Raleigh Relays Recap


Even though it only has two designated high school events, the Raleigh Relays has a major effect on both the state and national rankings every year.  That is because the meet offers a Friday-night 3200 meter run, which allows the participants to compete after the sun has gone down, and the cooler temperatures combined with the exciting atmosphere make for big races.  Host NC State University has helped things along by gathering deep and talented fields each year, mixing North Carolina's best with a sprinkling of out-of-state talent to make sure that the races are competitive and the paces fast.  This year's 3200's were no exception, you can see from the summaries below.


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High School Girls 3200

Wesley Frazier (Ravenscroft) stayed with the main group for the first 800 meters and then decided to run her own race, pulling away easily and crossing the 1600 mark in roughly 5:02.  She then proceeded to run a negative-split 4:55 for the second 1600, pushing herself as she opened up a 200 meter lead over leaders of the chase pack.  Frazier ended up with a new PR of 9:57.70, smashing her old meet record by 23 seconds and taking over the top spot in the national rankings this season.  The performance ranks her #1 in North Carolina history, overtaking the mark of 10:00 run by Mary Shea in 1979 (now Frazier only needs to drop 6 seconds off her 5K time to own the state records at 1600/mile, 3200/2-mile, and 5000).  The time also makes Frazier the 8th-fastest two-miler in US history!

It would be easy for a performance like that to overshadow everything else that happened in the race, but that would be a huge mistake.  Several NC girls ran new PR's Friday night, and the state rankings (not to mention the all-time list) were completely rewritten.  The girls' race produced 13 sub-11 times, and also the top 15 times in the state so far this season!   Katie Fortner (Cave Spring VA) ended up in second place, holding off Eliza Dekker (Durham Academy) as they emerged from the pack down the final stretch.  Dekker's 10:38.67 puts her at NC #11 all-time, and also ranks her 10th in the nation this season.  Mary Grace Doggett (Cardinal Gibbons) led 6 North Carolina girls that ran in the 10:40's, her time of 10:43.24 putting her at US #15 and NC #13 all-ime.


Event 122  Girls 3200 M   High School
Raleigh Rel.: R 10:21.84  3/30/2012   Wesley Frazier, Ravenscrof
    Name                    Year School                  Finals 
  1 Frazier, Wesley              Ravenscroft            9:57.70R
  2 Fortner, Katie               Cave Spring           10:36.82 
  3 Dekker, Eliza                Durham Academy        10:38.67 
  4 Doggett, Mary Grace          Cardinal Gibbons      10:43.24 
  5 Kamrani, Pegah               East Chapel           10:45.56 
  6 Ellington, Malia             Comm. Davidson        10:46.77 
  7 Montegomery, Kayla           Mt Tabor Hig          10:47.31 
  8 Ebihara, Sophie              Cardinal Gibbons      10:48.92 
  9 Gordon, Brooke               TC Roberson           10:49.59 
 10 Greengrass, Rebekah          Panther Cree          10:50.23 
 11 Ramsey, Blair                Grimsley Hig          10:54.06 
 12 Miller, Laura                JL Mann High School   10:54.18 
 13 Churchill, Tori              Grimsley Hig          10:54.62 
 14 Anderson, Lily               TC Roberson           11:01.31 
 15 Beatty, Emily                Blacksburg H          11:04.93 
 16 Castro, Allie                North Lincol          11:14.90 
 17 Ewing-Nelson, Claire         Blacksburg H          11:17.52 
 18 Lospinoso, Kristen           Green Hope H          11:19.47 
 19 Teague, Sydney               adidas Raleigh        11:20.22 
 20 Wynn, Callie                 West Davidso          11:25.00 
 21 Hutchens, Victoria           Patrick Coun          11:26.19 
 22 Van Ord, Tristan             Chapel Hill           11:26.48 
 23 Meshaw, Becky                West Johnsto          11:39.86 
 24 Teague, Samantha             adidas Raleigh        11:53.83 
 25 Pande, Nina                  East Chapel           11:56.77 



High School Boys 3200

This race was very full and turned out to be pretty physical, with the close quarters and tight competition leading to some bumping along the way (cue "Days of Thunder" references).  That didn't seem to inhibit the pace, though, as Kurtis Steck (Lafayette VA) emerged from the scrum to win in 9:08.49, US #7 this season.  Nik Kreiling (Jordan), who NCRunners failed to mention during the preview (please see my tweet about traveling for my excuse), led all North Carolina runners with a second-place finish.  Kreiling's time of 9:11.05 puts him at US #13 this season, and AJ Tucker (Cedar Ridge) is right behind at US #15 with his time of 9:11.48.  Both of those runners just missed breaking into the all-time North Carolina top 25, which goes down to 9:10.29.

As with the girls' race, the depth of great performances was amazing.  11 boys broke 9:20, including 6 from North Carolina, and the race produced the 18 fastest 3200 times in the state.  William Roberson (Broughton) ran a US #18 9:12.50 to finish 4th, and that means he is only 4 seconds behind his older brother Sam's best time.  Ian Milder (Mount Tabor) continued his improvement by running 9:16.35, good for US #23.


Event 123  Boys 3200 M   High School
Raleigh Rel.: R 9:00.87  2010        Isaac Presson, Asheville  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Steck, Kurtis                Lafayette Hi           9:08.49
  2 Kreiling, Nikolaus           Jordan High School     9:11.05
  3 Tucker, AJ                   Cedar Ridge            9:11.48
  4 Roberson, William            Broughton Hi           9:12.50
  5 Demarest, Brent              Porter-Gaud School     9:12.64
  6 Ivankovic, Andre             DW Daniel Hi           9:13.55
  7 Milder, Ian                  Mt Tabor Hig           9:13.65
  8 Link, Nick                   Blacksburg H           9:13.68
  9 Hall, Philip                 Terry Sanfor           9:13.72
 10 Menzies, Jason               Lafayette Hi           9:16.21
 11 Smith-Rose, Asher            Broughton Hi           9:19.70
 12 Fiedler, Ben                 Asheville School       9:22.56
 13 Betancourt, Jake             West Johnsto           9:22.93
 14 Haughey, Gabe                DW Daniel Hi           9:26.15
 15 Reeder, Chris                Chapel Hill            9:27.06
 16 Nickel, Dalton               Mt Tabor Hig           9:27.85
 17 Lawrence, Allen              Broughton Hi           9:27.95
 18 Tyrey, Nick                  Cardinal Gibbons       9:28.10
 19 Sheehan, Patrick             Lake Norman            9:28.62
 20 Tecle, Abel                  Cary,NC                9:29.14
 21 Collichio, Dominic           Carrboro Hig           9:29.89
 22 Miner, Sam                   East Chapel            9:30.62
 23 Loy, Collin                  Southern Ala           9:31.40
 24 Herron, Alex                 Ronald Reaga           9:31.89
 25 Combs, Noah                  Blacksburg H           9:38.83
 26 Smith, Caleb                 Patrick Coun           9:44.01
 27 Abushouk, Dean               Cary,NC                9:45.51
 28 Kargiov, Tima                Chapel Hill            9:46.13



Collegiate 5000 Meters

Every year, at least one of North Carolina's best distance runners elects to run the 5000 meters against collegiate competition at this meet, and the result is usually very fast.  This year, it was Bakri Abushouk taking on the challenge, and he ran 14:34.44, the fastest time in the nation so far this season in the rarely-run event.  Abushouk's time is second-fastest in state history, trailing only the performance of Thomas Graham (who recently ran at World Juniors for cross country).