Frisco Poole leads strong Louisburg JUCO Program at Regional- Alumni Report 10/24

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Forest Hills alum Frisco Poole has come into his own at Lousiburg College. In his sophomore year he has vastly improved over the longer distances and is a contender for an All-American spot at the JUCO National Championships in Iowa. Last week he ran a one minute PR of 24:18 as his team finished 1st-8th dominating the meet. In just the programs second year they are contending for a podium finish at the national meet. Poole gives us some insight on the program and tells us where the teams heads are at going into the national meet.

Frisco Poole's Athlete Profile

You and your team dominated your regional championship last weekend, and you have a 1 minute PR (24:18). What confidence does that give you and your team going into nationals?

With the outcome of regionals we feel super confident heading to Iowa, the team is really good and are tight packed we all know that any day any of us can be in the top five. We weren't really able to put our best foot out during the beginning of the season because of some top guys being injured and sick but now we are all strong and looking forward to the national meet. For me running a 24:18 has given me confident to go get that low score we need during national and we have guys on the team that are right there with me ready to run fast.

What goals do you have set for nationals?

Time wise I'm not really looking for anything crazy, I just want to go out and compete with other good runners and come in the top 7, for our team we all believe that we can finish up with an strong podium finish.

What is the biggest difference in you as a runner in high school to now?

Well first off the training is a lot more intense I run a lot more mileage than I did in high school and do other training such as core workout to build up my strength, the hardest transition was the race itself there arre no more 5k's in cross country we run the 8k which makes the race longer but more mental.

Coach Koloseus has really developed a strong program in just the second season, what do you think has caused this success?

Coach also is a genius when it comes to the right workout and runs during the right times of the season he makes it where we all are improving. Coach jay is not only our coach he is more part of a family to the team, we have this bond that is strong here at louisbourg and I believe that really helps us, everyone on the team just wants for the team to get better not just them individually.

With Louisburg just being a two year school, are you looking to continue your remaining eligibility elsewhere? If so what kind of schools are you looking for?

Yes most definitely, I want to go to a school where I would fit in with running and also academic work nothing really specific.

What's your favorite part about Louisburg College?

My favorite thing is that Louisburg is a small college which gives us more one on one time with the professors and they know us by name vs the bigger colleges that have lots of students that no one really knows their professors.

What hobbies do you have outside of running?-

Well since coming to Louisburg me and my teammates have this thing for ping pong, we play ping pong just as much as we run, after races we come back to the school and just go at it for hours. It's get really funny and competitive.

What got you into running?

My ROTC commander told me I should try it out since I was good in the mile run test for them, and so I end up going out for the team during end of sophomore year, it wasn't until junior year I really fell in love with it and was really taking it serious.

What is your favorite memory from high school running?

My favorite memory would have to be my senior year where I finish 4th at the state meet in 2a, I just remember how I was just aiming to get a better place than the previous year when I finished 74th getting all state was a good day for me in high school.

Do you have any plans on what you want to do after college career wise?

I'm actually still open on that, I believe I would love to do something dealing physical fitness but no guarantees I'm still open.