Meet Information

Western Carolina University High School / Middle School Track & Field Championships Wednesday April 26, 2017. The meet will be an Invitational scored meet between High School Teams and Middle School Teams. Entries Each school will be allowed 3 entries per individual event and 1 relay for each relay event for both boys and girls. Entry Deadline Entries must be in by 8:00pm on Monday April 24, 2017. Entry Fee High School - $10.00 per athlete up to 5 athletes, after 5 athletes the fee is $50.00 for a team. Boys and girls are considered separate teams. Middle School - $5.00 per athlete up to 8 athletes, after 8 athletes the fee is $40.00 for a team. Boys and girls are considered separate teams even if they are from same school. Make checks payable to Western Carolina Track and Field. Cash will also be accepted. Entry fees can be paid at packet pick-up. 2017 Western Carolina High School/Middle School Track and Field Championships Wednesday April 26th **Tentative - TIME SCHEDULE**Field Event Schedule In the LJ/TJ & Throws each competitor will receive 4 attempts, No Finals, Winner will be best mark 3:00pm ....................Long Jump High School - Boys and GirlsDiscus HS & MS - GirlsShot Put HS - BoysPole Vault HS - Girls3:45pm .High Jump HS & MS Boys4:30pm .Long Jump Middle School Boys and GirlsShot Putt MS Boys5:15pm. High Jump HS & MS - Girls5:30pm. Pole Vault HS - BoysDiscus HS & MS - BoysShot Put MS Girls6:00pm...Triple Jump HS - Boys and Girls7:30pm...Triple Jump Middle School Boys and GirlsShot Putt HS GirlsHigh Jump HS & MS Boys**Girls will LJ/TJ on pit #1 (closest to track)**Boys will LJ/TJ on pit #2 (between pit #1 and pole vault Runway)Running Event Schedule (we will stick to this schedule as close as possible will go to a roll if we get behind or if we can move ahead we will make an announcement)3:00pm 4 x 800m Relay Girls3:15pm 4 x 800m Relay Boys3:30pm 100m Hurdles MS girls100m Hurdles HS girls3:50pm 110m Hurdles MS boys110m Hurdles HS boys4:05pm 100m Dash MS girls100m Dash HS girls4:20pm 100m Dash MS boys100m Dash HS boys4:35pm 4 x 200m Relay MS girls4 x 200m Relay HS girls4:50pm 4 x 200m Relay MS boys4 x 200m Relay HS boys5:05pm 1600m Run MS girls1600m Run HS girls5:25pm 1600m Run MS boys1600m Run HS boys5:45pm 4 x 100m Relay MS girls4 x 100m Relay HS girls6:00pm 4 x 100m Relay MS boys4 x 100m Relay HS boys6:15pm 400m Dash MS girls400m Dash HS girls6:35pm 400m Dash MS boys400m Dash HS boys7:00pm 300m Hurdles HS girls7:10pm 300m Hurdles HS boys7:20pm 600m Run MS girls (7th grade only)7:25pm 600m Run MS boys (7th grade only)7:30pm 800m Run MS girls800m Run HS girls7:45pm 800m Run MS boys800m Run HS boys8:00pm 200m Dash MS girls200m Dash HS girls8:20pm 200m Dash MS boys200m Dash HS boys8:45pm 3200m Run HS girls9:00pm 3200m Run HS boys9:15pm 4 x 400m Relay MS girls4 x 400m Relay HS girls9:30pm 4 x 400m Relay MS boys4 x 400m Relay HS boys*Awards Ceremony for team awards approx. 5 min. after the last event.