Give the Gift of MileSplit This Year

Is there someone in your family or circle of friends that would enjoy the extra coverage available to subscribers?


Do you have a son or daughter that would love to be able to compare performances with competitors around the state, scout for upcoming races, or view photos of recent meets?  Do you know a teammate that obsesses over statistics and would enjoy the ability to predict the outcome of individual and team competitions?  How about a parent or grandparent that cannot attend avery competition, but would feel more involved through the ability to watch videos, view photos, and track the performances of their loved ones?  Or maybe you just know a dedicated fan of track and cross country, someone who wants to stay in close touch with the sport and celebrate the impressive accomplishments that come with each new season?  If so, then for only $36 you could provide that person with a full calendar year of access to the MileSplit network, the nation's premier destination for high school track and cross country coverage.  You can give new subscriptions or pay to renew an existing subscription (this will extend their current subscription by a full year from the current expiration date).


Benefits of Subscribing to NCRunners


Access to the MileSplit Database

The MileSplit database is the heart of our service, and it is the most extensive collection of high school track & cross country performances in the country.  Every performance from every set of properly-formatted results that we receive can get into the rankings, regardless of whether it is the best or worst in the state.  You won't just get to see the performances from North Carolina, either, as subscribers get access to every state's database, plus the combined USA rankings as well.  The performances in the database can be sorted by grade level, classification, conference, and region, and you can go back to previous years or project into future seasons.


More Photos, Videos, and Articles

Photos taken by professional photographers at major meets are often reserved for subscribers, so that we can afford to pay those photographers for their work.  Anyone can see the thumbnail photos, but only subscribers can view the full-size screen-resolution photos.  In the future, NCRunners will also prepare content that is exclusively for subscribers, such as featured articles, race videos, or interviews.  Subscribing unlocks these benefits across the entire MileSplit network, opening up a wide range of interesting stories about the best sports in the world.


Help Us Expand Our Coverage

Income from subscriptions helps NCRunners purchase new equipment, hire freelance reporters to cover more meets, and pay for travel expenses.  Simply put, the more subscribers we have, the more meets we can cover, and the deeper and richer that coverage will be.  In that way, a subscription is not just an investment in NCRunners; it is also an investment in your own enjoyment, because it will lead directly to more photos, videos, and articles on high school running.


Gift Subscriptions

Each subscription must be tied to a user account through a specific email address, and therefore gift subscriptions must be prepared carefully.  To use the normal subscription method, you have to be logged into the account that will receive the subscription, and this isn't always practical in the case of gift subscriptions.  Email Coach George directly at for more information on how you can purchase a subscription for someone other than yourself (including ways to activate the subscription on a specific date but pay ahead of time).  This also works for surprise gift subscriptions, as you don't have to "tip off" the gift recipient by asking them to log in.  

If you want to purchase a subscription for yourself, simply click on the Subscribe tab in the navigation bar near the top of every MileSplit page.