Girls Pre-Season Cross Country Rankings: #24

Samantha Malone's improvement in the spring, running sub-12 for the 3200, is one good sign for Apex's prospects this fall.


NCRunners is counting down the top 25 girls cross country teams in the state, from all classifications, in preparation for the start of the fall season.  The top 2 girls teams will be revealed on August 1st, which is the official first day of practice.  For a more detailed explanation of how these rankings were developed, see this article.


#24: Apex

Though the Apex girls lack the recent history of their counterparts on the boys' team, they have always been solid, and this year's squad has shown signs of significant improvement through the winter and spring seasons.  They have a tremendous training group among their front five, who are were separated by only 46 seconds (a pack that close is rare among teams outside the top 10).  If those girls bought in and are pushing each other all summer, shifting that pack forward by about 30 seconds, the Apex girls have great potential.  With two seniors among the returning top 6, this team has a good chance to make the state meet this year, but might not peak until 2014.

  1) Cara Gaudioso   20:10.40 153
  2) Amber Blanton   20:13.00 158
  3) Elie Rivera   20:35.81 225
  4) Elora Galluzzo   20:56.00 293
  5) Samantha Malone   20:57.00 296
  Average Time: 20:34.44 -- Total Time: 1:42:52.21 -- 1-5 Split: 46.60
  6) Natalia Ghan   21:16.50 352
  7) Hannah Ferguson   21:20.00 363


#25: Watauga

The Pioneers have one of the longest and deepest traditions in our sport, but they face several obstacles this fall.  The graduation of their top three runners (and four of their top 7) from last fall will hurt, as will the loss of Coach David Honea (although he was only a part of the very strong staff at Watauga).  The culture of hard work will remain long after them, though, and that is what always gives this team the hope of making the state meet.  Depth appears to be a bit of a problem, although a good summer can help counteract that.  The rising junior class appears to be strong, and that means it may not be long before we see the two-tone blue and white in the top 10 again.

25 Watauga  
  1) Kathleen Mansure   19:25.00 61
  2) Lynde Wangler   19:50.00 95
  3) Celia Jackson   20:25.00 192
  4) Shelby Hickernell   20:48.00 265
  5) Lily Weeks   21:06.00 315
  Average Time: 20:18.80 -- Total Time: 1:41:34.00 -- 1-5 Split: 1:41.00
  6) Taylor Woolridge   21:34.90 441
  7) Sidney Wiswell   22:43.00 729