Boys Preseason Countdown, Complete from 1-30

Honorable Mention


A relatively deep team for this point in the rankings, and another team that appears to be without a true front-runner at the top, much like Cuthbertson. The return of Noah Shore (PR of 16:12) will certainly help on that front: he sat out the entire 2014 fall season before returning to lead the team in the 1600 and 3200 in the spring. If he is healthy and the rest of the team progresses, there is potential to be in the top 20 here. Still, the results from outdoor season were underwhelming overall, and after more than a year off from cross country I'll wait to see how Shore is racing before moving the Cougars up.

1) Davis Turner 16:49.00 120
2) Collin Kemper 16:55.00 141
3) Terry Young 17:19.50 251
4) Adam Young 17:24.00 274
5) Jacob Schattel 17:49.40 411
Average Time: 17:15.38 Total Time: 1:26:16.90 1-5 Split: 1:00.40
6) Isiah First 18:16.60 537
7) Cade Wooten 18:36.00 645

Northern Nash

When a team's 3-year track record is significantly better than its long-term history, it could mean the program has reached a new level - or it could mean a wave of talent has been passing through. Time will tell what direction the Knights are headed, but their returning depth is a bit suspect - it shows in the returning 5K rankings and also in their returning team 1600 rankings. as the team loses 2 of its top 4 milers to graduation. However, there is cause for hope: the team is potentially strong enough up top to overwhelm other mid-major opponents, and there are several candidates to potentially step up and strengthen the 4 and 5 slots.

1) Stephen Whitehead 16:08.00 29
2) Daniel Belton 16:28.56 67
3) Coleman Cherry 16:54.60 139
4) Trey Watson 17:39.00 347
5) Emmanuel Sanchez 18:30.00 605
Average Time: 17:08.03 Total Time: 1:25:40.16 1-5 Split: 2:22.00
6) Jason Michaels 18:30.60 611
7) Damian Moore 18:56.00 741


This is the deepest team to not make the top 30, although the lack of firepower at the top could be a problem. The Cavaliers have lived in the shadow of the two Union County powers for a few years, and have suffered through some coaching changes that have disrupted year-to-year progress. The word is that recent redistricting has been favorable to Cuthbertson's running programs, however, so this could be the start of an upswing. If so, it will fall on the top three runners, all seniors, to set a strong tone for future teams that will allow this squad to survive their graduation.

1) Will Cachine 16:43.00 101
2) Grant Wood 16:48.00 119
3) Garrett Nickelson 17:01.00 176
4) Andrew Osterberg 17:39.00 348
5) Peyton Boles 17:49.00 407
Average Time: 17:12.00 Total Time: 1:26:00.00 1-5 Split: 1:06.00
6) Paris Worthan 18:08.00 496
7) Caleb Sluiter 18:10.00 510

Research Triangle

Depth isn't as big a deal for a 1A school as it is for the larger classifications, but returning only 6 runners is definitely a problem - any injuries to the top 5 could be devastating unless the Raptors cultivate more runners. Still, this is a team with enough talent up top to contend for the 1A title, especially with Michal Swepson stepping up his game in the spring to run 9:49. Overall, though, the results in the spring were a little thin, leaving a lot of questions unanswered until August.

1) Madison Daniel 16:18.71 47
2) Michal Swepson 16:29.79 73
3) Jack Puryear 17:05.00 198
4) Eric Young 17:18.00 244
5) Andy Klappenbach 18:23.63 572
Average Time: 17:07.03 Total Time: 1:25:35.13 1-5 Split: 2:04.92
6) Brendan Kane 19:03.90 778

Providence Day

You can't lose as much talent to graduation as the Chargers have over the last few years and not suffer a down year, and this looks like the one. You don't get to be the 5-time champions in ANY classification without having a serious program-wide commitment to year-round training, though, and for that reason alone you can expect this team to be much better than its 49th-place returning rankings. There are only 2 seniors in this projected top 7, along with a strong rising sophomore class, so don't write the Providence Day boys off completely!

1) Noah Dolhare 16:16.84 45
2) Elias Eskind 16:49.30 122
3) Reed Baker 17:59.00 460
4) Connor Haaf 18:06.00 486
5) Alex Smith 18:07.00 494
Average Time: 17:27.63 Total Time: 1:27:18.14 1-5 Split: 1:50.16
6) Nate Baker 18:28.00 590
7) Vance Ayscue 18:31.00 613