For All Those Who Want to Run in College, But Didn't Make the University's Team...

Running club is like simultaneously running for your college, but not running for your college.


It doesn’t have the glamour of having your stats on the university’s sports page, it doesn’t come with all of the free stuff, you can’t eat in the athlete’s dining hall (the dream), but I can absolutely say that running on the club team at NC State was one of the best decisions I have made in my collegiate career. Fadi Hanna, UNC’s club president, agrees as he said, “I just want runners in high school to know that they can continue running and racing in college without having to be on a varsity team. The Club XC and Track team at UNC has by far been the highlight of my undergraduate career.”

To all you you seniors who are eagerly awaiting your college acceptance letters and wish to continue running in college, but are not going to be on a varsity team, join (or start) your college's club team! I am going to graduate from college in 2 weeks and end my tenure as NC State Club president. As I exit, I have been given the opportunity to explain why club running is so awesome. You say you've never heard of university running clubs? Click through to get a glimpse of what they are all about!