Meet Information

Due to bad weather this week, the meet has been canceled.

Please contact Brad Warren at and J.J. Knox at ASAP if you would like to participate.

Eastern Alamance High School will host a number of polar bear indoor track meets in order to give as many athletes as possible the opportunity to compete and to improve and to qualify for the state finals. At the same time, we want to keep meets manageable no one wants to compete in a meet which seems to last forever. This is a difficult task because we do not know how many entries each school intends to make. Some schools will have 10-15 entries, others will have 90-100 entries. We have had meets with 20-30 schools which were not too large and we have had meets with fewer than 20 schools which were too large. Therefore, we are inviting all schools wishing to participate in a polar bear meet to give us an approximate number of athletes. We will send the password to all schools requesting entry until we reach 300 potential athletes. At that point, we will no longer allow more schools to enter unless they have fewer than 10 athletes or we have some cancelations. Obviously, we can include many schools with a small number of entries. Please do not request to enter a meet unless you intend to participate. Make sure you indicate all meets in which you would like to participate. We do realize that sometimes weather or other circumstances will make it impossible for a school to participate. We will always look at the weather report and try to avoid cold conditions and/or rain. We will decide the Sunday before the meet whether or not we will reschedule because of weather. If at any time you decide you cannot come after committing, please let us know immediately. We hope to hear from you. We wish you the best this Indoor season.

Athletes not entered online will be allowed to run but will not be included in the official results unless they qualify for the state finals. Registration closes at 3:00 the day before the meet. The meet will begin at 4:30.

No charge for participation. FAT timing.

Registration help: