Coaches' Poll #3

* Denotes team received 1st place votes

4A Boys

1)    Green Hope *
2)    Broughton *
3)    Apex
4)    Leesville Road
5)    Reagan
6)    Ardrey Kell
7)    TC Roberson
8)    Mount Tabor
9)    Northwest Guilford
10)    Millbrook

Also receiving votes: South View, West Johnston, Watauga, Myers Park

4A Girls

1)    Green Hope *
2)    Ardrey Kell
3)    TC Roberson
4)    Watauga
5)    Cary
6)    East Chapel Hill
7)    Millbrook
8)    Mount Tabor
9)    Broughton
10)    Myers Park

Also receiving votes: Athens Drive, West Johnston, Pinecrest, Lake Norman, Leesville Road

3A Boys

1)    Chapel Hill *
2)    Marvin Ridge
3)    Cardinal Gibbons
4)    Nash Central
5)    Charlotte Catholic
6)    Jay M. Robinson
7)    Orange
8)    East Rowan
9)    Weddington
10)    South Rowan

Also receiving votes: Northern Guilford

3A Girls

1)    Chapel Hill *
2)    Cardinal Gibbons *
3)    Weddington
4)    Charlotte Catholic
5)    Marvin Ridge
6)    West Henderson
7)    Orange
8)    Fike
9)    North Buncombe
10)    Jay M. Robinson

Also receiving votes: Northern Guilford, Nash Central, Hickory Ridge

2A Boys

1)    Carrboro *
2)    Cuthbertson
3)    Surry Central
4)    Central Davidson
5)    Brevard
6)    Owen
7)    West Stokes
8)    Lincolnton
9)    East Lincoln
10)    North Lincoln

Also receiving votes: Northwood, First Flight, Croatan, Cedar Ridge

2A Girls

1)    Carrboro *
2)    Cuthbertson
3)    Salisbury
4)    Northwood
5)    Madison
6)    Croatan
7)    Topsail
8)    Owen
9)    North Lincoln
10)    Pisgah

Also receiving votes: Polk County, Smoky Mountain

1A Boys

1)    Lake Norman Charter *
2)    North Carolina School of Science & Math *
3)    Robbinsville *
4)    Hayesville
5)    Bishop McGuinness
6)    Hendersonville
7)    Gray Stone Day
8)    West Wilkes
9)    Raleigh Charter
10)    Cherokee

Also receiving votes: North Stokes, South Stanly, Princeton, West Montgomert

1A Girls

1)    Gray Stone Day *
2)    Lake Norman Charter
3)    Hendersonville *
4)    North Stokes
5)    Bishop McGuinness
6)    East Wilkes
7)    Robbinsville
8)    North Carolina School of Science & Math
9)    Hayesville
10)    Chatham Central

Also receiving votes: Swain County, West Wilkes, Raleigh Charter


1)    Providence Day *
2)    Cary Academy
3)    Durham Academy
4)    North Raleigh Christian
5)    Wesleyan Christian
6)    Asheville Christian Academy
7)    St. David’s School
8)    High Point Christian Academy
9)    Cannon School
10)    Charlotte Latin

Also receiving votes: Asheville School, Charlotte Country Day


1)    Charlotte Latin *
2)    Ravenscroft 18
3)    Forsyth Country Day 15
4)    North Raleigh Christian
5)    Providence Day
6)    Greensboro Day
7)    Village Christian
8)    Cary Christian
9)    Cary Academy
10)    Cannon School

Also receiving votes: Covenant Day, Asheville Christian School, Charlotte Country Day


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  • dwint192 / 4 Years Ago
    As far as 3a boys, Cardinal gibbons has been running really well and i think they have a slight edge over Marvin Ridge as of now. Also Nash Central is a very good team that could place 2nd at states if their 4th and 5th runners continue to improve. I think it is also noteworthy that the west region is very weak with not even a single team in the top 10 while the midwest dominates the top 10 with 6 teams while the mideast has perhaps the 2 best teams
  • NCXCFan / 4 Years Ago
    Forestview is being overlooked.
  • nab880 / 4 Years Ago
    In terms of 2A girls Smoky Mountain is being vastly overlooked, I know they recently beat Pisgah at North Buncombe, I want to say that they beat Owen as well. Their boys might be surprising too
  • HWPixHend / 4 Years Ago
    I agree about Forestview. With the times they put up this weekend at the Freedom Invitational (16:47, 16:51 and two more under 18, and that's with their #3 runner out sick), I think they should crack the top 10.
  • dwint192 / 4 Years Ago
    @HWPixHend That is a good point they should probably be around number 9 with those times but the west is still far and away the weakest region in terms of its top teams and overall depth
  • HWPixHend / 4 Years Ago
    Unfortunately, I can't disagree with you there.
  • dcfilms / 4 Years Ago
    In the GIRLS 3A - Catholic soundly beat Weddington in a recent meet so I don't see how they are not ahead of them. Also, Orange is not running up to par and is very over ranked. Not a top 10 team at this time based on their results. Also, when you compare times at a recent meet, Cardinal Gibbons girls were much better than Chapel Hill and should be #1 now all alone. The coaches vote but I don't really see how this 3A girls lines up the way it does. It just seems people don't really check the meets or the times or do any homework. So if you're not going to study the meets then don't vote. I mean, seriously coaches, Catholic was an easy winner over Weddington and yet you still have Weddington ahead of them? That's careless. Please explain that one. And Gibbons too. They are the best girls team in the state for 3A girls right now (and would probably be top 2 or 3 if in 4A). Just look at their mile average in their last meet against Chapel Hill's in the same meet. Not same race, but same meet. Not even close! In 4A girls, East Chapel Hill beat TC Roberson and yet they are not up there ahead of them? I don't see that one either TC Roberson is good and belongs near the top, but I would put East Chapel Hill ahead of them based on a recent meet.
  • blueskydwg / 4 Years Ago
    In terms of 2A girls Smoky Mountain is being vastly overlooked, I know they recently beat Pisgah at North Buncombe, I want to say that they beat Owen as well. Their boys might be surprising too


    Yes, Smoky Mountain Girls did beat Pisgah, but lost to Owen
    Owen 164
    Smoky Mountain 172
    Pisgah High School 241

    As for the boys, they would have to make some great improvements. The west 2a is over represented right now in the poll (5 teams in top 10) - since only 4 can go there isn't much chance that anyone not already running well is going to crack that nut.
  • dwint192 / 4 Years Ago
    @ClifShot Rachel did not score against Weddington so that is certainly not the reason Charlotte Catholic beat Weddington. Catholic is the better team with faster runners period. It is a waste of time to complain about a nonexistent rules violation. A smart runner or coach would use that time to train and make sure they reached their full potential instead of constantly whining. Private schools must also compete under nchsaa rules just like every other team if Weddington doesnt agree with that then maybe they can start their own league.
  • dwint192 / 4 Years Ago
    @dcfilms I completely agree many of the coaches who vote in the poll do not take advantage of the resources granted to them by this site. There is no reason the mistakes you cited should be made when results are available for them to see. I also agree about Cardinal Gibbons girls and I would give them the edge over Chapel Hill as of right now.
  • landisb / 4 Years Ago
    What does it say when there are 6 teams out of the Midwest 3A region boys in the top 10 on the poll....I would say that is a strong region!
  • CoachSpencer / 4 Years Ago
    @dwint192 I've watched this issue about Rachel bubble up on this board & but didn't want to speak up. I hate trying to defend my team in a forum like this and this is a touchy subject, but maybe it's time for the coach to weigh in.

    First of all, yes, Catholic's girls & boys won our invitational. They are the better team at the moment, there is no denying it. You can't argue with results, especially on our home course. We beat Catholic's girls 3 weeks before that at the Providence Invitational, so it think it's still competitive. I usually vote in the poll but was recovering from a 24 hour/92 mile race I ran last weekend and didn't feel up to doing the research necessary to make informed choices on Sunday, but I certainly would've voted for Catholic's girls over our's since they beat us head to head on a day I thought we ran pretty well. I agree with you on this point.

    On your next point, I'm going to have to disagree. You haven't heard Weddington parents or athletes on the message boards "whining" about losing Rachel. We all loved having her on our team last fall and winter (and yes, to the other poster, she played lacrosse at Weddington last spring), but her family made their choice & she's gone. We've looked forward with who we have. Since the season started, I haven't once thought of the old, "what if..." I've discussed the issue with Catholic's girls' coach, Coach Shea & hold no grudge with him. I don't care to discuss the eligibility issue further. Our girls team is smaller than usual and our boys know it will require a lot of work to get out of the tough Midwest 3A region. I'm not positive how either team will stack up at the end of the season, but I couldn't feel better about their effort and focus. Big improvements all around.

    Your "shut up and train" argument simply doesn't hold up with our girls. They are an extremely dedicated group of runners who ALWAYS do exactly what I ask, and I ask a lot. I've never been accused of undertraining runners and these girls have never been accused of being lazy. In fact, I'm often accused of being a "psycho" who forces kids to run ridiculous mileage and intensity.
  • blueskydwg / 4 Years Ago
    What does it say when there are 6 teams out of the Midwest 3A region boys in the top 10 on the poll....I would say that is a strong region!

    Then I guess you would say the same about the 2A Boys West where there are 5 teams in the top 10.
  • dcfilms / 4 Years Ago
    Something that might help the coaches vote next time for 3A girls is this: 8 of the top 10 teams are running at Wendy's and 6 of them will be in the same race. That should make it a little easier to compare teams at this stage of the season. Injuries will play a factor for some teams. I know that West Henderson's #5 girl is hurt and that will affect them. North Buncombe has had a couple of injuries this year and they are not what they should be yet. The Wendy's meet is one of the highlights of the year for any runner and fan. Great races and good viewing. The Girls Invite should be great with Audrey Kell, TC Roberson, Chapel Hill, East Chapel Hill and a couple of other teams in the mix. I'm going to give the nod to Brooke Gordon from TC to win the individual race and that TC grabs the team title. But it should be really, really close for that race and any of those teams mentioned can win it. That 3A girls race will be a good one too. Carboro won it last year (2A school) and they might do it again this year. But it should be close at the top. I don't know if Carboro has competed against Catholic yet this year, but I would think those two teams, along with Weddington, are the favorites. I think West Henderson will nip Marvin Ridge at this meet if West gets a good run from its new #5. Those two teams should round out the top 5 for that 3A girls race.
  • dwint192 / 4 Years Ago
    @CoachSpencer Sounds like you are a dedicated coach who knows what you are doing. I didn't mean to offend you I just think it is ridiculous how this eligibility issue continues to come up. What should be discussed is which teams are good and exactly how good they are. I agree that on their given day the weddington girls team could beat the Catholic girls team and vice versa. Also, the number 1 guy on the guys side for Weddington had a great race at Weddington and he showed huge improvement I look forward to racing him again this season. I've never said anything unrealistic when it comes to rankings regarding Catholic. I just think that coaches who vote in the poll should check results so they have the most up to date data. I definitely think Weddington has a shot to make it out of the 3a boys midwest region but its going to be a very close race throughout
  • SCXCcoach / 4 Years Ago
    I can't really believe this has gotten so heated just from a poll. There are probably close to 100 schools in each classification, yet probably less than 10% of coaches participate (just a guess). So the polls are highly subjective to those who vote. Plus, many coaches who do vote, and try to make an objective, informed vote, rely on published results. However, not all meets are published, and many meets are run without a teams top runners for a variety of reasons. For example, there's a team in the 3A East that will definitely be a state qualifier, and maybe a top 10 team, that nobody knows anything about because they haven't competed in any big, published invites. So, I say chill out and don't get too worked up about these polls. I think they are great, and I love that ncrunners is doing the polls and I hope they will continue. But, don't get too worked up over what team is too high or what team is being disrespected. We'll really start to know in a few weeks when conference results start coming in. That's when everyone will be running at full strength.
  • rolsen44 / 4 Years Ago
    Hear, hear! Polls are "interesting", but certainly not definitive by any means. Nore are
    they meant to be.
    The only "poll" that matters, in the end, is the one that's decided in early November on the course at Beeson Park.
  • dcfilms / 4 Years Ago
    These polls though are really quite accurate and good indication of who will be on top at Beeson Park. There may not be a lot of coaches who vote but some of them really do know the sport and the talent in this state. So even if there is a sleeper somewhere, I don't see that sleeper making their way up to the top of the list in any classification. There shouldn't be much shake up with the teams currently listed, just maybe a position or two changing and maybe somebody sneaking in ranked at 9th or 10th. Like in 3A boys, I expect Forrestview to make their presence known in the state meet unless of course injuries are a factor for their team. And so far this season, East Chapel Hill girl's team has been the biggest surprise. I don't think anybody knew how good they were going to be. They certainly have proven to be a top 3 team in 4A right now based on their results. They were not listed in the initial poll at the beginning of the season.
  • gohsrunners / 4 Years Ago
    Of course it is true that the actual outcome of Regionals and States is what really matters, not the polls. At the same time, the polls (for better or worse) do have impact. Many of the news media are pretty lazy about covering XC and track. Some are apparently too lazy to even check meet results on this site. They seem to rely on whatever results are emailed to them, and also on... the polls. For a recent example, Tim Stevens of the N&O printed the results of Poll #3 in a short article. It's therefore very easy to understand why coaches, runners and parents find it frustrating when poll results seem so far off from race results. Unless, of course, you don't care at all about what the news media say about your runners and teams.
    Link: (you have to scroll down)
    Stevens notes that "area schools dominate the rankings" yet does not mention Cardinal Gibbons at all.
    I am not accusing ALL the media of being lazy, or even Tim Stevens in particular (I am thankful when anything is printed anywhere about XC, and at least he is covering it). I am only saying that this is one way in which the polls sometimes do matter. Another reason why they sometimes matter: would you rather be the coach asking your booster club for money for new uniforms if you are a Top 5 rated team - or an unrated team??
  • CoachViggs / 4 Years Ago
    Reading the comments confirms exactky WHY as a coach I refuse to respond to polls. I have one statement to make...

    RUN the race and see who is best...
  • blueskydwg / 4 Years Ago
    Reading the comments confirms exactky WHY as a coach I refuse to respond to polls. I have one statement to make...

    RUN the race and see who is best...


    But Coach, what would we lowly fans do then between meets without the polls to argue and ponder upon? ;)
  • kelkrikar3g / 4 Years Ago
    Nice job at Hinson Lake!
    Mike Morton was unbelieveable!!!
  • CoachHovis / 4 Years Ago
    This is great . . .

    Every sports poll created is just opinions of someone/certain groups of people.
    Every sports poll creates discussion, arguments, etc. - that's the beauty.
    I listen to sports talk radio every day and those guys talk more about the NCAA College Football Poll than anything else on the show. It's excellent stuff b/c it gives them something to talk about and allows them to bring up great points.

    The poll on NCRunners has always done the exact same thing!

    Do I feel that more educated coaches should vote - YES!
    However, the polls aren't usually too far off of reality.

    Since I see every poll that is submitted and speak with so many of the coaches that do so, let me explain how some vote:

    1) Strictly by the results of the current season
    2) Results from the season & what did they return
    3) Results from the season, coaching, when do they peak usually, tradition, etc.