South Stanly Home Meet #1 2020

Norwood, NC
Hosted by South Stanley

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hatley, Jacob 27:00.00 North Stanly
Luther, Cole 19:18.00 North Moore
Garcia, Ranfere 18:02.28 South Stanley
McClure, Nicholas 18:46.72 North Stanly
Hollis, Landon 20:47.87 South Stanley
Copeland, Michael North Moore
Huneycutt, Josh South Stanley
Wright, Zachary 22:54.18 North Moore
Lemons, Caleb North Stanly
Huneycutt, Mason 29:02.93 South Stanley
Mullins, Toby 23:58.00 North Stanly
Bartholomew, Zach North Moore
Oliver, Jayden 19:52.84 South Stanley
Hartsell, Chandler 24:43.00 North Stanly
Gabbard, Michael 23:12.00 South Stanley
Curlee, Connor 20:33.34 South Stanley
Horne, Jaleak North Moore
Kennedy, Will North Moore
Eldridge, Germaurion South Stanley
Johnson, Matthew 20:46.88 North Moore
Rutzler, Reid North Stanly
Wright, Davis 18:02.23 South Stanley
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brown, Emma South Stanley
Robbinson, Adysen 24:03.00 North Moore
Huneycutt, Kayden South Stanley
Deigo, Catalina 30:59.00 North Moore
Vazquez, Jocelyn 24:54.72 South Stanley
Dunlap, Gia North Stanly
Cockman, Trinity 21:02.00 North Moore
Noble, Jacy 23:15.25 South Stanley
Billingsley, Andi 25:14.12 North Stanly
Hollis, Kiersten South Stanley
Hinson, Mary South Stanley
Moore, Lindsay 29:19.00 North Moore
Helms, Kaylee 35:18.01 South Stanley
Smith, Molly 26:02.18 North Moore
Crisco, Keeli South Stanley
Goode, Lexi 22:39.00 North Stanly
Horton, Ashley 29:20.00 South Stanley
Hernandez, Milena 23:34.00 North Stanly
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