NCHSAA Announce's End Of Dead Period Effective June 15th

The NCHSAA announced today that they will end their 94 day dead period put in place in respond to COVID-19 effective June 15th.  Though the NCHSAA's dead period has finalized each school district will have the final say on when their schools can start summer cross country practice.

Below was limitations that'll be in place for Cross Country and Track & Field in response to COVID-19.

Cross Country: Runners must maintain at least 6 feet of distancing between individuals, no grouping (i.e. starts and finishes).

Track & Field: Runners must maintain at least 6 feet of distancing between individuals, no grouping (i.e. starts and finishes). No sharing of implements / equipment (e.g. relay baton, shot put, discus). Padded equipment / landing pits/poles must be disinfected between use.

You can find full safety guidelines put in place by the NCHSAA that member schools should implement during Phase 1 here.

NCHSAA Press Release

Chapel Hill, NC -- The NCHSAA Board of Directors met via the ZOOM platform on Friday morning, June 5, to discuss the latest updates from Governor Roy Cooper and the Department of Health and Human Services, to guide member schools regarding summer activities.

Effective June 15, the NCHSAA will lift the current Dead Period, provided each Local Education Agency (LEA) gives its okay and permission to do so.  It is to be understood that Superintendents and local Boards of Education control when they will allow activities to resume in athletic facilities and venues.

The NCHSAA Staff has been working closely with the NCHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) on recommendations for member schools regarding summer activities that align with NC DHHS directives.The guidance utilizes a phased approach for NCHSAA athletes and is intended to help school administrators, coaches, parents, students, and communities navigate a gradual reopening of high school athletic activities.

The health and safety measures outlined in this plan were formed utilizing CDC, DHHS, and NCHSAA information at this time. It is recognized, however, that the information and circumstances concerning COVID-19 remain fluid and variable. Therefore, these guidelines are subject to change in conjunction with new knowledge of COVID-19 or changing social conditions.

Phase One contains a set of General Requirements that apply across all sports, with specific requirements for each sport.  Guidance for Phases Two and Three will be distributed in the coming weeks in consultation with state leaders.

In addition to approving these guidelines, the NCHSAA Board of Directors kept in place the June 29 - July 5 Dead Period.  However, for this summer only, Board Members approved the elimination of the NCHSAA Dead Period scheduled for the week of the NC Coaches Association Clinic, Monday, July 20 - July 26.  Schools and coaches are reminded that, per NCHSAA policy, participation in summer activities must not be required and cannot be a prerequisite for "making" a team.