Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

ENTRY DEADLINE- October 19, 2018 @ 9:00 PM. Late entries must be submitted by 3:00 PM, Monday, Oct. 22nd. Late entry forms are on the NCHSAA web site.

Only enter 7 per gender & we will deal with necessary substitutions as they arise.

8:30 AM- Coaches Meeting

9:00 AM- 4A West Boys

9:30 AM- 3A Midwest Boys

10:00 AM- 4A West Girls

10:30 AM- 3A Midwest Girls

The number of State Meet qualifying teams will be 25% of the number of full teams (at least 5 runners) who start the race, NOT based on entries or finishers. Anything .5 or higher will round up, .4 or below will round down (i.e. If there are 26 teams, 25% is 6.5, so 7 teams will advance. 25% of 25 teams is 6.25, so only 6 would advance in that case.).
Meet Director: Kirk Walsh, Cuthbertson High School

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