NC Middle School XC Championship Virtual Meet

Middle Schools from the Charlotte Area will lace up their spikes at Cuthbertson for the 6th Annual NC Middle School XC Championships! They'll run on a tough 3K course with a big uphill finish.

13 Teams and 700 athletes competing in 6 races from 8am - 11:30am

o   6th Grade Boys at 8:00am

o   6th Grade Girls at 8:30am

o   Open Boys at 9:00am

o   Open Girls at 9:30am

o   Championship Boys at 10:00am

o   Championship Girls at 10:30am

·         Top 3 teams and 5 of Top 6 in NC will faceoff (Cuthbertson, Weddington, Marvin Ridge, South Charlotte, Kannapolis)

·         14 of the Top 15 boys in the state will compete (including entire Top 5)

·         12 of the Top 15 girls in the state will compete (including entire Top 5)

·         Both the boys' and girls' course records could fall on the difficult Championship course.  Current course records:

o   10:22 by Jake Toomey, Weddington

o   11:12 by Madeline Hill, Cuthbertson

Boys 3000 Meter Virtual Meet

Full Virtual Meet

1Michael Garrity2021Cuthbertson MS10:08.00 1
2Evan Zotti2021Cuthbertson MS10:09.00 3
2Shaun Raughley2021Cuthbertson MS10:09.00 3
2Tyler Carroll2021Cuthbertson MS10:09.00 3
5Krystopher Durham2021Weddington MS10:15.81 5
6Kurt Zottl2021Cuthbertson MS10:31.00 6
7Joseph Lowther2021Weddington MS10:41.01 7
8William Walsh2021Cuthbertson MS10:44.00 8
9Chase Barajas2021Weddington MS10:45.80 9
10Connor Mack2022Cuthbertson MS10:48.00 10
11Cooper Gower0Cuthbertson MS10:49.00 --
12Carson Mann2021Weddington MS10:49.82 11
13Nathan Garcia2021Marvin Ridge Middle School10:50.80 12
14Cole Jackson2021Marvin Ridge Middle School10:55.70 13
15Michael Paxton2021Weddington MS10:59.40 14
16Sean Kim0Marvin Ridge Middle School10:59.60 15
17Ethan Bradley2021Parkwood Middle School11:00.50 16
18Keegan Burr2021Cuthbertson MS11:03.00 --
18Nathan Jennings2021Cuthbertson MS11:03.00 --
20Wick Hatch2021South Charlotte Middle School11:05.00 17
21Garrett Hunter2021Cannon School11:09.00 18
22Evan Smith2022Marvin Ridge Middle School11:09.40 19
23Isaac Ballesteros2021Weddington MS11:09.55 20
24Campbell Turner2021Cuthbertson MS11:10.00 --
25Gabe Blackwelder2021Kannapolis Middle School11:11.00 21
26Thomas Fridrich2021Weddington MS11:11.62 22
27Myatt Mcgirt2021Weddington MS11:12.62 --
28Gavin Boutwell2022Weddington MS11:14.00 --
28Kevin Stegall2021Kannapolis Middle School11:14.00 23
30Wesley Larson2021Weddington MS11:17.08 --
31Grayson Lucas2022Weddington MS11:19.57 --
32Bryson Austin0Sun Valley Middle School11:22.40 24
33Tyler Strickland2021Cuthbertson MS11:24.00 --
34Sonny Leshaw0Cuthbertson MS11:26.00 --
35Weston Shoudy2023South Charlotte Middle School11:28.77 25
36Mark Issa0Marvin Ridge Middle School11:30.33 26
37Tyler Omoletski0Cuthbertson MS11:31.00 --
38Sean O'dea0Cuthbertson MS11:33.00 --
39Griffin Peterson2022South Charlotte Middle School11:34.00 27
40Jacob Budzik2022Sun Valley Middle School11:34.07 28
41Apollo Wortham2022Cuthbertson MS11:35.00 --
41Robby Hodel2022Cuthbertson MS11:35.00 --
43Dominic Conroy0Porter Ridge Middle School11:36.20 29
44Trevor Illson2021Weddington MS11:38.19 --
45Diego Esquivel0Cuthbertson MS11:40.00 --
46Caden Townshend0Weddington MS11:40.52 --
47Alex Perez2021Weddington MS11:40.70 --
48Eli Spizzo2021Marvin Ridge Middle School11:42.28 30
49Jaden Hanson2022Cuthbertson MS11:43.00 --
50Addison Aycock2021South Charlotte Middle School11:44.00 31
50Trey Austin2022Cuthbertson MS11:44.00 --
52Josh Howard2021Piedmont Middle School11:47.20 32
53Brogan Trott2021Marvin Ridge Middle School11:48.50 33
54Jimmy Kinsella2022Cannon School11:49.00 34
55Marcelo Young2021Marvin Ridge Middle School11:49.20 --
56Zach Hockey2021Weddington MS11:50.30 --
57Christian Koppe0Weddington MS11:50.60 --
57Peter Cordier2022Weddington MS11:50.60 --
59Aidan Earley2022Socrates Academy11:51.00 35
60Sam Bland2022Weddington MS11:54.05 --
61Justin Daniels2021Kannapolis Middle School11:56.00 36
62Tyler Hornberger0Piedmont Middle School11:56.30 37
63Onesimo Rosas2021Kannapolis Middle School11:57.00 38
64Anthony Piccirillo2021Marvin Ridge Middle School11:57.20 --
65Kellen Pace2021Weddington MS11:58.93 --
66Drake Griffith2021Cannon School11:59.00 39
67Connor Hall2021Weddington MS11:59.64 --
68Jonah Presser2021Cannon School12:02.00 40
69Rj Gajan0Marvin Ridge Middle School12:03.10 --
70Aiden Patton2022South Charlotte Middle School12:04.00 41
71Anthony Orloski0Marvin Ridge Middle School12:06.00 --
72Max Nguyen2021Sun Valley Middle School12:06.60 42
73Caiden Seufert2023South Charlotte Middle School12:07.00 43
74Kidane Seith2022Piedmont Middle School12:07.40 44
75Carter Chapman0Sun Valley Middle School12:09.50 45
76Ross Fulco2022South Charlotte Middle School12:11.00 46
77Nick Pirozzi2021Sun Valley Middle School12:11.93 47
78Jd Whiteman2021Kannapolis Middle School12:14.00 48
78Keller Huffman2021South Charlotte Middle School12:14.00 --
80Blake Efird2021Porter Ridge Middle School12:14.05 49
81Tyler Scott0South Charlotte Middle School12:15.00 --
82Andrew Kuttner0South Charlotte Middle School12:16.60 --
83Peter Dejonge2021Weddington MS12:17.10 --
83Ryan Banash2022Marvin Ridge Middle School12:17.10 --
85Cooper Taylor0Weddington MS12:18.76 --
86Jackson Rodgers2021Kannapolis Middle School12:19.00 50
87Benjamin Mulvaney0Weddington MS12:19.67 --
88Jack Valentine2022Sun Valley Middle School12:20.20 51
89Charlie Canata2021Marvin Ridge Middle School12:20.40 --
90Dillon Casey2022Cannon School12:21.00 52
91Finn O'shea0Cuthbertson MS12:21.10 --
92J Greene0Marvin Ridge Middle School12:21.40 --
93Cale Breeggemann2021Kannapolis Middle School12:22.00 53
94Daniel Burnham0Cuthbertson MS12:24.31 --
95Cian Nolan2021Weddington MS12:24.50 --
96Roman Sorrentino2021Metrolina Christian Academy12:24.58 54
97Holden Wright0Weddington MS12:25.95 --
98William Jessee0Weddington MS12:28.30 --
99Canyon Hill0Cuthbertson MS12:29.58 --
100Aneesh Duggirala0Marvin Ridge Middle School12:29.63 --

Girls 3000 Meter Virtual Meet

Full Virtual Meet

1Madeline Hill2021Cuthbertson MS10:41.00 1
2Leah Helms2021Cuthbertson MS10:46.00 2
3Tori Bridgforth2021Cuthbertson MS11:22.00 3
4Kelly Poole2021Cuthbertson MS11:25.00 4.5
4Sydney Wood2021Cannon School11:25.00 4.5
6Marissa Bosland0Cuthbertson MS11:34.00 6
7Emma Jones2022Weddington MS11:36.64 7
8Kaitlyn St. Hilare2021Cuthbertson MS11:39.00 8
9Kaitlin Capuano2022Cuthbertson MS11:40.00 9
10Ariana Kelly0Weddington MS11:40.93 10
11Brynn Hennessey2021Marvin Ridge Middle School11:42.63 11
12Elizabeth Corbi2021Weddington MS11:53.50 12
13Riley Basinger2022Marvin Ridge Middle School11:57.70 13
14Valarie Porter2021Piedmont Middle School11:59.50 14
15Kayla Basinger2022Marvin Ridge Middle School12:01.90 15
16Kendall Gallagher2021Cuthbertson MS12:06.00 --
17Maureen Garrity0Cuthbertson MS12:07.00 --
17Olivia Khan2022Cuthbertson MS12:07.00 --
19Amber Noel0Cuthbertson MS12:07.01 --
20Ilana Thommen2021Weddington MS12:20.00 16
21Katie Kudela0Weddington MS12:21.64 17
22Hannah Green0Cuthbertson MS12:29.00 --
23Emily Busby2022Cannon School12:34.00 18
24Anna Wolfe0Weddington MS12:34.88 19
25Kieli Dotson2021Cuthbertson MS12:35.00 --
26Ella Ruddy0Cannon School12:37.00 20
27Brooke Butler2021Socrates Academy12:44.00 21
28Ellen Weinstock2022Cannon School12:45.00 22
29Sofie Mascellino2022Porter Ridge Middle School12:45.90 23
30Claire Hussey2021Marvin Ridge Middle School12:46.50 24
31Elise Walsh2021Weddington MS12:51.30 25
32Evelyn Brown2021Weddington MS12:52.90 --
33Tate Arrington2022South Charlotte Middle School12:54.00 26
34Kaylee Hamblin2021Parkwood Middle School12:55.26 27
35Caroline Palmer0Cuthbertson MS12:58.00 --
36Aubrey Vanwynsberg2021Weddington MS12:58.01 --
37Aydan Mcguire2022Cuthbertson MS13:02.00 --
37Emily Ashirova0Cuthbertson MS13:02.00 --
39Mia Reinhart0Marvin Ridge Middle School13:02.47 28
40Elizabeth Starkie2021Weddington MS13:03.60 --
41Katie Stevens2021Weddington MS13:03.90 --
42Riona Roberts2022Weddington MS13:05.08 --
43Wren Spencer2022Weddington MS13:12.90 --
44Dani Colling2023Marvin Ridge Middle School13:13.70 29
45Lindsey Blizzard2022Marvin Ridge Middle School13:15.70 30
46Sarah Myers2022Porter Ridge Middle School13:16.62 31
47Sonia Khan0Cuthbertson MS13:19.00 --
48Claire Sofsian0Cuthbertson MS13:20.00 --
49Lucy Miller2022South Charlotte Middle School13:22.60 32
50Alyxandra Beausoleil2022Weddington MS13:22.70 --
51Emily Adamo2022Weddington MS13:24.00 --
51Karlee Benz0Cuthbertson MS13:24.00 --
53Riley Fecker2022Sun Valley Middle School13:25.36 33
54Amaya Williams2021Kannapolis Middle School13:29.00 34
54Kyra Durham0Weddington MS13:29.00 --
56Abigail Gray2022South Charlotte Middle School13:32.00 35
56Kennedy Trott2022Marvin Ridge Middle School13:32.00 --
58Lily Tucker0Marvin Ridge Middle School13:33.40 --
59Ava Davis2022Weddington MS13:33.60 --
60Amelia Knudson0Weddington MS13:34.53 --
61Emilee Hamblin2022Parkwood Middle School13:35.20 36
62Frances Bragg2021Cannon School13:38.00 37
63Sydney Emanuel0Marvin Ridge Middle School13:38.30 --
64Gabriella Boley0Porter Ridge Middle School13:38.64 38
65Marcella Pazzaglini2022Weddington MS13:42.60 --
66Lindsey Czaniecki0Marvin Ridge Middle School13:42.90 --
67Lindsey Avant0Sun Valley Middle School13:47.10 39
68Anna Orrell0Weddington MS13:48.90 --
69Izzy Mague2022Cuthbertson MS13:51.00 --
70Sarah Wuerslin0Marvin Ridge Middle School13:52.43 --
71Maria Skibinski2021South Charlotte Middle School13:52.87 40
72Liza Shuck0Weddington MS13:53.74 --
73Kelsea Yount2021Marvin Ridge Middle School13:55.80 --
74Valeria Mas0Weddington MS14:01.06 --
75Sarah Thomson2021Cuthbertson MS14:04.00 --
76Claudia Joyce2022Cannon School14:07.00 41
77Gianna Canale0Marvin Ridge Middle School14:07.17 --
78Courtney Liles2021Parkwood Middle School14:09.20 42
79Jane Herrera0Kannapolis Middle School14:10.00 43
80Rachel Works2021Marvin Ridge Middle School14:10.30 --
81Sydney Wray2022Sun Valley Middle School14:14.50 44
82Reagan Fauser2022Socrates Academy14:14.56 45
83Emily Aldous2021Cannon School14:15.00 46
84Cecilia Reichert2022Porter Ridge Middle School14:15.70 47
85Johanna Walters2022Cuthbertson MS14:17.68 --
86Genet Ward2022Metrolina Christian Academy14:17.96 48
87Priya Lemon0Marvin Ridge Middle School14:18.50 --
88Allyson Lee2022Sun Valley Middle School14:19.90 49
89Laney Gragg2021Kannapolis Middle School14:21.00 50
90Ellen Rose2021Marvin Ridge Middle School14:23.60 --
91Audrey Smith0Marvin Ridge Middle School14:24.70 --
92Bess Bryant2021Cannon School14:28.00 --
93Kaitlyn Blanton0Porter Ridge Middle School14:28.60 51
94Makenzie Thornton0Cuthbertson MS14:29.03 --
95Ann Jones2021South Charlotte Middle School14:30.73 52
96Elizabeth Szempruch2022Marvin Ridge Middle School14:31.80 --
97Mahaley Hauss0Kannapolis Middle School14:35.00 53
98Mia Acosta Nicholson0Piedmont Middle School14:36.10 54
99Madalyn Finn0Marvin Ridge Middle School14:36.90 --
100Maggie Moore2023South Charlotte Middle School14:38.00 55