2014 Indoor Track: Polar Bear Director's Guide

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The NCHSAA requirements for "Polar Bear" directors have increased, and all the details you need to know are inside.


This version of our Guide to MileSplit series focuses on the NCHSAA requirements for directors of "polar bear" meets (meets held outdoors during indoor track season).  Meet directors are the keystone of the qualifying process: they report the results, and in so doing they certify that the results are correct.  MileSplit gathers these certified results and makes sure they are properly formatted, and then they are entered into the performance database as verified.  This week is the start of competition for the winter season (although most schools seem to be waiting for the end of the Thanksgiving holiday), and it is important that every meet director knows what is expected.  NCRunners has prepared a series of tutorials for meet directors that are available from the red navigation bar on any page of the site, at any time.


The NCHSAA requires polar bear directors to:

  • Fill out the request form and submit to Chiquana Dancy in advance (must be approved before meet can be held)

  • Add the polar bear meet to the NCRunners schedule (details below)

  • Prepare complete results in correct format (details below)

  • Submit those results to both Chiquana Dancy and NCRunners within 24 hours of the meet  (details below)



Adding Meets to the MileSplit Calendar

Polar bear directors can add meets the MileSplit calendar through their team admin functions (for large invitationals, only the meet director should add the meet to the calendar).  In order to do this, you first have to claim your team, and then go to the team admin screen.

1. From the team admin screen, click on “Schedule/Results” in the menu on the left.

2. Check to make sure the meet is not on the calendar already: under the heading “Add Meet to Schedule,” enter the date of the meet by using the clickable calendar, and press the “Find Meets” button.

3. If the meet is already on the calendar, you can stop at this point.

4. If the meet is not on the calendar, click on the the “Create a New Meet” link that appears.

a.      Fill in the name of the meet.

b.      Select the venue (location) of the meet.

c.      Make sure the correct season is selected (Indoor Track), and check the "Winter Outdoor" box.

d.      Choose a host team (only this team’s coaches/admins will get to post results).

e.      Choose the correct type of meet: all polar bears should be listed as "Invitational"

f.       Choose the correct division: "high school"

g.      You can add notes for your team (these will only show on your schedule, not on the full calendar).

h.      Press the “Add New Meet” button.  The information will be sent to the webmaster for approval (it will not appear on the calendar right away).



Preparing Meet Results (Tutorial)

  • Results must be submitted in either RaceTab or Hy-Tek format.  All others will be sent back to the meet director for reformatting.  Download RaceTab here.

    • ​Results in spreadsheets, hand-typed into emails, or hand-typed into the results field on the meet page are not acceptable.

  • Only complete results will be accepted (results of all athletes in the meet, not just qualifiers).

  • Results must include complete names (full first and last) for all competitors - not last name only, and not with first initial.

  • All times should be rounded up to the nearest tenth of a second in all races (unless you are using fully-automatic timing).

    • Do NOT add the 0.24 hand-time conversion to your results (our system does this automatically).

  • Results should include the graduation year for each athlete, when possible.



Getting Your Results Posted

Meet directors are responsible for send the results of their meets to the NCHSAA and to NCRunners within 24 hours of the completion of the meet.  Results can be emailed to both of us in one email, which is the most efficient way to meet both of these requirements.  Results can also be posted directly to the meet page on NCRunners, with certain restrictions.


Method One: Emailing Results

Results can be sent directly to the webmaster of any state site, who will then post and process them.  Follow these steps:

  • Save results in the proper format:   

    • RaceTab: select "Complete Results" from the Results tab, then save the new window as a text file with .txt extension.   

    • Hy-Tek: select Reports and then choose "Flat HTML" before creating the report file; a dialog box will ask you where to save the file.    

  • Email your results file (or cut and paste from RaceTab into the body of the email) to your webmaster (in the case of North Carolina, that would be jgeorge@milesplit.com).


Method Two: Uploading Results Yourself

In order to post results yourself, the following must be true: the meet must be on our calendar and approved by the webmaster already; the meet must have a host school or a timing company listed; you must be a registered user; and you must have claimed the host school or the timing company that is listed on the meet.

  • Prepare the results for uploading:

    • RaceTab: select "Complete Results" from the Results tab (causing a new window to open).  

    • Hy-Tek: select Reports - Results, choose Flat HTML, and create the results.  Save the file, and then exit or minimize Hy-Tek.  Find the results file you saved and double-click on it to open the file in your web browser.    

  • In a new browser window or tab, go to https://nc.milesplit.com and then select Calendar from the menu tab. 

  • Find your meet and click on it to go to the meet page.  Under the Results heading on the right side, click on [Add Results].

  • Give the results a title (examples: complete results, boys results, girls results, qualifiers only, etc).

  • Copy and paste the results from your result file.

  • Click Save Results.



More Information


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