Version #2 Of Sarah LaTour's Summer Training Log

Week of July 10-July 16

Our team traveled to Blowing Rock, North Carolina to attend a 4-day running camp at a professional running training site called ZAP Fitness. We learned from pro runners and ran on trails around Boone. It was an amazing and beautiful place to be. We did 2 runs a day running up steep trails at over 3,500 ft. elevation.


Monday 7/10- Steep Mountain Run

AM: 1 mile warmup/dynamic stretches

2.5 miles uphill to the fire tower at Moses Cone National Park @ 8:37 pace

Core work at the top of the mountain

2.5 miles downhill working leg speed back to the start of the run @ 6:30 pace

8 x 100m strides 

Static stretches 

PM: 3.3 mile recovery run on Watauga High School's cross country course (didn't time)

Static stretches 

*The run up to the fire tower was very steep but I felt strong the entire run. We got pretty excited on the way down. I felt sore during the recovery run but not too bad. We got to do an ice bath in a cold creek so it was a great first day of camp.

= 10 miles 


Tuesday 7/11- Endurance Run 

AM: 0.8 mile warmup/dynamic stretches

3.4 miles uphill to the Apple Barn at Bass Lake @ 7:40 pace

Core work at the top of the Apple Barn

8 x 100m strides 

2.6 miles downhill to the start of the run @ 7:15 pace

1.6 mile cool down/static stretches

PM: "Bee Sting" 800m relay

800m warmup/dynamic stretches 

ZAP Fitness had a 800m trail around the property and we had a fun 2x8 relay of 2 people who would alternate turns in the 800s. My partner and I got 3rd.

800m cool down/static stretches 

*The Apple Barn run wasn't as steep as yesterday, and I felt strong. We also got excited again going downhill. We did some shopping in Blowing Rock in the afternoon and it was a lot of fun. We got another ice bath in the creek and it felt so good. 

= 11 miles 


Wednesday 7/12- Long Run 

AM: 800m warmup/dynamic stretches

10 miles @ 7:43 pace with last 2 miles faster at Watauga River Rd.

Strength work 

Static stretches 

PM: 2.3 mile hike at Price Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway

*I felt really good during the long run. The road was fairly flat with some rolling hills. A dog ran with us for the first 3 miles and it was so fun, but he got tired so one of our coaches drove him back to where we started. We ice bathed in the Watauga River at Valle Crucis Park and it was a lot colder but it felt so much better afterwards.

= 12.8 miles 


Thursday 7/13- Recovery Run 

AM: 4 miles easy around the 800m loop at ZAP Fitness (didn't time)

Packed up and drove back home from camp.

*Felt pretty sore during the run but was able to get through it. ZAP Fitness was a great experience and I will miss it a lot. The pro runners and coaches were so nice and inspiring and Boone was so beautiful. I will miss it very much. 

= 4 miles 


Friday 7/14- Day Off 

Took today off to rest after a big 4 days of mountain running. I traveled to Alabama with my family to tour the University of Alabama and then we'll drive to Orange Beach at the Gulf Coast.


Saturday 7/15- Steady State Run 

1 mile warm up/dynamic stretches 

3 mile continuous run of 1 mile @ steady state, 1 mile easy, 1 mile @ steady state (6:55, 9:25, 6:58)

8 x 100m strides 

Strength work 

800m cool down/static stretches 

*Went too fast during the steady state miles but I felt good (sorry coach).

= 5 miles 


Sunday 7/16- Recovery Run

800m warmup/dynamic stretches 

Easy 3 miles @ 9:31 pace 

Core work 

Static stretches 

*Felt pretty good, we have a big week of training ahead.

= 46.3 miles