2010 NCRunners.com Preseason XC Rankings

The preseason rankings are done solely by NCRunners.com and are not voted on by the coaches. The first installment of the 2010 XC Coaches Poll will be released around the end of August. More information will follow shortly on the upcoming Coaches Poll.

Below you will find the NCRunners.com Coaches Poll for each classification and each gender. The rankings are based on the following:
* returning rankings (based on last year's results)
* information received this summer
* coaching
* track improvement
* assumption (in a few cases) that a team will find a 5th runner

These rankings are simply to help get coversation started. Once again, there will be a 2010 Coaches Poll so each coach around the state can have the opportunity to express their own opinion. The first votes for that poll are due August 29th by midnight.


1)    Green Hope (could be one of the best teams in state history)
2)    Watauga
3)    Cary
4)    TC Roberson
5)    Ardrey Kell
6)    Millbrook
7)    Athens Drive
8)    Myers Park
9)    Providence
10)    Lake Norman


1)    Leesville Road (they get the nod, but this one will be very close all season)
2)    Broughton
3)    Green Hope
4)    Watauga
5)    Myers Park
6)    TC Roberson
7)    Ardrey Kell
8)    Jack Britt
9)    West Johnston
10)    Northwest Guilford


1)    Chapel Hill (they will look to match the CH boys, but it shouldn't be as easy)
2)    Cardinal Gibbons
3)    Charlotte Catholic
4)    Weddington
5)    Marvin Ridge
6)    Orange
7)    North Buncombe
8)    West Henderson
9)    West Carteret
10)    Fike


1)    Chapel Hill (based on last year, this should be the best team in NC this season)
2)    Marvin Ridge
3)    Nash Central
4)    Jay Robinson
5)    Cardinal Gibbons
6)    Orange
7)    Charlotte Catholic
8)    Union Pines
9)    East Rowan
10)    Weddington


1)    Carrboro (a very good team that should dominate the 2A girls competition)
2)    Cuthbertson
3)    North Lincoln
4)    Salisbury
5)    Owen
6)    West Stokes
7)    Croatan
8)    Madison
9)    Northwood
10)    West Stanly


1)    Carrboro (given nod as they will try and match the girls, could be a close state meet)
2)    Lincolnton
3)    Owen
4)    Central Davidson
5)    Cuthbertson
6)    First Flight
7)    East Lincoln
8)    Surry Central
9)    North Lincoln
10)    South Stokes


1)    Hendersonville (should be a solid 1A team and on paper has big advantage)
2)    Gray Stone Day
3)    North Carolina School of Science and Math
4)    Lake Norman Charter
5)    Bishop McGuinness
6)    Robbinsville
7)    Swain County
8)    East Wilkes
9)    Murphy
10)    Raleigh Charter


1)    North Carolina School of Science and Math (yes, 3 transfers?, all of whom could have impact on the top 7, maybe 5)
2)    Lake Norman Charter
3)    Robbinsville
4)    Hayesville
5)    Hendersonville
6)    South Stanly
7)    Bishop McGuinness
8)    Princeton
9)    Murphy
10)    Raleigh Charter

NCISAA 1A/2A/3A Independent Girls

1)    Charlotte Latin (superb talent, could be 2nd best team in the state of NC this year, 5 under 19:00?)
2)    Ravenscroft
3)    Providence Day
4)    Forsyth Country Day
5)    Asheville Christian Academy
6)    Cary Christian School
7)    Caldwell Academy
8)    Asheville School
9)    Cannon School
10)    Greensboro Day

NCISAA 1A/2A/3A Independence Boys

1)    Durham Academy (defending champs, Coach Cullen can get it done, could be close between 3 teams)
2)    Providence Day
3)    Cary Academy
4)    North Raleigh Christian Academy
5)    Asheville Christian Academy
6)    Charlotte Country Day
7)    Cannon School
8)    Charlotte Latin
9)    High Point Christian Academy
10)     Asheville School



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  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    i would not be surprised if jay robinson finished 3rd and charlotte catholic finished top 4
  • CoachHovis / 5 Years Ago
    Jay Robinson could be very good this year with the addition of Braedon back on the team.
  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    yeah i agree but i think cardinal gibbons and orange will not be as good as these rankings suggest
  • dcfilms / 5 Years Ago
    Coach Hovis does a nice job with this website so appreciate his work. This will be a very exciting season. I would like to suggest that Green Hope and TC Roberson's girls team from LAST year were the two best ever in the state of North Carolina for girls. When you look at the times they had in the state meet, and start to compare past years, it's hard to find two better teams. I have only been following the sport for 11 years in NC so would be open to somebody telling me who was better. This year, Green Hope girls are a top 10 team in the nation according to TullyRunners.com (NY State website). I would still put TC's girls second in this year's poll (great coach at TC). TC lost a lot but don't count them out. Always very good. I also agree that there are other good teams in 4A girls that are listed. In 3A, Chapel Hill is an amazing program and their boys team is just going to dominate. They should be good on at national level. On the girls side, I do think Marvin Ridge will be near the top at the end and that West Henderson will drop down. West had a coaching change and some of their top returning runners are not on the team so that will hurt. In 3A girls, watch for Angela Gross, a sophomore, to make a splash this season. In 2A, Carboro girls by far. In fact, they would probably rank #2 in 3A with what they did last year. In 1A, I'm with Coach Hovis on the Hendersonville girls team. Unless injuries enter in, they should be there at the end. Tyler Breedlove going back to Haysville really helps them, and hurts Franklin. Franklin would have been a 3A west regional final four team with Tyler for sure. In the 3A west boys, nobody will beat Forrestview. They are getting their due and if healthy with all returning runners, should be THE team in the 3A west.
  • HWPixHend / 5 Years Ago
    Forestview has lost one of their top four runners to NCSSM, but will probably still be the team to beat in the 3A west.
  • dcfilms / 5 Years Ago
    I live in West region and nobody will beat Forrestview even with losing a runner. Several teams graduated top runners which helps, plus Forrestview was really good last year. There could always be a surprise team, but from what I can tell, Forrestview will be the "Asheville" of last year in 3A west. North Buncombe still the favorite on the girls side but maybe not as dominate as last year. They are very well trained. East Henderson, if their runners trained this summer, should be good with both boys and girls team. Both East squads should make states. They had everybody coming back from last year. First big meet for the West side of the state is the WNC Carnival hosted by TC Roberson. Over 40 teams, great meet.
  • HWPixHend / 5 Years Ago
    Believe me, I know the Forestview team VERY well and I agree with you on their position in the 3A West. Their top three runners may all go under 17. The competition gets a little tougher at states though. I think they still might get a top 5 finish there. Though my son has moved on, I am still a big fan of their runners and coaches.
  • dcfilms / 5 Years Ago
    Forrestview did not get much press last year until the Regionals. I don't think they had their best race at Regionals either. But I saw their lineup and that it was young and loaded. And if they get can boys under 17:00, that would be great. I'm high on them for this year and agree that they could finish high up at the states. Avoiding injuries and setbacks of course. Will be exciting year for them I'm sure. 3A boys is wide open beyond that. Ashboork? Don't know much about them this year but they did okay last year. Irwin has a couple of good runners but not sure who they have coming in to help. I like East Henderson possibly to finsh 2nd. They have all of their kids back from last year, a good coach, and they had so many injuries late last year which really hurt them. They were a much better team than they showed late in the year. Should be good this year IF all of their boys run and are healthy. West Henderson has a good freshman coming in as does Franklin.
  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    it seems like everyone is overrating forrestview a lot if their times on this site are correct then theyre a solid team but definitely not top 5 in the state especially if they lost one of their top runners to NCSSM. Also the west region is stacking up to be by far the weakest. The mideast has some great teams at the top but the midwest seems to be the best region by far in terms of depth
  • HWPixHend / 5 Years Ago
    I don't disagree that the West is weaker, that's why I said the team I think will win the West (Forestview) will only be top 5 in the state and they may just squeak into that, but if their top 3 runners (East, Englert & Allf) do go sub 17 (which I think they will), I don't think that is an unreasonable expectation. There next two runners should be mid to upper 17s which should help.
  • dcfilms / 5 Years Ago
    Yes, West is weakest region, at least when compared to the Raleigh area teams, etc. But, we live in the west and watch the teams in the west so we pull for the west in the state meet. I agree with the man about Forrestview though. They have the potential this year to surprise at the states. Those are good times he's listing and I believe they have the runners to do it. I saw a couple of those boys during the track west regionals earlier this year. Could pull a top 5 if all run very well. For 3A at states, Chapel Hill is the team though. Could have 5 guys under 16...in fact, I would say that is a very good possibility. Will be interesting to see if Chapel Hill can make the national meet. Credit to the Coach at Chapel Hill because they are good every single year - both boys and girls teams!
  • jacketfan / 5 Years Ago
    Most everyone has picked ncssm to win the boys 1a. I feel that Hayesville has something to prove this year. Some of there boys are doing 2 adays . Coach expects to have as many as 3 runners sub 17. Anyone care to comment.
  • dcfilms / 5 Years Ago
    Yes...Haysville is always good, always tough, and with Tyler back, do not count them out.
  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    I dont disagree that forrestview is a solid team and it sounds like you know their runners but as of now there times are nothing special and obviously theyre not the only ones who have been putting in a lot of work this summer. I just dont think they are anywhere near good enough to finish top 5 in the state they would barely qualify for the state meet if they ran in the midwest or mideast because both of those regions have 3 teams better than them but i do agree that they should dominate the west region now that isaac and john graduated
  • IndianaJns1 / 5 Years Ago
    I would not discount Hickory Ridge Girls this year from the top 10 in 3A. Even though we lost Teal McLean we return 6 out of our Top 7 from those who competed at States last year including Taryn Stern, Sarah Heidenfeldt, Lainey Foley, Samantha Rogaczewski, Samantha Allen and Haley Craig. This girls team is very deep this year with some great additions. We are looking forward to some great competition in 3A this season.
  • SCXCcoach / 5 Years Ago
    Isn't it funny how things have changed? It wasn't too long ago that the West was by far the strongest 3A region. There was Franklin, Asheville, and always TCR. Plus, all those Hickory guys winning the individual XC state title. Now people are talking about the west being the weakest 3A region. I never thought I would have heard that.
  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    Yeah that is very true. Another thing that hurt the west region was that a lot of solid teams moved to the 3a midwest thus weakening the west region. Now that asheville's dominance has ended it will even lack the great individuals that have dominated track and xc the past few seasons. I think it would not be a stretch to say that 6 of the top 7 teams at the state meet will be from the midwest and mideast regions.
  • SCXCcoach / 5 Years Ago
    I guess it also wasn't too long ago that the Mideast would have been considered the weakest 3A region. But w/ re-classification that has drastically changed, too
  • Knightrunnerz / 5 Years Ago
    Look for the Robbinsville Black Knights to be very strong again in 1A. They return 6 of their top 7 runners from a team that finished 3rd at the State Championship last year. This team is even better! They have been working hard a very dedicated group on a mission! Go Knights!!!
  • CoachHovis / 5 Years Ago
    I'm sorry that I overlooked Lake Norman in the 4A girls. They are much better than 10th right now. They ran very well at the 3k at McAlpine and should be up around 4-6. Well done Lake Norman