NCHSAA Pushes XC To November, Cancels Indoor Track

The NCHSAA Board released a statement at 2:00pm today announcing the current calendar for the 2020-21 Athletic year. Que Tucker led a Zoom Call Live Stream announcing their decision with NCHSAA President Jerry Simmons.

"This is different than anything we could've imagine we would've needed," Simmons said, "there are still nuts and bolts that we will have to announce in the coming weeks." 

Cross Country will begin practicing on November 4th with meets allowed to begin starting on November 16th! Teams will be restricted to TEN meets during the regular season. The Post-Season schedule has not been announced. Specific guidelines for meet restrictions have not been announced yet. 

Indoor Track & Field has been officially cancelled for the 2020-2021 season. Tucker said that "Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field are too similar," and added that an Indoor Meet would be "hard to meet COVID-19 Social Distancing requirements." 

Outdoor Track & Field has the latest start date. April 12th, 2021, when practices begin. 

What these means for large invitationals going forward is yet to be seen as meet directors are just finding out this news as well. 

This is a developing story and we will update as needed.