Meet Information

Some notes:
See the attachments for entry instructions - if you could also send me the entries as well as to Larry McAfee per his instructions that would be great so I can keep track of the entries along with him. We would like to have the entries by Aug. by Monday the 21st

1. you will be allowed to run 10 in the varsity races as many dont have a set top 7 yet (girls A race at 10, boys A race at 10:30). All other runners will compete in the B races, girls at 11, boys at 11:30). Immediately after the last race we will have an awards presentation at the deck.

2. to keep costs and entry fees down we will have minimal porta-potties down at the course - REMIND YOUR RUNNERS THERE ARE BATHROOMS UP BY THE MAIN OFFICE IN THE PARKING LOT!!! when you get there - its a bit of a mystery why the first thing they do when they get down to the deck is line up in front of the portapotties when there are nice bathrooms up in the parking lot

3. we will have a certified trainer on hand and plenty of fluids (there will be water and gatorade in the coolers) - if you need some gatorade mix for your area I can give you some, I have cases of it I need to get rid of

4. park where the Parks and Rec people direct you, those of you that are local tell your kids to carpool etc. if not coming by bus