NCISAA State Championship Virtual Meets

The NCISAA heads up to Jackson Park, home of the WNC XC Carnival, for the 2018 edition of the NCISAA State Championships.  This year will be the first of it's kind as the NCISAA has changed to 4 classifications after being 3 classes since 1996.  All four classifications will race as their own state championship crowning a team and individual state champion.  Below you can find links to the virtual meets below.  We will release meet previews today and tomorrow.

NCISAA 1A Boys | NCISAA 1A Girls

NCISAA 2A Boys | NCISAA 2A Girls

NCISAA 3A Boys | NCISAA 3A Girls

NCISAA 4A Boys | NCISAA 4A Girls

Meet Schedule:

8:45 am - 1A Girls
9:30 am - 1A Boys
10:15 am - 2A Girls
11:00 am - 2A Boys
11:45 am - 3A Girls
12:30 pm - 3A Boys
1:15 pm - 4A Girls'
2:00 pm - 4A Boys