Meet Information

2019 Wake County Championship

Saturday, March 30th


Green Hope High School

2500 Carpenter Upchurch Road

Cary, NC 27519


North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA/NFHS)

Meet Host

Green Hope High School


      Entry Fee: Please mail or bring a check for $50 made out to Green Hope Athletic Booster Club. If you choose to mail the check, please have c/o Colin Fegeley. This fee will cover the the cost of awards.


      Jumping the fence around the Track is not permitted. Any individual that is caught jumping the fence will be dismissed from the stadium.

      Please take care of your trash and leave the area as you found it.  A trash bag has been provided in your packet for your use.


      Trophies for top two teams

      Medals for top three individuals. We will present awards as the events finish.


      Rules referenced in the 2019 NFHS must be followed and will be enforced.

      Declaration: All entries should be confirmed or scratched from the meet at the coaches meeting starting at 8:45 a.m.


      All protests must be filed within 30 minutes of the posting of the results of the event. Please review rule 3-5 on page 16 of the current rulebook, as this covers some of the situations that are eligible and not eligible to protest.  All coaches must abide by the NFHS rules and any supplemental policies or risk disqualification of an athlete or their team.

      Bus Parking

      Buses are to enter campus along the drive next to the Student Parking Lot. Follow signs for the carpool loop. Continue straight to the parking attendant and he will direct you down to the track.  Buses may drop off athletes at the track prior to 9:30 a.m. and then park in the Faculty or Student Parking Lot as shown on the map (on meet page on NC Runners).

      NOTE:  No private vehicles are allowed to drive down to the Track with athletes and/or equipment.  All must park in the Student Parking lot.

      Packet Pick-up and Wristbands

      Packet pickup will be at the lower entrance to the track near bus drop-off, starting at 7:30 am; Officials Meeting at 8:30 am; Coaches Meeting at 8:45 am.

      All athletes and coaches will be issued wristbands and must have those on at all times during the meet.

      Athlete/Coach Admissions AFTER 9:30 a.m.

      We understand that you may have coaches and athletes arriving later in the day if they are competing in afternoon events.  They must make arrangements to have someone from their team meet them at the Spectator Entrance to give them a wristband in order to enter.  

      Spectators Entrance and Admissions

      Spectators may arrive beginning at 8:30 a.m. and the cost of admission is $8.00.

      Coaches' and Officials' Hospitality

      Our Coaches' Hospitality will be located in the Press Box at the top of the stadium.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided, as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day.

      Concessions for Spectators and Athletes

      Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, pizza, and various snacks and drinks will be available for purchase, including fresh fruit, power bars, and Gatorade.  Cash only.

      NOTE:  Please remind your athletes to either bring money or their own food and drink to keep them hydrated and fueled throughout the day.

      Weigh-in and Implement Inspection

      Pole-vaulters can weigh in between 8:30 and 9:30 am in the shed. Throwers can weigh their implements at that time as well in the shed.

      Athlete Check-in until 1:15 pm

      We will have open check-in throughout the meet for running events. All athletes must check in prior to 2nd call for their event. Each competitor should report to the clerking (yellow) tent. For field events, the competitor must report to the field judge in charge of the event where that event is contested. Track events take precedence over field events.  However, you must report to the field judge first and request permission to be excused. If an athlete is not checked in and ready to move to the track by the final call, he/she will be scratched.

      Athletes should be at their events starting area by the 3rd call.  It is their responsibility to be mindful of the time schedule and report at the correct time.  The only exception to this is the 4x100 and 4x200 relays, which will meet in the center of the field before runners will report directly to the their zones.

      NOTE:  NFHS uniform rules apply, so athletes should be able to show they are in compliance at check-in.

      Field Access

      Athlete access to the field is strictly limited those who are preparing for an event, or athletes who have just completed an event and are exiting the field.  Athletes can get onto the field once 2nd call for their event has been announced, and must have a uniform on and hip number in their possession. Anyone else on the field must be an official.  The field is considered competition area, so no electronic devices are permitted. Athletes should leave their personal belongings at their Team Tent.

      NOTE:  All athletes (field or track) must enter and exit near the Track Check-In Area.  

      Track Warm-up Access

      The track is open for warming up until 9:45.

      Team Tents

      Team tents may only be set up along the curve nearest the scoreboard or on the visitor side of the complex either in or around the visitors side bleachers.  Tents in the visitor bleachers must be in the top rows. No team tents in home bleachers or inside the fence surrounding the track.

      Time Schedule

      The order of events is listed with the meet and start times.  A lunch break of approximately 20 minutes will be taken between the Unified 100m Dash and timed finals.  We will try and follow the time schedule as it is listed, but we reserve the right to adjust to a rolling schedule if weather conditions force us to do so.  

      Athletic Trainer Assistance

      Green Hope Athletic Trainers will be stationed in the middle of the field.

      Format for Distance Events

      The 4x800 and 800 will be run as a one-turn stagger, with athletes breaking past the break line on the backstretch.  The 4x400 will be run on a three-turn stagger, the first runner will run entirely in their lane and the second runner will break at the break line. The 1600 and 3200 will use a waterfall start, unless the number of athletes necessitates a two-alley start.

      Performance Limits

      Starting heights in HJ & PV are being determined by games committee and will be posted soon.


      Throughout the meet, we will post results on the front of the home stands near the start/finish line.  Complete results will be available on NCRunners ( after the meet.

      2019 Wake County Track & Field Championship Tentative Time Schedule:

      Field events will start at 9:30, Running events will begin at 10:00.

      ***Based on the number of heats, we may adjust time schedule. A final time schedule will be posted on NC Runners and included in team packets and programs if any changes are made.***

      8:30 a.m. Officials Meeting

      8:45 a.m. Coaches Meeting

      8:30-9:30 a.m. IMPLEMENT INSPECTIONS (Near 100m starting line at the Track Shed)

      9:30 a.m.

      Women's Field Events: UNIFIED SP followed by Women's Shot Put (men's shot put), HJ, TJ

      Mens Field Events: Discus (women's discus to follow immediately), Long Jump, PV

      10:00 a.m. Women's 4x800 Relay (timed) finals

      10:15 a.m. Men's 4x800 Relay (timed) finals


      10:30 a.m. Women's 100 Meter High Hurdles prelims

      10:45 a.m. Men's 110 Meter High Hurdles prelims

      11:00 a.m. Women's 100 Meter Dash prelims

      11:15 a.m. Women's Wheelchair 100 Meters

      11:25 a.m. Men's 100 Meter Dash prelims

      11:40 a.m. Unified Special Olympics 100 meter dash (timed) finals  

      11:30 a.m.

      Women's Field Events: Pole Vault, Long Jump (followed by Unified Sp.Oly. LJ)

      Mens Field Events: High Jump, Triple Jump


      12:00 p.m. Unified Special Olympics 800 Meter Run (timed) finals

      12:10 p.m. Womens 100 Meter High Hurdle finals

      12:15 p.m. Mens 110 Meter High Hurdle finals

      12:20 p.m. Womens 100 Meter Dash finals

      12:25 a.m. Mens 100 Meter Dash finals

      12:35 p.m. Womens 4x200 relay (timed) finals

      12:50 p.m. Mens 4x200 relay (timed) finals  

      1:05 p.m. Womens 1600 Meter Run (timed) finals  

      1:20 p.m. Mens 1600 Meter Run (timed) finals  

      1:35 p.m. Unified Special Olympics 4x100 Relay (timed) finals

      1:45 p.m. Womens 4x100 relay (timed) finals

      1:55 p.m. Mens 4x100 Relay (timed) finals

      2:05 p.m. Womens 400 Meter Dash (timed) finals

      2:20 p.m. Mens 400 Meter Dash (timed) finals

      2:35 p.m. Unified Special Olympics 400 Meter Dash (timed) finals

      2:50 p.m. Womens 300 Intermediate Hurdles (timed) finals

      3:05 p.m. Mens 300 intermediate Hurdles (timed) finals

      3:20 p.m. Womens 800 Meter Run (timed) finals  

      3:35 p.m. Mens 800 Meter Run (timed) finals  

      3:45 p.m. Womens 200 Meter Dash (timed) finals

      3:55 p.m. Womens Wheelchair 200 Meters  

      4:00 p.m. Mens 200 Meter Dash (timed) finals

      4:15 p.m. Womens 3200 Meter Run (timed) finals

      4:40 p.m. Mens 3200 Meter Run (timed) finals

      5:05 p.m. Unified Special Olympics 4x400 Relay (timed) finals

      5:15 p.m. Womens 4x400 Relay (timed) finals

      5:30 p.m. Mens 4x400 Relay (timed) finals

        8-lane, all weather rubber track, with FAT timing by Apex High School.

          No tape decks, radios or glass containers allowed in the facility

            Tents will be allowed only in designated areas

              Spikes are limited to -inch pyramid spikes, or no spikes at all. This will be strictly enforced.