilleNC
Open Girls 60m DashOutlawTia11GarnerNC
Open Girls 60m DashMcIverLogan Abrya11FayettevilleNC
Open Girls 60m DashBahSilvia12CaryNC
Open Girls 60m HurdlesRowlandKendall11RaleighNC
Open Girls 60m HurdlesClemensCassidyGreensboroNC
Open Girls 60m HurdlesDeloatchImari11DurhamNC
Open Girls 800mWagnerMaddy12Kill Devil HillsNC
Open Girls 800mSmithTiarra12GreensboroNC
Open Girls Long JumpRowlandKendall11RaleighNC
Open Girls Long JumpTilleryJada10McLeansvilleNC
Open Girls Long JumpTilleryJada10Hbcu Bound ANC
Open Girls Long JumpMcIverLogan Abrya11FayettevilleNC
Open Girls Pole VaultGoodeSarah11BooneNC
Open Girls Triple JumpRowlandKendall11RaleighNC
Open Girls Triple JumpMcIverLogan Abrya11FayettevilleNC
Rising Stars Boys 200mShoemakeThomas7GreensboroNC
Rising Stars Boys 200mFaisonRahkeem8GoldsboroNC
Rising Stars Boys 200mFaisonRahkeem8FayettevilleNC
Rising Stars Boys 200mMcKoyCayden8FayettevilleNC
Rising Stars Boys 400mShoemakeThomas7GreensboroNC
Rising Stars Boys 400mSaloneOrza8FayettevilleNC
Rising Stars Boys 60mMackKobe8Winston-SalemNC
Rising Stars Boys 60mSquireJoshua7High PointNC
Rising Stars Boys 60mFaisonRahkeem8FayettevilleNC
Rising Stars Boys 60mMcKoyCayden8FayettevilleNC
Rising Stars Boys 60m HurdlesSquireJoshua7High PointNC
Rising Stars Boys 60m HurdlesShoemakeThomas7GreensboroNC
Rising Stars Boys 60m HurdlesDeloatchIsaiah8DurhamNC
Rising Stars Boys High JumpDeloatchIsaiah8DurhamNC
Rising Stars Boys Long JumpMackKobe8Winston-SalemNC
Rising Stars Boys Long JumpSquireJoshua7High PointNC
Rising Stars Girls 200mBronsonAnyeh8Winston-SalemNC
Rising Stars Girls 60mBronsonAnyeh8Winston-SalemNC
Rising Stars Girls Long JumpBronsonAnyeh8Winston-SalemNC
Rising Stars Girls MileAlderLily7PinehurstNC
Rising Stars Girls MileCollinsClaire8PinehurstNC
Rising Stars Girls MileDingmanKasey7GreensboroNC
Rising Stars Girls MileBartonCaroline8AshevilleNC