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5 days ago Girls 55m 3A top seed time is 6.64?
@joshuamontenaro According to the team's MileSplit page, her best time for the year is 7.65.
8 days ago Entries
@danielgriffith There are forms and procedures on the NCHSAA Indoor Track page. The deadline ...
22 days ago WNC Polar Bear Championships
Saturday, February 1. The deadline for entries is Thursday, January 30, at 8:00pm.
9 months ago Coach info
Boys Pole Vault also has a tie at 4th place.
10 months ago Western Highlands Conference
The Conference Championships will be held at Polk County High School on May 2, 2019. Entries can...
11 months ago Polk County 2nd Annual Spring Fling
April 23 Small meet - 5 or 6 schools. Contact sharding@polkschools.org for password. 5 per tea...
11 months ago Times-News Invitational
The 52nd Times-News Invitational will be held on April 6 at Polk County High. There is still roo...
1 year ago Start time
@david_hopkins 4:00
1 year ago Reindeer Games again postponed!
Due to the weather conditions forecast for tomorrow, and with the scheduling conflicts in the are...
1 year ago Reindeer Games are back!
The Reindeer Games of Polk County will be held on January 10, 2019.
1 year ago Results errors?
@Schoellner I see no scores. Do you mean errors in the posted results? Also, for some of the...
1 year ago Rankings
@freshbeth Click on the red letters for the event.
1 year ago Rankings
@freshbeth Make sure you pick "Indoor + Polar Bear" and the season is 2019.
1 year ago Please update your informations
Coaches, if you are entering meets via MileSplit, please make sure your contact information is co...
2 years ago Performance list
@JasonCreasy Don't know if this is the problem, but looking at 2A and 4A results for several ...
2 years ago NCHSAA 3A State Championship 2018
@CoachMilligan The top four in each event from your region have already been submitted.
2 years ago NCRunners Middle School Elite Invitational 2018
@kvsmith95 Not really a Middle School meet if the athletes are not representing a middle school.
2 years ago 400 ranking
Looking at the rankings for your concerns, they show up if you filter the ranking by "ALL." The ...
2 years ago NCHSAA 2A Mideast Regional 2018
@clintdpugh The information is from last year - May 13, 2017.
2 years ago Tony Waldrop Invitational Canceled
Today's Tony Waldrop Invitational has been canceled. The severe winds are not expected to end so...
2 years ago Boys All-Time State Meet performances
@jcreasy111 They are not formatted how you need them, but the results are on ncpreptrack.com.
2 years ago WNC Polar Bear Championships
WNC Polar Bear Championships will be on Thursday, February 1. The meet has been moved due to the...
2 years ago Champion Fast Track High School Invitational 2018
@ewings711 No. He/She has to represent a school in order for a mark to qualify.
2 years ago North Brunswick Polar Bear Meet #2 2018 results
@omegaafterdark Incomplete names could definitely cause problems. The instructions have been...
2 years ago Why is hand Timing for sprint events for polar bear meets different from distant events in indoor??
@omegaafterdark Both would be recorded as 6.6, but one would be the winner. Place overrides time.
2 years ago JDL HS Dual Meet Challenge 2018
@Billyjap1 DirectAthletics handles JDL meet entries. Meet information is on the DirectAthletics...
2 years ago Results Missing from Rankings (12/14/2017 JH Rose Polar Bear ECC)
@Taniyah11 The issue also involves not following state requirements. According to the inform...
2 years ago Middle School Athletes in High School Meets
Another thing to consider. I may be mistaken (and often am), but an athlete only has eligibility...
2 years ago 2017 Reindeer Games
At Polk County High, we are continuing to celebrate the holiday season with healthy competition, ...
2 years ago Track Uniforms Rules
@PolkCounty Run it be NCHSAA first, just to protect yourself.
2 years ago Track Uniforms Rules
@fletchthe2nd I believe the rule also mentions being adopted or approved by the state. The dim...
2 years ago Entry list for Wake County meet at JDL
@jsanmiguel JDL meets use DirectAthletics for entries.
2 years ago 1A/2A Indoor State Meet?????
@Ajtrack2014 This is the Cross Country Schedule. The question concerned the Indoor meet.
2 years ago 1A/2A Indoor State Meet?????
@chjohn According to MileSplit website, the Friday afternoon meet begins at 4:00 (facility op...
3 years ago I'm Tired of Bad Calls being accepted
@gbocmusic From the accounts on this forum, it appears that proper procedures were followed. ...
3 years ago Meeting Regional Qualification
@Taniyah11 Can't even begin to answer without some minimum information. What are you asking ab...
3 years ago NCHSAA 2A West?
Just looked and it is there. Big Gold Star.
3 years ago Patriot Relays 2017
Several problems - - To score a field event as a relay, the event has to be set up that way in ...
3 years ago Coaches' Conference Call!
A conference call for ALL coaches with state participants will be Wednesday, February 8, at 2pm. ...
3 years ago Indoor State adaptive/wheelchair events
@popeka The NCHSAA site, under "Indoor Track and Field," there are several links detailing wh...
3 years ago Rankings
@collins25 Make sure you have chosen "Indoor + Polar Bear," and not just Indoor.
3 years ago Polk County Polar Bear #2 has been postponed
Due to the weather conditions, the meet on Wednesday, January 11, has been moved to Thursday, Jan...
3 years ago Polk County Reindeer Games
At Polk County High, we are continuing to celebrate the holiday season with healthy competition...
4 years ago Pole Vault Coaches Clinic cancelled
The clinic scheduled for this week at Polk County High School has been cancelled. Too many were ...
4 years ago Regional Performance List???
2A West has been sent to coaches in region and placed on the meet page on MileSplit.
4 years ago Entries for Regionals
@jknox You are correct. That is possible. However, it is still the responsibility of the coac...
4 years ago Entries for Regionals
Also, double-check that you are entering your team in the correct regional.
4 years ago Entries for Regionals
Coaches, The deadline for regional entries is fast approaching. Do not wait until Saturday afte...
4 years ago NCHSAA
@CoachGeorgeRJR Actually, I agree with that. If an athlete qualifies to go on to a competition...
4 years ago NCHSAA
@PBolton That sounds like it might be the issue. Technically, the athlete is not representing ...