Great Outdoor Provision Co. Preview: Charger Post-Season Tune-Up

After a fall season of solid improvement, Philip Hall could be primed for a big 3200 on the new Providence Day track.


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Girls' Invitational Section

There should be a fantastic front pack in this race, lead by Sydney Foreman (Ardrey Kell), who is the only runner in the race that has a 3200m PR under 11 minutes (and she ran 11:00.63 in this race last year).  Bianca Bishop (Providence) is somewhat of a wild card in this race; she has improved so much since last fall, there is no telling what she could run.    Allie Castro (North Lincoln) ran 11:18 last spring, while Natalie Andrejchak (Robinson) ran 11:22 at this meet last year.  Mallary Price (Weddington) is always competitive, and she has a 3200 PR of 11:25.  A few more runners to keep your eye on: the Teague sisters from Ardrey Kell (Samantha had the better 3200 time last spring, but Sydney has been out front this fall); Emma Brown of Providence Day (she set her PR here last year, and could do it again); and Jennifer Stephenson of Village Christian (her only track times are from summer competition, but they suggest something in the 11:30 range)

UPDATE: Victoria Hutchens (Patrick County VA) has been added to the race, and with her 11:27 PR she should fit right in to the lead group.  Also, Watauga's Madison Harman will be racing; her fastest 3200 was 11:16 last spring, which would make her the #2 seed.


Event #2 - Girls 3200m Invite
    Name                           Yr Team                            Seed
  1 Bianca Bishop                     Unattached
  2 Sydney Foreman                    Unattached
  3 Natalie Andrejchak                Unattached
  4 Sydney Teague                     Unattached
  5 Jennifer Stephenson               Unattached
  6 Mallary Price                     Unattached
  7 Allie Castro                      Unattached
  8 Sabrina Heck                      Unattached
  9 Anna McElrath                     Unattached
 10 Emma Brown                        Unattached
 11 Mary Prouty                       Unattached
 12 Samantha Teague                   Unattached
 13 Laney Browder                     Unattached
 14 Melissa Zammitti                  Unattached
 15 Sydney Bowman                     Unattached
 16 Caitlin Potter                    Unattached
 17 Kylie Hennessey                   Unattached
 18 Ruby Lauman                       Unattached
 19 Olga Shokurova                    Unattached
 20 Hannah Durand                     Unattached
 21 Abby Traywick                     Unattached
 22 Danielle DeLawter                 Unattached
 23 Madison Perkins                   Unattached
 24 Lauren Hughes                     Unattached
 25 Kathleen Mansure                  Unattached
 26 Victoria Hutchens                 Unattached


Boys' Invitational Section

Not gonna lie here--I'm excited to see Philip Hall race.  The Terry Sanford sophomore grew a lot as a 5K runner this year (although I'm sure he'll be the first to say there is still more out there for him in that race); however, he has much more experience on the track, and he has proven he can push the pace hard for two miles (by himself if necessary).  Clifford Buck (Robinson) should be his closest competition, as he ran 9:52 here last fall and has a 9:44 PR.  The rest of the field is highlighted by runners who have improved by leaps and bounds over the last year, and could be looking to drop big PR's.  Andrew Fea (North Lincoln) ran 9:49 last spring, and he has dropped a minute off his 5K times since then; teammate Chris Boyle also broke 10 minutes in the spring.  Fisher Ramsey (East Mecklenburg) is an unknown quantity in this race; he has improved tremendously since last year, and apparently has never run a 3200 for us to use as a baseline.  Evan Georges (Charlotte Catholic) ran 10:00 last spring, and should be well-motivated to break that barrier Saturday.  Jack Paddison (Providence Day) makes his track debut after a strong cross country season, while David Hager (Woodlawn School) is a track stud (9:47 PR) who had a rough fall season.

UPDATE: Tima Karginov (Chapel Hill) and Caleb Smith (Patrick County VA) have been added to this race.  Karginov will most likely destroy his previous PR of 10:15 for the 3200 after going 15:48 this fall, while Smith has a PR of 9:33 for the 3200, making him the top seed and measurably increasing the likely pace of the race.  THis is shaping up to be a strong field!


Event #3 - Boys 3200m Invite
    Name                           Yr Team                            Seed
  1 Philip Hall                       Unattached
  2 Clifford Buck                     Unattached
  3 Andrew Fea                        Unattached
  4 Fisher Ramsey                     Unattached
  5 Evan Georges                      Unattached
  6 Jack Paddison                     Unattached
  7 Chris Boyle                       Unattached
  8 David Hager                       Unattached
  9 James Gregory                     Unattached
 10 Jake Blizzard                     Unattached
 11 Daniel Fergusan                   Unattached
 12 Caleb Breeden                     Unattached
 13 Jonathan Wagner                   Unattached
 14 Vincent Comesana                  Unattached
 15 Nathan Kemper                     Unattached
 16 Umang Damani                      Unattached
 17 Josh Mosteller                    Unattached
 18 Dylan Cohen                       Unattached
 19 Kendon Corbett                    Unattached
 20 Rylan Peele                       Unattached
 21 Caleb Smith                       Unattached
 22 Drew Boyette                      Unattached
 23 Shad McGrew                       Unattached
 24 Zach Durnad                       Unattached