Postseason Tune-Up Races Announced

Runners use these events as preparation for Foot Locker or just to put up a big time, and the races really produce.


Reagan Two-Mile Tune-Up

Saturday, November 10th

Ronald W. Reagan High School, Pfafftown

Information Flyer

Past Statistics



Chargers Postseason Two-Mile Tune-Up

Saturday, November 17th

Providence Day School, Charlotte

Schedule TBA



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  • CoachHovis / 2 Years Ago
    The PD races will begin at 3:00 and heats will be about 20 min. apart. Typically the fastest heats are at 3:40 for the girls and 4:00 for the boys. We will have pacesetters if needed.
  • gvtucker / 2 Years Ago
    Will there be a tuneup at Broughton this year?
  • SpeedyKing / 2 Years Ago
    Do you just sign up for the seeded race, or do you get invited.. if so what qualifies ?