Rock Autism Classic Bringing a Unique Kings & Queens of the Track Challenge

The Second Annual Rock Autism Classic at Rocky River High School is bringing a unique challenge to sprinters across both North and South Carolina.   Each athlete will run the 100, 200, and 400 and see who post the best total score in all three events!  Scoring will be scored cross country style, with 1 point being the lowest in each event.  This will pit athletes against each other that specialize in any of the 3 events and will look to post a fast mark in something that might be out of their comfort zone, especially doing all three events on the same day.  The order of events go 100, 400 then 200 with a few other events in between each.  

Below is posted on the meet page about the King and Queen of the Track:

These athletes will have to complete in all 3 sprint events separate from the finales. Their combined score from each race will determine the winner. These athletes will be hand selected. If you think you have an athlete that is worthy please contact Coach Sid for consideration.  

Girls Confirmed Competitors


Tamara Clark

High Point Central11.5223.5356.36

Charla Ward


Kylia Wright

Southeast Raleigh11.8324.72----

Mariah Atwater

Rocky River----25.2857.00

Kiya Oviosun

Southeast Guilford12.2224.181:00.97

Kyna Robinson

Southeast Raleigh12.1424.3454.94

Gracie Whelan

Providence Day12.4925.1456.37

Aaliyah Burton


Tyresha Alexander

North Mecklenburg12.2925.1258.81

Boys Confirmed Competitors


Khafre Brown

West Mecklenburg10.5521.25----

Dontavian Smith


Dante Miller


Deshawn Ballard


Dewayne Crossen