Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 59 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cagna, Cooper Forbush
Duncan, Brantley West Wilkes
Ellison, Joseph East Surry
Lazo, Guillermo North Forsyth
Lawson, Cody South Stokes
Harris, Chase East Surry
Warden, Nate Forbush
Edwards, Cameron East Surry
Perkins, Dorrian North Forsyth
Allred, Anderson East Surry
Escobar, Alex North Forsyth
Furno, Christian Forbush
Anderson, Matthew West Wilkes
Wayne, Hunter West Wilkes
Harger, Austin South Stokes
Wright, Landen Starmount
Simmons, Carson East Surry
Williams, Cade East Surry
Zaragoza, Eric North Forsyth
Tate, Jordan North Forsyth
Eaton, Dylan Forbush
Blackburn, Dylan West Wilkes
Hall, Nathan West Wilkes
Motsinger, Cooper East Surry
White, Carson South Stokes
Reams, Timothy East Surry
Mikey, Ramos Starmount
Odom, Samuel Forbush
Stanley, Jakon West Wilkes
Pack, Josh East Surry
Wall, Konnor North Forsyth
Lopez, Adam South Stokes
Myers, Keith East Surry
Snow, Ethan Forbush
Hart, Wyatt East Surry
Simms, Jonathan North Forsyth
Boggs, Nicholas East Surry
Smalls, Gaines Forbush
Perez-Brasil, Rodney West Wilkes
Tilley, Ryan South Stokes
Moxley, Mason Starmount
Watson, Travis East Surry
Montgomery, Nicholas East Surry
Hamilton, Koby North Forsyth
Gomez, Jose North Forsyth
Esquivel, Cesar Forbush
Furr, Wesley West Wilkes
Flora, Ben West Wilkes
Cassidy, Andrew South Stokes
Pack, Nathanial East Surry
Cleary, Kirk Starmount
Renegar, Austin East Surry
Keen, Jonah Forbush
Gonzalez, Marc Anthony West Wilkes
Triplette, Austin West Wilkes
Smith, Landon East Surry
Vargas, Matthew North Forsyth
Cagle, Connor South Stokes
Myers, Dylan East Surry
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 50 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Aguilar, Brisa Forbush
Mayhew, Mariah West Wilkes
Campbell, Holly South Stokes
Jones, Vanessa North Forsyth
Chavez, America East Surry
Garcia, Amy North Forsyth
Whitacker, Emily Forbush
Sagraves, Tanna Starmount
Delgado, Perla Forbush
Parsons, Carly West Wilkes
Lawson, Ryley South Stokes
Salinas, Virginia North Forsyth
Cortez, Vianey Forbush
Cothren, Katelyn West Wilkes
De la Sancha, Azucena Forbush
Garcia, Cindy North Forsyth
Valverde, Darlene Forbush
Simmons, Kera South Stokes
Windsor, Sara East Surry
Chambers, Lexie North Forsyth
Garcia, Aurora Forbush
Bellanger, Miranda Forbush
Taylor, Abbie West Wilkes
Price, Kaitlyn South Stokes
Orellana, Karla North Forsyth
Easter, Arianna East Surry
King, Iyona North Forsyth
Wiendhoft, Sarah Forbush
Greene, Emma Starmount
Wyrick, Laura Forbush
Hamby, Adrienne West Wilkes
Giller, Meghan South Stokes
Brown, Courtney East Surry
Frazier, Tori North Forsyth
Holcomb, Natalia Forbush
Carachure, Jennifer Forbush
Shumate, Courtney West Wilkes
Espinoza, Stephanie North Forsyth
Mendoza, Lorena Forbush
Foster, Tessa West Wilkes
Turney, Skylar East Surry
Gomez, Allison North Forsyth
Gonzalez, Bianca Forbush
Colato, Celeste North Forsyth
Synder, Andi Forbush
Amos-Wall, Gwendolyn South Stokes
Southern, Jenna East Surry
Navarro, Katherine North Forsyth
Alonzo Angel, Itzel Forbush
Brewer, Emily Starmount
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