Fisher River Meet #1 2020

Dobson, NC

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Martin, Will NC Leadership Academy
Emory, Seth North Stokes
Georgeff, Delaney NC Leadership Academy
Mendoza, Brandon NC Leadership Academy
Shipley, Isaac Millennium Charter Academy
Lopez-Morales, Alessandro Bishop McGuinness
Cho, Youngin Bishop McGuinness
Swisher, Will NC Leadership Academy
Emswiler, Aiden North Stokes
Ellis, Andrew NC Leadership Academy
Hungerford, Christopher NC Leadership Academy
Holmes, Ford Millennium Charter Academy
Pinder, Thomas Bishop McGuinness
Devore, Calvin 20:08.41 Millennium Charter Academy
Kauffman, William 20:21.69 NC Leadership Academy
Redinger, Griffin 20:27.67 Bishop McGuinness
Gonzalez, Cesar 20:44.76 Millennium Charter Academy
Strott, Benjamin 21:00.86 Bishop McGuinness
Devore, Hartley 22:52.08 Millennium Charter Academy
Johnson, Nicholas 26:25.07 Millennium Charter Academy
Sorrell, Eric 26:36.66 Millennium Charter Academy
Smith, Jacob 28:37.92 Millennium Charter Academy
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Barefoot, Darcy Bishop McGuinness
Beamon, Caroline Bishop McGuinness
Anderson, Kamree NC Leadership Academy
Hirose, Anna Bishop McGuinness
Cho, Kealo Bishop McGuinness
Overby, Rachel 21:14.78 North Stokes
Stevens, Lydia 23:20.82 North Stokes
Shaw, Alana 24:28.00 North Stokes
Dewald, Jadyn 24:43.06 NC Leadership Academy
Dehart, Mary 25:01.56 NC Leadership Academy
Vroom, Emily 25:49.82 NC Leadership Academy
McCrary, Nataly 25:57.54 Millennium Charter Academy
Bandy , Brooke 26:39.51 NC Leadership Academy
Bingman, Emma 27:53.97 North Stokes
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