NCRunners Elite Meets: On Hiatus in 2013

Due to scheduling conflicts and time concerns, the meets will not be held this calendar year.


NCRunners regrets to announce that its Elite Invitationals have been taken off the calendar for 2013.  The most immediate reason for this has been a series of truly amazing scheduling conflicts, which have forced numerous changes of date and location (and have even taken one of the meet directors out of state on the date of competition).  Underneath those problems, however, has been the nagging feeling that there simply isn't enough time to both expand coverage of our sport (a big goal for NCRunners this year) and to run first-class meets, as well.  The worst possible result would be to host a poorly-planned meet, and to avoid that, the best choice right now is to drop the Elite Invitationals.  NCRunners has every intention of bringing these events back for 2014, and establishing them as a big part of the track and cross country scene in North Carolina.


NOTE: the Frosh/Soph Invitational for outdoor track season, which was scheduled on the same day as the Elite Invitational, will also be dropped from the schedule.  NCRunners still hopes to hold the Frosh/Soph Invitational during the 2013 cross country season, on October 12th.


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