Fisher River Invitational #2 2020

Dobson, NC

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Huneycutt, Austin 18:25.00 West Stanly
Morales, Hector 18:44.60 Surry Central
Brown, Evan 19:20.20 Central Academy of Technology
Burleson, Luke East Davidson
Osorio-Ramirez, Eddy 20:20.20 Surry Central
Miller, Ben 22:03.70 Central Academy of Technology
Rowe, Brandon 18:23.21 East Davidson
Olsen, Tim 23:04.40 Central Academy of Technology
Montgomery, Alex 19:38.85 East Davidson
Marks, Nathan 20:14.00 West Stanly
Shue, James 17:52.00 West Stanly
Sanchez, Sebastian Surry Central
Morton, Blayne 18:54.70 West Stanly
Hernandez, Charlie 19:18.57 Surry Central
Capantano, Andrew Central Academy of Technology
Odenwelder, Isaac East Davidson
Fowler, Miles 21:36.42 Surry Central
Baxan, Daniel 26:44.50 Central Academy of Technology
McLean, Matt 20:37.15 East Davidson
Williams, Emanuel 19:26.00 Central Academy of Technology
Moretz, Isaac 19:05.60 East Davidson
Wojtkowiak, Ben 19:51.00 Central Academy of Technology
Comer, Gavin 18:17.70 East Davidson
Wells, Carson 20:35.00 West Stanly
Morton, Elijah 19:44.00 West Stanly
Misenheimer, Camden 18:59.60 West Stanly
Jones, Carter 20:24.35 Surry Central
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Alterman, Lily Central Academy of Technology
Fecker, Riley 23:28.32 Central Academy of Technology
Tysinger, Millie 23:38.81 East Davidson
Hatch, Holly 24:53.00 West Stanly
Martinez, Susanna 26:23.00 West Stanly
Underwood, Karsyn 24:42.30 West Stanly
Cantor, Wendy Surry Central
Almond, Natalie 20:21.00 West Stanly
Fitzgerald, Lanie 26:30.93 Surry Central
Cepeda, Fatima 25:22.34 East Davidson
Montes, Isabella Central Academy of Technology
Hernandez, Abigail 23:06.18 Surry Central
Montes, Gabriella 25:01.38 Central Academy of Technology
Nobles, Sage 22:05.43 East Davidson
Butler, Brooke 21:10.00 Central Academy of Technology
McLean, Shaylen 25:42.97 East Davidson
Morton, Makalyn 23:18.00 West Stanly
Hendzel, Savanah 22:19.70 West Stanly
Hann, Aniston 23:24.50 West Stanly
Frausto, Brittany 26:21.81 Surry Central
Tysinger, Avery East Davidson
Priddy, Ella 26:02.70 Surry Central
Prevette, Gracie East Davidson
Lane, Grace Central Academy of Technology
Marion, Claire 28:44.38 Surry Central
Mcleod, Madison 22:23.00 Central Academy of Technology
Gore, Kaitlin 28:17.81 East Davidson
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High School Mixed JV 5000 Meter Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hann, Aniston 23:24.50 West Stanly
Aguilar, Ryan East Davidson
Haller, Hannah 29:24.80 East Davidson
Cruz, Marizol 27:44.00 West Stanly
Bressi, Matthew 22:36.10 East Davidson
Martinez, Oscar 25:02.00 West Stanly
Singleton, Landon 23:43.00 West Stanly
Marks, John 21:07.00 West Stanly
White, Matthew 20:56.60 West Stanly
Dodd, River 21:21.26 West Stanly
Montgomery, Chloe East Davidson
Trimnal, Gabby 28:32.40 East Davidson
Cook, Jackson 23:21.30 East Davidson
Cribb, Kate 25:47.00 West Stanly
Honeycutt, Smith 23:46.00 West Stanly
Burleson, Connor 21:46.00 West Stanly
Ingram, Issac West Stanly
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