Video Course Walk: Ivey Redmon Park (New Course)

As most of you no doubt already know, the course at Ivey Redmon Park (where the NCHSAA state meet is held) has a new layout this year. The "new course" has smoother transitions for the runners, especially in the first mile, and it's even more spectator friendly. It also has a challenging twist, with some of the hilliest terrain happening in the 3rd mile! Although the jury is still out, it's possible that the revamped arrangement may be a little more challenging. To know for sure, you have to run the course - but for the time being you can take a virtual tour through the videos below!

Ivey Redmon Course Map

Ivey Redmon Course Records

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Comparison of Ivey Redmon to McAlpine Park

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(Uses results from Wendy's and NCRunners/4 Runners Only, in back-to-back weeks)

Full Course Tour at Double Speed

First Mile at Normal Speed

Second Mile at Normal Speed

Third Mile at Normal Speed