YVC Pre Conference Meet

Robbins, NC
Hosted by North Moore

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 76 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Burrage, Kaleb North Stanly
Williams, AJ Uwharrie Charter Academy
Gabbard, Michael South Stanly
Green, Ayden Uwharrie Charter Academy
Harwood, Nolan South Stanly
Ellis, Braquan North Rowan
Elkins, Sawyer Chatham Central
Poteat, Julian Uwharrie Charter Academy
Furr, Skylar South Stanly
Scott, Thomas Chatham Central
Ramirez, Chris South Stanly
Del Grande, Hayden Uwharrie Charter Academy
Hopkins, Ethan South Stanly
Mullins, Toby North Stanly
Hart, Brantley Chatham Central
Huneycutt, Mason South Stanly
Duggins, Carson Uwharrie Charter Academy
Bazen, Seth Uwharrie Charter Academy
Deaton, Bubba South Stanly
Hatley, Jacob North Stanly
Ziblay, Jacob Chatham Central
Wright, Davis South Stanly
Poole, William Uwharrie Charter Academy
Caviness, Aiden Uwharrie Charter Academy
Curlee, Connor South Stanly
Icenhour, Cobrin North Stanly
Gilliland, Jayden Chatham Central
Reynolds, Nathan South Stanly
Canaday, Matthew South Davidson
Vazquez, Daniel South Stanly
Furr, Hayden North Stanly
Cox, Preston Chatham Central
Auman, Drew Uwharrie Charter Academy
Lyons, William South Davidson
Mauldin, Noah South Stanly
Lowder, Tanner North Stanly
Monninger, Cade Uwharrie Charter Academy
Harwood, Zachary South Stanly
Horton, Triston South Stanly
Aldrich, Andy Uwharrie Charter Academy
Phillips, Will South Stanly
Reed, Sebastian North Rowan
Crissman, Travis Chatham Central
Capobianco, Andrew Uwharrie Charter Academy
Hollis, Landon South Stanly
Overacre, Sidney Chatham Central
Owens, Jonathon South Stanly
Reeves, Jason Uwharrie Charter Academy
Lefler, Caleb South Stanly
Williamson, Colby Chatham Central
Eisenbraun, Charlie South Stanly
Slafky, Eddie Uwharrie Charter Academy
Hardie, Austin Uwharrie Charter Academy
Jones, Jadius South Stanly
Huneycutt, Alex North Stanly
Wilkes, Chandler Chatham Central
Kirby, Aidan South Stanly
Jimenez, Jerry Uwharrie Charter Academy
Beaver, Jarrid Uwharrie Charter Academy
McSwain, Duncan South Stanly
Hartsell, Chandler North Stanly
Webster, Caleb Chatham Central
Oliver, Jayden South Stanly
Ball, Ryan Uwharrie Charter Academy
Hale, Tristan South Davidson
Bossong, Frank Uwharrie Charter Academy
Gomez, Antonio South Stanly
Poole, Koby North Stanly
Crowley, Parker Chatham Central
Smith, Joseph South Davidson
Garcia, Ranfere South Stanly
Hunsucker, Kevin North Stanly
Barker, Alijah Uwharrie Charter Academy
Papin, Tyler South Stanly
Ivory, Jeremiah South Davidson
Fowler, Michael South Stanly
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 35 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Fuquay, Chloe Chatham Central
Goode, Lexi North Stanly
Eason, Isabel South Stanly
Newsome, Brianna Uwharrie Charter Academy
Lyons, Avery South Davidson
Hernandez, Milena North Stanly
Green, Cassidy South Stanly
Lentz, Colbie North Stanly
Eason, Ruby South Stanly
Beam, Abbey North Rowan
Noble, Jacy South Stanly
Stoehrer, Ariel South Stanly
Shelton, Jacey South Stanly
Mullis, Georgia Lane North Stanly
Stout, Taylor Uwharrie Charter Academy
Holshouser, Maci North Stanly
Kern, Carlie Uwharrie Charter Academy
Green, Kailey Chatham Central
Boing, Peighton North Stanly
Newsom, Katie Uwharrie Charter Academy
Skeen, Angel South Davidson
Billingsley, Andi North Stanly
Helms, Kaylee South Stanly
Smith, Kelly North Stanly
Pacheco-Lujano, Shannon South Stanly
Phillips, Alexis North Rowan
Vazquez, Jocelyn South Stanly
Lore, Ashley North Rowan
Horton, Ashley South Stanly
Russell, Kinsley South Stanly
Watkins, Mary Jane North Stanly
Cugino, Ava Uwharrie Charter Academy
Redington, Raynee Chatham Central
Carpenter, Kathryn North Stanly
Douglas, Chloe Uwharrie Charter Academy
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