Hypothetical Boys and Girls DMR Rankings

Green Hope boys put on an impressive performance on Friday at the DMR where they took 4th in the nation at New Balance Indoor Nationals making them All-Americans.  So it had me thinking, what would other schools possible run in the DMR if it was a common event in NC?  

I went through the top schools and grabbed all of the athletes PRs, indoor or outdoors, in the events and tried to put together the best possible team for each school.  Since there is never an open 1200 run, I calculated them based off of the athletes best 1600 time.  The formula I used was based off Ian Delgado's 1200 split of 3:08.55 compared to his best 1600 time of 4:22.61.  

For some athletes who I didn't think had an accurate 800 PR, I converted his 1000 best to an 800 split based off his average 200 multiplied by 4.   Those athletes times are marked with a 'c'.  Ares Epps' (Green Hope 'B') 800 time was his split from NBIN EE 4x800, which I view as the same as a DMR split since you get a running start into both.  Same with Megan Marvin's (Chapel Hill) 400 split from their DMR at Indoor Nationals.

Though Cardinal Gibbons comes out on top for the boys, you have to take a few things into factor.  The 1200 conversion is a tad skewed because Delgado is likely better in the shorter 1200 distance than the 1600 based off his 1:52 open 800 PR.  Also their times are based off their actual DMR performance at NBIN in one attempt, while the rest of of the marks are based off athletes PRs over their entire careers.  So in my eyes Green Hope are still the kings of the DMR until someone else beats them.  With three of their athletes, Delgado, Kehn, and McBride being juniors I think they'll certainly challenge Chapel Hill's Outdoor DMR Record of 10:06.13 over the next two years.

Now the big question is, can we get all of these teams on the track at the same time?! Would be two outstanding races to watch!

Boys Potential DMR Rankings

Ravenscroft currently holds the DMR State Record from 2012 where they ran 11:58.84. Last season Leesville Road came up just short of that running NC#2 All-Time 12:00.62 at Apex Relays.

At NBIN the Chapel Hill girls took 33rd overall running 12:26.96 with a the following splits:

Maeve Gualtieri-Reed 3:50.21

Megan Marvin - 1:00.95

Madi Marvin - 2:24.83

Katherine Dokholyan - 5:10.97

This was an indoor performance and the formula based off PRs has them listed about 20 seconds faster and ranks them as the top team in NC when you add in Megan Marvin's 1:00.95 split from indoor nationals.  Prior to seeing Marvin's split Reagan was the top overall team ahead of Chapel Hill by just .02 seconds!

Girls Potential DMR Rankings

*These rankings are not an opinion of NCRunners are are strictly numerically based.