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9 days ago Unattached
@gmr2633 would know more. I'm just going off previous years and what I remember
9 days ago Unattached
@kimhanson this meet is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools county championships so it's only open ...
11 days ago Missing 4x200 event entries
@CoachMilligan added these for you Jason
11 days ago Invitational
13 days ago Bojangles live feed
@sd84 Thanks, we're troubleshooting this issue and will get it fixed for Day 2. Jason
14 days ago Heat Sheets
@Alecbarden4 they'll be released later today. Jason
15 days ago late registrations
@moore_moves The meet director would have to enter you late. I can do it for you through MileSpl...
15 days ago update of PR's
@craigdan61 I updated the results from your meet earlier today. Should show soon. Jason
15 days ago 4-14-2019 Registration
@MCRCTrack which meet is this for
17 days ago Meet results
@NC_Flight_Club_ we were told they'd be sent to us today. We haven't received them yet Jason
21 days ago Entry Fee
@Penny31 8 hurdles, same as high school does. Jason
27 days ago Results
Meet host said he'll get them up once their AD sends them
29 days ago 4x200 meter relay
@Coach_McFatten @CoachBhurst I added it for you. Yes, as Coach Knox stated it isn't in our tem...
1 month ago Individual
1 month ago How to add a venue?
@Hollowayb send me an email with the venue information. jason.creasy11@gmail.com
1 month ago Regional Host sites
I reached out to Chiquana the other day to get updated Regional sites. The NCHSAA website's link...
2 months ago Entry Fee
@deiselio there is no entry fee. We do charge $5 admission for spectators, but it is free for sc...
3 months ago Boys 3-A 300 meter qualifying standards
@macktrack42 Thanks, broke at the wrong spot
3 months ago NCRunners Looking For Athletes To Feature
We're on the hunt for feature stories to run on athletes through the end of the outdoor track sea...
3 months ago NC 1A/2A Indoor Track Qualify Standards for state meet 2019
@ninjazx6r1 in the database there is 9 who are at or under 6.64 this season for 1A/2A. Only one ...
3 months ago NC 1A/2A Indoor Track Qualify Standards for state meet 2019
@jds0130 the NCAA rule does sound like the right idea. But there is no way it would work current...
3 months ago 1A/2A NCHSAA indoor Championship
@FredTFoard sorry about that, you're good to go now.
4 months ago Reese Hoffa Giving Instruction At Metrolina Christian Jan 19th
Track & Field Coaches, For any throwers (shot put or discus), Olympian and World Champion s...
4 months ago Results errors?
@Schoellner shoot me an email with updates results. jason.creasy11@gmail.com
5 months ago sophomore boys race vid
@Jjchristy@bellsouth.net it is posted now. We had the video labelled incorrectly. Jason
5 months ago Entry Status
@jamfsu From what I checked the link on the meet page worked. [url=http://www.footlockercc.com...
6 months ago Allowing Apex individuals to score as a team
[url=http://nc.milesplit.com/videos/311152]http://nc.milesplit.com/videos/311152[/url] Unofficia...
6 months ago Girls times not listed
I've emailed the timer who posted these results and will update them when he sends the correct file.
6 months ago Team scores at NC Elite
@gatorhill45 The show now on the formatted results. Jason
7 months ago Individual runner
@Austere579 it doesn't matter who signs him up as an unattached athlete so whatever is easiest fo...
7 months ago Registration
@1535559104 Wendy's meet director sends out spreadsheets to coaches. I believe those were alread...
7 months ago Merging Profiles
@coach_eazy [url=http://nc.milesplit.com/athletes/7783374#.W6vLwBNKj-Y]http://nc.milesplit.com/at...
7 months ago Merging Profiles
@coach_eazy what is his name and two schools?
7 months ago Registration
@Dontonio you can reach out to him at l_mcafee_2000@yahoo.com
9 months ago Top 25 XC Countdown
Sorry for the delay of Top 25 XC Countdown last few days. Have been moving the last few days and...
10 months ago USATF JO nationals
@elgin top 5 advances. Advancers are below http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/316613/results/59815...
10 months ago Results
@carterf07 Not sure what meet you are referring to, but our results can be found here. http://nc....
11 months ago Automatic Timing for practice
I know there is an app for smartphones that's pretty accurate.. isn't FAT but the finish is prett...
11 months ago Saturday 4A/2A
The 2A/4A State Championship is still scheduled for Saturday. The NCHSAA told coaches and ADs th...
11 months ago NCHSAA 1A State Championship 2018
@garryb isn't there an issue with NCHSAA schools not being allowed to compete on Sundays?
11 months ago NCHSAA 1A State Championship 2018
I reach out to the NCHSAA to ask what the protocol would be and did not hear back. Jason
11 months ago Performance list
Yes, would imagine that isn't the issue in the delay. 1A & 3A were finished yesterday. With 2A ...
11 months ago Performance list
@sd84 NCHSAA 2A Virtual meet works for me. You just need to selected the NCHSAA 2A as the League...
12 months ago NCHSAA 4A State Championship 2018
2018 Schedule is posted
12 months ago 10.13 Really???
I've left an update in the article. Unfortunately the time was not valid due to a sensor issue i...
12 months ago NCHSAA 3A Midwest Regional 2018
There were no live results from this meet
12 months ago NCHSAA 4A East Regional 2018
@oldwv http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/303831/entries/591117#.WvHb89MvxN0
12 months ago NCHSAA 2A Mideast Regional 2018
@ghandy @garryb that method would work if you're regional director rejected seeds in MileSplit be...
12 months ago NCHSAA 4A Midwest Regional 2018
They only sent girls, I let them know and haven't gotten boys yet.
12 months ago NCHSAA 1A East Regional 2018
@pittcoach send me an email. jason.creasy11@gmail.com and I can look into it. Give me more info ...