Meet Information

Schedule Of Events

Saturday, October 1, 2016

1 Raleigh GSA Invitational Boys, Red 5K 8:00am
2 Raleigh GSA Invitational Girls, Red 5K 8:20am
3 Primo Water Invitational Boys, Blue 5K 8:45pm
4 Primo Water Invitational Girls, Blue 5K 9:05pm
5 Robert Shumake HBCU Challenge - Men 8K 9:30am
6 Robert Shumake HBCU Challenge - Women 5K 10:05am
Opening Ceremonies 10:30am
7 Nike Race of Champions, Boys 5K 10:40am
8 Nike Race of Champions, Girls 5K 11:00am
9 Town of Cary Invitational Boys, Seeded 5K 11:25am
10 Town of Cary Invitational Girls, Seeded 5K 11:45am
11 Chick-fil-A @ Townridge Square JV Boys 5K 12:10pm
12 Chick-fil-A @ University Commons JV Girls 5K 12:30pm
13 Impact Orthopaedics JV II Boys 5K 12:55pm
14 Impact Orthopaedics JV II Girls 5K 1:15pm
15 Impact Orthopaedics JV III Boy 5K 1:40pm
END 2:00pm