West Henderson Meet 3 2020

Hendersonville, NC

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cole, Julian 20:51.28 R-S Central
Fabian, Bryan 21:17.41 Chase
Rice, Hudson 18:53.00 West Henderson
Ramos, Jose Smoky Mountain
Newsome, Kai 24:22.00 West Henderson
Hanson, Grantham Smoky Mountain
Pittman, Mason 21:57.00 West Henderson
Hanks, Henry 18:49.20 Smoky Mountain
Burnette, John 18:54.50 West Henderson
Russotti, Mitchell Smoky Mountain
May, Chase Chase
Horton, Gunner R-S Central
Nix, Zack Chase
Wilson, Christian R-S Central
Thompson, Bryce Chase
Pace, Gabe 22:10.40 R-S Central
Leverette, Cameron 22:06.95 Chase
Kanz, Nehemiah 22:07.10 Chase
Reynolds, Aidan 24:45.00 West Henderson
Hester, Avery Smoky Mountain
Bright, Aiden West Henderson
Guerrero, Juan Smoky Mountain
Krauss, Noah 20:17.00 West Henderson
Phillips, Caleb 18:52.70 Smoky Mountain
Smith, Parker 18:03.90 Smoky Mountain
Howard, Riley R-S Central
Arredondo, Alejandro Chase
Whitener, Kiefer R-S Central
Escelera, Diego Chase
Horton, Sumter 23:01.64 R-S Central
Huaroco, Brandon Chase
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Sochia, Lauren 22:18.30 West Henderson
Wilde, Maia 22:46.90 Smoky Mountain
Hughes, Mackenzie R-S Central
Kent, Sarah R-S Central
Ankrom, Phoebee R-S Central
Lane, Gracey 21:04.63 R-S Central
Shumway, Madisyn 27:55.00 West Henderson
Hogan, Emory 23:55.00 West Henderson
Ammons, Sophia Smoky Mountain
Styles, Grace 24:12.96 West Henderson
Norman, Lydia 23:34.12 Smoky Mountain
Price, Alyssa 21:43.96 West Henderson
Parris, Natalie Smoky Mountain
Johnson, Felicity R-S Central
Hope, Brooke R-S Central
Howard, Jodi 26:45.70 R-S Central
Lowery, Halle Chase
Watson, Jenna 25:35.00 West Henderson
McCoy, Holly Smoky Mountain
Stepp, Paisley 22:44.00 West Henderson
Buenting, Lily 20:42.70 Smoky Mountain
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